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  1. Hi, I found it somehow helpful reading a novel, especially RPG like novels like the Chinese Wuxia genre. Thanks to these I don't feel myself compelled to play videogames or watch movies/anime/series, etc. The novels seem to fill my inner joy for adventure. Did you have any experience with reading books?
  2. UPDATE: thanks guys, you were right. I didnt enjoy the weather, the people outside while playing. I uninstalled the game. Now I'm "gameless". I feel fine
  3. Hi Amaluna.. I cried reading your post.. because I realized I'm doing the same thing to my wife.... I stopped gaming yesterday, uninstalled all my games.. My wife tried to save me a lot of time, everything you mentioned, we lived through as well.. My problem was this: I hated myself. In real life I got beat up, be ashamed, live in fear, abaondoned, etc. Even though I am a PhD Student now and have a nice career, my attitude at home never changed. My wife never understood my psychology. She tried to save me, she couldnt, she hurt herself mentally and sometimes physically
  4. Low Spec Laptops, High Spec... doesnt matter bro. If you DESIRE to play, you find a way to play, even if it is just Tetris or a low quality Pokemon emulator.... and these can be very addictive as well. Not to mention: Don't you have a mobile phone? This is very dangerous for starting gaming again, remember that..
  5. I highly recommend you reading the book: "No More Mr.Nice Guy" It will solve all your problems which does for me right now..
  6. Hello guys! I deleted all my games for the first time yesterday, because it sucks my life and soul out of me. But I did not delete Pokemon Go game, where in order to progress you have to go out of your house and travel where you can catch Pokemon in real places. I thought to myself that this game sets me out to the real world, outside, I am not merely pushing buttons just by sitting, I am somehow living it. The achievements are bound to how much I travel actually. That means I never play at home anymore, just outside walking and so on. What is your experience as a gaming qu
  7. Oh my god, your words hit me hard.. very honest, thank you
  8. Hello everyone, very excited to be here! I would never imagine that I ever start quitting gaming. I used to play since my childhood, all started with Pokemon Gameboy game. I got beat up by my brother, my parents were psychologically destroyed, I had to look after my own safety and pleasure as a child. I lived alone in my room with my gameboy in my hands. I was a nice guy, never hurt anybody, maybe just for my own safety.. Then I grew up and I am a PhD-Student, 29 years of age, a father and a husband. I felt like I needed stopping playing games to focus on my life progress..