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  1. @BooksandTrees Hey, How did you quit social media? Like realistically, don't you have to use it to keep in contact with people? As an essential means of communication? I want to quit social media for good. I've quit IG before which was super easy as it's not essential. I've quit SC because it's not essential. But Facebook? It has all the people I've ever met on it, like a huge online phone book. I'd love to quit all social media platforms, also, another question, when you say social media, what does that mean to you? It's an umbrella term but it's different for different people. Does that mean you consider IG as a social media platform but not YouTube? Or when you say social media, do you mean all of them? You haven't touched YouTube, Facebook, Instagram all of em'? Ideal. Love to achieve that. Quite hard though...YouTube can be good if you use it in the right way, if you watch educational YTs like NonCompete for instance. Or Jreg?
  2. So, from reading your other posts, I'm guessing the content you're watching on YT gaming-related?
  3. I don't feel motivated to do anything, it's like I'm submitting myself to what my negative thoughts are trying to submit me too, I don't even know anymore, I have no faith in what I'm saying or my explanations and articulations of what I'm going through but I'm sure other people on this forum especially will have experienced what I've experienced and that it's not specific to me, but just to reiterate, I watched like 3 or 4 videos on YT that was it, then I had a massive urge to read a book so I did and went to bed but these last few days (including today) feel like I'm back as I was before and that all my progress in the 90 days has been extinguished in an instant Like this 90-day detox was the first I've ever completed - and genuinely as it ended, I had no interest in gaming anymore.
  4. Hi, Just to be clear, I used the word embrace as I do not mean return to playing games, I just mean not avoiding it (gaming videos and content) like it's the black plague anymore I recently completed my 90-day detox (yay me!) and have been doing pretty well. But the other day, I watched a Fortnite video on YT and a few killzones, a few bannerlords, just basically looking through everything to kind of celebrate my newfound perspective on gaming and to reintegrate gaming into my life to a certain degree insomuch as making it so I wasn't trying to avoid every piece of gaming content ever for the rest of my life and to prove that I had overcome the addiction. What I'm about to explain has happened before so I should know better but...from only looking at a few videos I've experienced a mental and physical fallout - my urges have all flared up (I quit looking at videos of games 2 days ago and will stay this way until 28th May as is end of my exams - I've realised I've nearly jeopardised getting good grades, I'll be more careful next time) - my anxiety has not been this strong or consistent for ages, I feel kinda depressed (low mood), I'm finding it harder to focus but this is ridiculous isn't it? Surely this can't be because I watched a few gaming videos on YT?? I don't want to catastrophize and associate all my issues with gaming because even nearing the end of the 90 days, where I had no interest in gaming anymore, I was doing other shit, I wasn't happy, y'know? But I was much more on it than I am in this very moment. But yeah, I just feel so confused, tired, depressed, agitated, unable to focus, anxious - it's like I've morphed into the old me
  5. Wow. You're clearly a very talented individual, time to move forward with your life! You write that you want to expel gaming from your life completely, does this mean you've decided to stop using a Switch? It's easy to rationalise playing games that you aren't necessarily that interested in like a competitive gamer playing a single-player game or a PC gamer using a console, but doing this just maintains the desire to play the games that really get you going and eventually leads you back to them. But also, it's easy to look at your time gaming with disgust and say things like 'I'm never going back!' but when you find yourself in a situation where you're a gaming-addict, it could be argued that creating a rigid-award system is the way to proceed. For example, during an academic year, you don't play games from September-June but once you finish your exams, you rent a computer or remove your computer from its hiding place and start to play for a few weeks with a set date established for when you need to stop. But in any case, commit and finish a 90-day detox and then re-evaluate. Coping strategies are different for everyone.
  6. I had a guy in my theatre troupe called Votja at Cardiff Uni so was wondering if you were him lol, a long shot I know!
  7. Votja, do you go to Cardiff University? Were you a part of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead?
  8. Man, I'm in the exact same boat! I'm 61 days into my detox and everyday is a struggle. 9th May here we come! Want to chat some time? About urges to play and stuff or nah? Actually, maybe after we both finish the detox! I've been trying to complete a 90 day detox for a year and a half and I feel like this is the first one that I'm gonna finish! Whoop whoop! Let's go!
  9. Thomas, it is never too late. Well done for making the first step. We are here for you.
  10. Hi, Is there an area of the forum where I can browse through statistics associated with gaming addiction? I'd like to have more understanding of how prevalent and big the problem actually is and would like to be able to substantiate what I'm saying when in conversation with people about gaming addiction. A stat that I've recently seen on the forum is that amidst the on-going COVID-19 pandemic, gaming usage is up 75%. Stuff like this! Thanks! And also, statistics that show how good it is for those addicted to games to quit. I'm aware I could search it up but I fear there'd be a lot of conflicting sources. I trust Game Quitters' to provide unbiased statistics and facts about universal gaming addiction. It'd actually be a cool idea for Cam or James to create a pamphlet or something along the lines of one that simplifies and provides concise stats on gaming addiction. Or like a thread which main post is added to and updated as time progresses with stats and facts.
  11. I'm sorry to hear about your mother. If you want to play in moderation (this is extremely hard to achieve) I'd propose the following; Complete the 90-day detox and then re-evaluate. In my opinion, you should organise yourself before starting the 90-day detox for example, uninstalling games, buying a calendar to keep track of your progress, writing a comprehensive set of rules that you must abide by at all times and if broken the penalty is you must restart the 90-day detox; to ensure that you disconnect yourself from any entity that might corrupt or taint your 90-day detox process. For example, installing Block Site and listing Twitch under it. Once these things have been completed and you've got yourself in order, then start the 90-day detox. If you start your 90-day detox and find yourself a week later watching YouTube videos of your most favourite streamers playing the games you love, this is no (in my opinion) longer a 90-day detox. You have broken one of your rules and must start again. This sounds a little strict but if you treat yourself during the 90-day detox process with compassion and refrain from berating yourself if you relapse (in my case this would mean watching a YouTube video of your favourite game), you will achieve what you aspire to achieve, to acquire an objective perspective of your gaming habits and the ability to determine how and whether you want/could play in moderation. Also to mention, you coming to this forum and posting might enlighten you as to whether you'd truly like to continue playing games, even in moderation. After all, the forum is called 'Game Quitters'. But also, to contradict myself slightly, take it slowly. Don't hate on yourself too hard for playing games, especially now. I'm currently 45 days into my fourth fucking detox and I'm struggling with urges like never before. Maybe in collusion with my idea above about completing the planning of a 90-day detox before you start it, you could make a plan during self-isolation but not stop yourself gaming? So providing yourself with plenty of time to prepare and also showing understanding that to pursue a 90-day detox during COVID-19 would be seriously hard. If there was ever a very minor, minuscule justification for gaming, it would be during the self-isolation period of pandemics. I don't know if I fully agree with that, maybe that's my own mind trying to rationalise around gaming. I think so. Anyway, hope this helped in any way!
  12. Have you been watching clips of the game you used to play on YouTube or Twitch? If so, I'd strongly advise you to stop this. You should treat watching clips of games like you treating gaming itself, because watching videos of computer games is extremely triggering. I've relapsed 3 times and every time, in the months leading up to a relapse, I'd watch YouTube videos of Fortnite etc.
  13. Hi guys, I ended up relapsing for 2 months in Summer but I'm attempting to live life game-free once again. So just to clarify; I got home from Uni in May, and played Fortnite for two months straight. Gave games up again, went to University, have been struggling ever since I got here (anxiety, nausea, low mood) and I've had one near relapse since I've been back about a week ago. But I got through it. I feel like that was the final blip for a few reasons. However, at the moment I don't feel myself. My dad is shutting me out because I'm not as open as I once was with him. But I have OCD which means the thoughts that I have are really fucked up and I don't want to tell him about them in fear that they'll pollute his image of me. I had a really fucking weird day today. Holy shit. I was shopping in a supermarket when I got the feeling this guy was watching/following me. He was really jumpy and odd looking and he kept on turning up behind me or in front of me. I was so scared, I made sure I walked out a different exit to him but lo and behold he was standing across the street from me! He must've run around the shop because I saw him leave the opposite exit to me. I decided to walk in the opposite direction of my residence in fear that he would follow me home and find out where I live. So I walked into a crowded area but when I looked over my shoulder, there he was staring at me. I lost him and ordered an Uber. I was so worried at this point that I started coming up with some crazy theories for why he was following me. And the weirder thing, when I got into my Uber, this random guy, not the original dude, claimed that he had the same serial number as my Uber (which is impossible) and proceeded to go to the front of the car and look at the number plate in a position which strongly suggested he was taking pictures of it. It was such a weird day and I had to call like three people to calm myself down. It wasn't very well placed either, I have a lot on my plate at the moment. I feel so clogged up at the moment. Like I can't think straight, I don't really 'think' anymore, I just do. It's really weird. I'm so lost in my own pointless introspection that I leave no room to learn or explore. Actually, I'd say that I'm not as introspective either, it feels like I'm a potato at the moment. I'm missing classes and I've got lots of assignments coming up. I think everything will be better when I leave for the Christmas holidays. I don't think University suits me one bit. I'm constantly anxious here, on edge, vigilant, I just want to chill out but I haven't been able to for a while. I'm seeing my therapist on Thursday, I'll talk to her about all of this. I'm just feeling a bit hopeless at the moment, I don't have the energy to talk about my issues and I seem to be going in circles. I don't feel motivated to do anything, and I'm a part of these huge theatre productions that are emotionally and physically exhausting. I think it was a bad idea to take on so many co-curricular activities because I can't really function at the moment. As I said, I just feel exhausted, on edge, self-critical, unmotivated, scared, nauseous, shameful, guilty (OCD related), deceitful. Man, I wish this would all just leave me alone. I don't even think this post has done me justice I'm just too lazy to put in any real effort. I'm doing exercise at the moment, running and using the rowing machine, I eat homemade food, I socialise etc. I think I could improve these things but I'm still doing them. I'm doing a lot of exercise actually. That's one thing I don't really need to increase. I think I neglect my responsibilities and the sooner I pattern up and get on with the shit I've got to do, the better.
  14. What sort of workout do you do? Weights? Running?