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  1. I really enjoy reading your journal. I just find it really relaxing.
  2. @Zoe I had a similar reaction to his post. There's so much wrong with that post I don't know where to begin. In truth I haven't decided whether to reply to it or not. But yeah, appreciate that it must've been a really uncomfortable read. I feel even a bit guilty about bringing up the stuff I brought up that inspired that post and maybe we should all just keep our diary entries to stuff about quitting gaming. I know this sounds selfish but I just don't really have time to be dealing with that kind of shit. In other words, if you came across someone with really racist beliefs in the workplace, would you try and meticulously disprove their beliefs or just ignore them and get on with your life? Not sure this is the most constructive approach...for society and all but yeah. P.S: You're being completely rational. P.S x 2: I wouldn't mind if you responded in my journal to it but call me problematic but is this something to focus on right now? I appreciate you might not feel as comfortable as you did in the community anymore but think about yourself. Look after your wellbeing. Perhaps expressing yourself is looking after your wellbeing. Do what feels right to you. ---> I'll give a quick example to better express what I mean because I'm saying we have quite similar reactions to things so a person in my life and me had this problem over them crossing a physical boundary and touching me in a place I didn't feel comfortable with being touched (no extreme shit just like my waist and lower back) but I asked them politely to stop and they didn't and then they said they were so used to touching me like that that they do it habitually but there was this time I asked them to stop and they did it again and I just SPIRALED and it hurt me so much more than it hurt them. Hope that makes sense šŸ˜ P.S x 3: Maybe learn Muay Thai!? Okay I think I'm having a bit of an anxious response to this situation. But really, you're having a completely rational emotional reaction. It pissed me off a lot (probably not to the same extent for obvious reasons but a lot)
  3. Most gamer's get defensive at the notion of gaming disorder, or even just quitting...or identifying they have a problem. You don't belong to this group as you've posted here so that's promising. If you felt motivated to post here, you will have the motivation to take the next step and so on and so forth. Start a daily journal and let us know what you're feeling and thinking (if you want) everyday and we'll keep up with you. There's a band of actives on here at the moment so! You can expect some responses.
  4. So you've completed a 90 day detox in the past? Interesting. Sounds like giving these hobbies a break is a good idea. Maybe if you have completed a 90-day detox in the past and thus feel a bit sceptical of it as a solution to solving your problems and thus doing it again you could frame it differently in your head? Like just having a break from stuff that clearly is having some not so desirable consequences for you and your wellbeing.
  5. Be slightly cautious about this. 15 days isn't very long (but also well done - I've started getting cravings again at Day 29 which are stronger than the cravings I got after immediately quitting) and James Good, who was a veteran Game Quitter's community member, who was summoned to talk about gaming addiction at a select committee hosted by the UK government said that the first 70 DAYS were easy and then it became really hard.
  6. šŸ‘€ (so as not to be misunderstood I am indicating that I'm probably the same)
  7. I was friends with someone like this when I was younger and he turned out to be the loveliest most intelligent and creative person I know so it doesn't really mean too much. Don't feel too bad I mean.
  8. It more than answers my question. I'm sorry you have to put up with this. He sounds like a really difficult person to be around and have an intimate connection with (him being your dad and having raised you ((I assume)) He doesn't sound like a very happy person. Because you're highly emotionally intelligent, and you're able to observe his behaviour as unrelated to you, which I think is good because you're less susceptible to his manipulations.
  9. Was your dad hot-and-cold with you? Also, I think we all have that in common. My god, this part of your entry could have been written by me.
  10. I'm okay. Thanks for caring! Had a bit of a weird time lately. Was drinking a lot and it must've depleted my serotonin. But yeah, was definitely depressed/low mood for a while there. Still struggling to climb back out. I know this isn't my journal, just providing some reasons why I've been inactive. My job still sucks. Basically, I went for drinks with my work colleagues (all people my age - diverse) at the start of my job in January, and it sucked. I was so in my head, socially anxious, having all these horrible thoughts, and was also seriously feeling the affects/effects (never know which one is the right one) of drinking too much. Then, about a week ago, I went for drinks with my work colleagues about 4 months after this occasion, thinking times had changed, I had changed, and that it'd be really fun and I had the EXACTLY same experience and it just left me feeling bitter, frustrated and upset. So, that's partly why I've been feeling so low, and now I've basically given my job up. I made a lie and am now working one shift a week for the foreseeable future! Hehe, sorry for polluting your journal with what should be a contribution to my own, but there you go!
  11. Is that the new Hunger Game's book that they've made a film adaptation of? I'd like to read it.
  12. Relate to this. Not so much anymore. Really cut it out. Would watch out for this though as feels like a replacement to gaming sometimes. I say that but I'm stilling binging GOT episodes atm so...still leaves me feeling less guilty than watching YouTube for some reason.
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