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  1. @BooksandTrees Hey, How did you quit social media? Like realistically, don't you have to use it to keep in contact with people? As an essential means of communication? I want to quit social media for good. I've quit IG before which was super easy as it's not essential. I've quit SC because it's not essential. But Facebook? It has all the people I've ever met on it, like a huge online phone book. I'd love to quit all social media platforms, also, another question, when you say social media, what does that mean to you? It's an umbrella term but it's different for different people. Do
  2. So, from reading your other posts, I'm guessing the content you're watching on YT gaming-related?
  3. I don't feel motivated to do anything, it's like I'm submitting myself to what my negative thoughts are trying to submit me too, I don't even know anymore, I have no faith in what I'm saying or my explanations and articulations of what I'm going through but I'm sure other people on this forum especially will have experienced what I've experienced and that it's not specific to me, but just to reiterate, I watched like 3 or 4 videos on YT that was it, then I had a massive urge to read a book so I did and went to bed but these last few days (including today) feel like I'm back as I was before and
  4. Hi, Just to be clear, I used the word embrace as I do not mean return to playing games, I just mean not avoiding it (gaming videos and content) like it's the black plague anymore I recently completed my 90-day detox (yay me!) and have been doing pretty well. But the other day, I watched a Fortnite video on YT and a few killzones, a few bannerlords, just basically looking through everything to kind of celebrate my newfound perspective on gaming and to reintegrate gaming into my life to a certain degree insomuch as making it so I wasn't trying to avoid every piece of gaming content ev
  5. Wow. You're clearly a very talented individual, time to move forward with your life! You write that you want to expel gaming from your life completely, does this mean you've decided to stop using a Switch? It's easy to rationalise playing games that you aren't necessarily that interested in like a competitive gamer playing a single-player game or a PC gamer using a console, but doing this just maintains the desire to play the games that really get you going and eventually leads you back to them. But also, it's easy to look at your time gaming with disgust and say things like 'I'm never going b
  6. I had a guy in my theatre troupe called Votja at Cardiff Uni so was wondering if you were him lol, a long shot I know!
  7. Votja, do you go to Cardiff University? Were you a part of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead?
  8. Man, I'm in the exact same boat! I'm 61 days into my detox and everyday is a struggle. 9th May here we come! Want to chat some time? About urges to play and stuff or nah? Actually, maybe after we both finish the detox! I've been trying to complete a 90 day detox for a year and a half and I feel like this is the first one that I'm gonna finish! Whoop whoop! Let's go!
  9. Thomas, it is never too late. Well done for making the first step. We are here for you.
  10. Hi, Is there an area of the forum where I can browse through statistics associated with gaming addiction? I'd like to have more understanding of how prevalent and big the problem actually is and would like to be able to substantiate what I'm saying when in conversation with people about gaming addiction. A stat that I've recently seen on the forum is that amidst the on-going COVID-19 pandemic, gaming usage is up 75%. Stuff like this! Thanks! And also, statistics that show how good it is for those addicted to games to quit. I'm aware I could search it up but I fear there'd be a
  11. I'm sorry to hear about your mother. If you want to play in moderation (this is extremely hard to achieve) I'd propose the following; Complete the 90-day detox and then re-evaluate. In my opinion, you should organise yourself before starting the 90-day detox for example, uninstalling games, buying a calendar to keep track of your progress, writing a comprehensive set of rules that you must abide by at all times and if broken the penalty is you must restart the 90-day detox; to ensure that you disconnect yourself from any entity that might corrupt or taint your 90-day detox process.
  12. Have you been watching clips of the game you used to play on YouTube or Twitch? If so, I'd strongly advise you to stop this. You should treat watching clips of games like you treating gaming itself, because watching videos of computer games is extremely triggering. I've relapsed 3 times and every time, in the months leading up to a relapse, I'd watch YouTube videos of Fortnite etc.
  13. Hi guys, I ended up relapsing for 2 months in Summer but I'm attempting to live life game-free once again. So just to clarify; I got home from Uni in May, and played Fortnite for two months straight. Gave games up again, went to University, have been struggling ever since I got here (anxiety, nausea, low mood) and I've had one near relapse since I've been back about a week ago. But I got through it. I feel like that was the final blip for a few reasons. However, at the moment I don't feel myself. My dad is shutting me out because I'm not as open as I once was with him. But I h
  14. What sort of workout do you do? Weights? Running?