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  1. Day 70 Had a great Christmas and New Year. Domestic travel's open in my corner of the world so I spent a week down in Tasmania with family. Nothing big booked, and we just spent the time wandering around the city, taking in the sights, and resting up. I was under the weather for most of it, and the best bet from the doctor's just exhaustion at this stage. That aside, took a neat river cruise, did a walk up and down a gorge, investigated way too many coffee shops. After something like eight years of proud service my eReader finally wheezed its last, but not before the hero held out fo
  2. Day 56 Today I had the finest set of Christmas gifts I could have hoped for. A friend visiting from a Covid hotspot (who left on the journey before it was identified! We're not super irresponsible, I swear) got his test back negative, so I got to catch up with a buddy I've not spoken to in the couple of months since I vanished from discord like a thief in the night. I do intend to go back there, probably in the New Year. I've got a chat full of old school friends, and it's great - Particularly with the way things are at the moment - to have a place to just sit back and chat. But I'm
  3. Awesome stuff, Panda! You should be proud of what you've done and what's coming. The problem with games for a lot of us isn't the games themselves - They can be a lot of fun! - But it's that they've become, for whatever reason, an obstacle to being happy and fulfilled rather than an aid. Super pleased for you for making this call and seeing where it takes you. Best of luck with precalc and all that follows!
  4. Day 55 The Christmas approach drags on. Chased down a few more gifts, got some more study done, looked a little more in to the property situation. Still haven't received results back for this semester's university, which is vexing. I'd really like to have that weight off my shoulders before I head off on holidays later this week. We'll see what happens.
  5. Day 54 Fairly busy weekend! Was out looking for rental properties yesterday, so missed the entry. There's a few about and a promising one (A pool! Air conditioning!) that I've gone ahead and put an offer in on it. The current landlord's also indicated the possibility of reducing rent and my being able to stay in the current property which, being honest, would be a very good outcome too. It's a nice place, and moving for the sake of six months seems a little much. Stay or go, plans for the new year are sliding ever-so-slowly into place, which is very encouraging. A couple of days next
  6. Bugg's provided a lot more deep thoughts than I can contribute; but, yes. Very relatable journal entry. It does feel a little weird swinging by a therapist the first couple of times. It was for me the first time I popped in to see a counsellor. Ultimately, though, they're there to help and just being willing to be helped and try things out is nice, I think. I'm a little similar in mindset - I'd really struggle to deal with it as a job, and have the utmost respect for folks who can do it. Hard relate on the anxiety side of things. That was - Uh, pretty much gaming for me. It didn't deal wi
  7. Day 52 Pretty much got done what I wanted to get done for work. Woo! Should be able to focus a bit more now on getting back into my schedule. Habits slipped a bit with that looming. I've noticed my spiral seems to be: Quit Games Develop new, exciting hobbies and routine. Settle in. Get hit with stressful Thing to do. Let hobbies and routine slip progressively so that I can devote more time to the Thing. Inevitably spend the extra time procrastinating out of discomfort associated with doing the Thing, or dissatisfaction with the level I've been able to
  8. Day 51 Keeping on. Might be able to stay in the current accommodation through next year rather than move - The agent's talked about possibly lowering the rent, which'd make things a little easier on my end. Even reduced, though, it's still higher than some very similar properties about. Something to consider, in any case. Didn't much as much progress with work things as I wanted to today. It's not the most pleasant to write, and I've been making progress in fits and starts with plenty of distraction. Realise now that I've neglected my early pomodoro-ing. I really should get back to that,
  9. Day 50 Fine day today. Still running about doing things, but they're getting done. Almost forgot to journal!
  10. The league chasing is real. Silver, baby! Day 49 Still running about sorting end of year things. Making arrangements for the current rental property to be cleaned out and stuff moved at the end of the lease, doing some annual stuff for work while still working through things there. Keeping up with languages, less so with my running and drawing. I'll be very glad to get to the end of the year. Nominally I'm on break at the moment, but there's been so much to sort that it doesn't feel like it; and I'm hesitant to actually relax until everything's sorted for next year. It'll pay of
  11. Good stuff, man. I've hit the same conclusion myself recently. Consistent, easy habits are much more sustainable long term then beating yourself up for not doing the whole list every day. Hope it helps you relax some and settle over Christmas!
  12. Day 48 Busy enough. Caught up with family on the way through, putting things in order for the end of the lease. A little more study, a little more admin, a little more New Year's planning. More than a little mindless web browsing too, admittedly.
  13. Day 47 Nice cool day today. Had rain and cooler temperatures for the first time in a while. Going outside without coming back the colour of a tomato was possible. I've also leveraged the recent gaming-itch into - Well. I was introduced to DuoLingo. I might be getting a little competitive with it. I must top the bronze leaderboard. I will have victory.
  14. Day 46 Casual Saturday today. Cleaned up the house, got through a university lecture, kept on with a few end-of-year arrangements.
  15. Day 45 Halfway to the ninety day mark! Not a lot to report for today. Kept on keeping on with putting some of those stressful situations to bed. Feeling reasonably on top of things again now, which is nice. Being honest with myself and putting the challenges away until the New Year. It's time for a bit of a break, and to go a little easier on myself. As I've said a few times now, fresh start coming with 2021.