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  1. Yay! so I made it to 90 days without any DbD! Was a little easier but I still have cravings. My city also just had a 1 week snap lockdown which overall has interrupted my routine. I got an indoor cycling trainer and downloaded Fortnite on my switch. It did motivate me to ride (riding 1hr hour indoors whilst playing fortnite, made time go by really fast) however i would still game for a few hours later. The fortnite merry go round is very similar to DbD. When you win you wanna win again. When you lose you wanna forgot by playing again. The re-playability is very good on Fornite, which makes it dangerous. Even though it was quite repetitive, the flow was there and they really polished the sweet spot. I deleted it after a few days because my partner started to noticed this behaviour taking over but now I have cravings again. Looks like I'm back at the beginning!
  2. Next week is 90 days! Today, I had some strong cravings because my city is going into restrictions again from tomorrow. This is a trigger for me because I started playing DBD in the first lockdown. I've also been searching for a console game to play at home, but I need to hold off so I can get some work done. Also, I pulled my groin muscle because I have been overworking myself in swimming and running, need to rest..
  3. Can see light at the end of the tunnel. However, got some cravings recently when I saw a stream of DBD came up on my facebook feed. I did watch it for a little while. I've really been seeking flow experiences lately and monitoring my frustration for inefficiencies
  4. ok 2/3 of the way there, only another 30 days to go!
  5. Thanks for the encouragement and tips. I really should track my calories, especially since I had a banquet at a wedding last night! I'm mindful not to log into pokemon tcg today, as it has all the usual tricks, streaks, loot packs, gamified system. I'm gonna go use my golf simulator I made instead!
  6. Congrats, this description of cutting of steam and selling your equipment was epic. "lighter" is a great feeling. Must be how minimalists feel when they first start decluttering!
  7. Hi team, I was recently interviewed long running Australian current affairs program ABC 4 corners. They filmed me give a workshop for some local counsellors and talk about my addiction to pokemon go. Quite eye opening watching the "lets go whaling" video on youtube too. Here is the link of the segment 40 mins in full here:
  8. 24 days since I touched PoGO and DbD.. thats just over 3 weeks... doesnt seem that long ago but it actually felt like a long time since I played these. most of the cravings have gone but I did pick up pokemon online TCG which is less convenient to play but still has the streaks and reward systems of ALL online games now so potentially still addictive. I went for some golf today at the driving range which was amazing and body is still sore from swimming 1.6km yesterday. but i need to clean up my diet.. ive been getting into eating fresh cucumber and capsicum whole lately cos it fills me up and i like the crunch of it. but i had a big bowl of pho today so pretty bloated!
  9. Had a pretty average day today. A few things that really annoyed me. Could be also that I havent had a chance to play golf the last few days? We had a mother's day lunch today which was ruined because the venue was absolutely filthy and my mother is friends with the owner and made us stay in order to "save face". I've started to collect pokemon cards again to play competitively. My friend also got me onto digimon. Anyone here play any TCGs?
  10. thank you! i had 2 lessons this year but should look at lessons again!
  11. Hi there, I thought that I would make a thread for anyone to share their stories on their challenges with microtransactions and spending more than they intended to. I've found that people find it easier to relate to a loss of money than a loss of time. Your stories could help someone else in a similar situation.
  12. Ok, not doing too bad, cravings tolerable today. I've decided that I can play pokemon tcg online and get similar rewards but using virtual game pack codes. I also had the pfizer jab this week and gave a 2 half day workshops so I'm pretty exhausted. I've also been playing some golf after hours and really getting a nice swing with my 4 iron (one of the harder clubs to use). Anyone here play golf?
  13. @Cam Adair this needs to be turned into an interview (maybe once @Finchalothas completed their 90 days?!
  14. CG EYE

    New Chapter

    headaches are a common withdrawal symptom
  15. Hi Finchalot I recently read celia hodents book "gamers brain" do you work for a big gam dev company or is it like indie? I'm interested to know if you know of people in the industry actively trying to addict players or "go whaling"? Celia actually argued with me today about how I should prove that games are addicting and explain this clearly for her. was really quite laughable actually. good luck mate, I'll keep an eye out for your detox. we are detoxing around the same time