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Question of the week: Where do you see yourself in 20 years?


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  1. CG EYE

    90 day detox take 2

    So I did it. Pretty stoked. I must admit there is a difference at the 90 day mark compared to 30 or 60 day mark. For anyone out there thinking of doing the 90 day or struggling. It can be done. Thank you for all your support.
  2. CG EYE

    90 day detox take 2

    Do it!! ha ha had no idea it was on. Unfortunately I won’t be in Sydney at that time. Will hopefully catch cam soon.
  3. CG EYE

    Skaliq's Journal

    Hey, @Skaliq how did your cardistry go? It is a good real world skill that engages people. Just a quick question, regarding Overwatch if that is ok. Does Overwatch have a random reward programmed into it? From what I understand League of legends randomise you into different teams. Are there random items given after each match? Thanks for your help!
  4. CG EYE

    90 day detox take 2

    So Day 1 was 14th Aug that means 14th Nov is just over a week away thank you everyone who has supported me on this forum. I have my life back. But it is not over, it will be a constant battle after the 90 days as the only person keeping me accountable from beyond is me. I saw someone playing pogo the other day and it looked so cool, so new, as if I had never spent over a year playing it. Just goes to show how you can build a tolerance to online games. This detox has been a godsend! Thanks @Cam Adair and the GQ community!
  5. CG EYE

    90 day detox take 2

    Day 64? home stretch now. I'm really chuffed because at this point it is getting easier. Yesterday an old guild friend told me he was invited to a Mewtwo raid and successfully caught it! He was among a select few who was invited by Niantic to do this how did I feel? like I didn't miss out on much! why did I feel this way? Cos I have been doing the 90 day detox that's why! its changed my way of thinking to give me the ability to change my addictive way of thinking right now the feeling of making the 90 day detox is greater than my need to catch a rare Pokemon feeling pretty proud of myself and lucky that I have this group to get me through oh and tomorrow I am giving away my pogo plus! lol
  6. @WorkInProgress does that mean you are assigned to a different team each match?? So there is a luck of the draw aspect in entering each new game with random players? thanks
  7. @thehondasc00py I have noticed that LoL is a super addictive game. I don't play this personally myself but this is coming in a big way into the high schools in my city. Just wanted to know from your experience what is so addictive about this game? Are there randomised rewards at the end of each match?? thanks so much. I've enjoyed reading your journal.
  8. CG EYE

    90 day detox take 2

    Cheers @AlexTheGrape yeh you should def check it out. It's kinda like the drew Carey show who's line is it anyway. You learn through playing games. Also great for communication skills and public speaking.
  9. CG EYE

    90 day detox take 2

    Day 48? This week has been mentally draining at work. I've been pretty irritable the last few weeks. I've come question a lot of relationships and how people treat each other lately. I've also been busy with things outside work that keep me in check. For example, I've just completed 8 sessions of improvisation workshops. If you haven't tried this before I'm sure there is a club or theatre games club in your city. "Improv" is great for mid week stimulation and doing things that are inherently unnatural. One of the key lessons in improv that is taught is that you have to help make the other person look good and often yield to their idea. Also another great lesson is that it is ok to fail and say something that seems stupid. That is "not give a fuck about what people think". Back to this idea of how others treat each other, I've noticed that in real life, so many experiences seem transactional and if you do something in real life you might not get the returns from the other person that you expected and be disappointed. In online games things are predictable (and if things are by chance you are offered many chances at winning at another time). I guess I've been pretty disappointed lately with how many interactions I've come across seem so transactional. On another note I went to my first martial arts class in a few years and I realised how messed up my body is. Day 48, past the half way mark! Thanks guys
  10. CG EYE

    90 day detox take 2

    @Zala funny enough I had a second FB account just for pogo and it was saved on a device I hadn't used in a while. Great suggestion though. The smallest triggers can set you up for relapse.
  11. CG EYE

    90 day detox take 2

    Day 42, I just had a sneak peak at one of my old pogo FB groups and I could see that they have been catching the latest legendary. It was like playing with fire, seeing old guild mates having "fun" but I know that I am on the right path. I am gunning it for day 45 as that is the half way mark. You should be please to see that research has been released this year on the effectiveness of abstinence on gaming beliefs/cognitions, internet gaming disorder symptoms however, I think this group already knew the benefits of not just brief, but prolonged periods of abstinence, now you can say that it is validated by science. Preview link to the article here in the journal of clinical psychology: http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1002/jclp.22460/abstract
  12. CG EYE

    SlackRamen's Journal

    Aussie Aussie Aussie, oi, oi, oi!
  13. CG EYE

    SlackRamen's Journal

    Wow this is like a template on how to kill at writing a journal. Very impressed. I love libraries too!
  14. CG EYE

    44 Days Of Gaming.

    Welcome @Aeryes
  15. CG EYE

    Skaliq's Journal 2

    It is useful to know that a detox can lead to change in some of your beliefs around your gaming. eg no having to be in the leader board, not having to grind. Do you find that other players trigger you to become more prestigious in the game?