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  1. Hi there, I thought that I would make a thread for anyone to share their stories on their challenges with microtransactions and spending more than they intended to. I've found that people find it easier to relate to a loss of money than a loss of time. Your stories could help someone else in a similar situation.
  2. Ok, not doing too bad, cravings tolerable today. I've decided that I can play pokemon tcg online and get similar rewards but using virtual game pack codes. I also had the pfizer jab this week and gave a 2 half day workshops so I'm pretty exhausted. I've also been playing some golf after hours and really getting a nice swing with my 4 iron (one of the harder clubs to use). Anyone here play golf?
  3. @Cam Adair this needs to be turned into an interview (maybe once @Finchalothas completed their 90 days?!
  4. CG EYE

    New Chapter

    headaches are a common withdrawal symptom
  5. Hi Finchalot I recently read celia hodents book "gamers brain" do you work for a big gam dev company or is it like indie? I'm interested to know if you know of people in the industry actively trying to addict players or "go whaling"? Celia actually argued with me today about how I should prove that games are addicting and explain this clearly for her. was really quite laughable actually. good luck mate, I'll keep an eye out for your detox. we are detoxing around the same time
  6. Hi everyone, 27July 2021 is 90 days since I last played DbD. Prior to that relapse, I relapsed on PoGo for a good month and grinded up 2 levels. I had definitely experienced some stress and loss leading up to my relapse. The main one being taking my partner to hospital for a medical emergency. What prompted me to quit was a recent interview I did for a national current affairs program. The journalist essentially asked if someone like me (who knows a lot about gaming addiction) can get hooked, how does the average person stand a chance? It made me realise that you can be the smar
  7. DAY 38! Today I did a 2km swim in the pool Have been on my unique "egg diet" I've been reading Brad Marshall's Tech Diet Book I'm starting a new job tomorrow for the next 4 weeks I've also been listening to @Cam Adair's twitch mix to help me chill whilst winding down at the end of the night Was prompted to post something since Cam sent a newsletter out, didn't even realise I've made it 1/3 of the way thru! Hope everyone has been doing well.
  8. Thank you for your ongoing support and encouragement. 🙂
  9. Day 20 My grandma passed away this week 😞 I was temporarily triggered by a youtube video of Dead by Daylight I'm giving a radio interview tomorrow here in australia which is exciting The radio host recently quit FIFA 20. anyone else have experience playing this game? Want to add anything to their listeners?
  10. Hi Erik, just curious what the indication for the risperidone is? And the dose? In addition to sedation the most common side effect is increased appetite (especially for carbs like brownies). If you are taking risperidone for sleep, there are safer options out there. If you are taking it for a serious mental illness, then of course listen to your doctor. Risperidone is also used in other conditions too, but if it is bombing you out, you can always adjust the dose or the timing of the dose so you don't sleep so much.
  11. What do you do to cope with those dark nights? This forum is useful as a way to keep track and have a record of how you felt. You will look back at the time stamp in the future and reflect back on how you felt at the time. I recently read an old detox journal and made the connection years later that I was probably grieving the loss of a close friend. The response rate with other quitters can vary though. Sometimes the smallest of connection to this forum will keep you accountable. Hang in there.
  12. Must have been tough to let go like that. Your hopes and dreams as parents. Sorry to hear. It must be weird grieving something that hasn't actually eventuated yet. Would make your gaming problem small in comparison I'm sure. You're more than a third of the way thru your detox, but this is a real vulnerable time for you because gaming is a way to escape the grief. Hang in there, because you don't want to alienate your partner any more than you have to.
  13. Does your local health service have a support group for this kind of thing? I'm 37 and unmarried. I'm worried one day I'll be too old to have kids.
  14. Day 7 So I signed up to the masterclass 3 day free trial. Anyone else tried this before? I'm going thru malcolm gladwell class on writing. There is a lot of content and I am determined to write my book now. I have about 3 months to write my book. Anyone else written a book before? Thanks Kim
  15. ok so i'm feeling more confident to tell people around me that I'm doing a detox. I still have cravings to do it as something to pass the time. I'm confident I can keep chipping away at it though, cos DbDmob you can't chat to anyone and I don't know anyone else who plays it. I need to keep exercising, but it's winter here and difficult to get the motivation and keep up the intensity. I might sign up again to do crossfit, now that restrictions have now eased. I need to remind myself why I hated playing that stupid game. The main thing is that the game was so frustrating when you died