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  1. Spent the day reviewing paper journals from the last 3 years, analyzing thought patterns and common issues. Reviewed my old GQ journal in detail, making a list of observations that may prove useful moving forwards. I have not yet committed to giving up games forever, but I am committing to 30 days of no games, Netflix, YouTube, social media or digital escape of any kind (apart from the yoga practice I follow on YouTube). I have also committed to 30 days of yoga alongside this, and hope to tick off my other habits each day throughout the month; meditation and music (mainly piano, but singing an
  2. A new journey. My old journal is past now, lets begin anew.
  3. Good luck! We are all here to hold each other accountable. You got this!
  4. @BryanJaz Congratulations on 100 days!! It sucks that you haven't heard back about your interview yet, especially when you were told you would. That's happened to me a few times in the past too, it's so frustrating trying to decide what is the right thing to do. Limbo is one of the worst feelings in my opinion, I'd much rather know either way so that I can either let go and move onto something else or prepare for a new chapter. Limbo is just drifting, it's an awful feeling. Perhaps it would be worth contacting them, maybe give them a call rather than an email; you could explain that you
  5. That sounds like the perfect homestead! I'd add a little reading nook too, a comfy seat recessed into a bay window looking out into the garden. Rescued chickens pecking away. I dream of these sorts of things too, but also end up dismissing them as they don't feel realistic. I remember once telling my dad about my dream life, very similar to what you describe, a self sufficient, simple and minimal one. He told me I'd need to marry a millionaire, lol, cheers dad. I don't want to have to rely on anyone else but myself in life, and whilst I get that a life like that might need an investment t
  6. Yeah, taking the medication wasn’t the best experience. I think things weren’t as regulated back then either tbh, I’m 30 now so it was a good while back. I decided to stop taking meds when I was 13, although they’d have happily let me stay on it :s I was re diagnosed as an adult and now I’m on a waiting list for an autism screening too, they offered the ADHD meds to me again recently but I decided against it, it can cause psychosis in adults and we already have a history of the disease in our family, I was shocked they were so willing to prescribe to be honest. Ah that’s a really good p
  7. Another reminder to myself, leaving that here to reflect upon later. I am still plagued with the same feelings of guilt for pretty much the same reasons. I think I feel worse these days, after many failed attempts to realise my dreams I feel directionless. This causes me to feel intense anxiety, and often self loathing.
  8. Reminder from Day 30 reflection from previous journal. I still do these things, 2 years on. Something to be mindful of. ..and just to note.. looking back at advice from others I really do see it through a different lens now, it really is helpful down the line even if I might not see it in the moment.
  9. That is really interesting. I have to fight the urge to be defensive when it comes to this stuff, even thought there is really no need to be. I was diagnosed at a very early age (4), but still food for thought and especially relevant for those diagnosed in later life and without reflection upon early childhood experience. I guess it’s possible for kids to burn out their receptors, but at that age I don’t think I was doing much different to other kids my age regarding recreational activity. I don’t think I got my first console until I was maybe 6 or 7 and I didn’t really watch much tv either.
  10. A few days until day zero mini detox to gain some perspective. I stated previously something along the lines of ‘I’m not worried about doing 30 days, it’ll be easy’, however as it gets closer I start to wonder how easy it will really be, especially giving up pretty much all online/screen based stimulation at once. I’m really looking forward to it, to the freedom to be able to do other things with my time. The irony being that I really shouldn’t have to impose such ‘drastic’ restrictions on myself just to be able to spend time on things I actually want to do. Is that irony? Whatever it is,
  11. Hi, I’ve been dating a girl throughout covid too, we met up once just after the first UK lockdown and grabbed a few drinks and some food, but then decided it felt safer to meet virtually, so we have been having skype dates since then and it’s been cool. I think I am glad we met at least once, because often our perceptions of people are different in person, and now we know there is definitely a connection there and the continued dating virtually isn’t going to (hopefully) be a waste of time. But I totally get your girls hesitation too, it’s a scary time right now. I can relate to the
  12. Well done for getting through day 71 🙂 I guess it’s worth asking yourself if you really do want to game on your days off? If you really do want to stop gaming? I’m not suggesting that it is the right or wrong thing to do, and thinking of what @BooksandTreessaid about addiction, I’m not so sure it matters either way? If gaming on your days off would truly make you happy, then go for it, however, if gaming on your days off would make it harder to resist on the days you should be working, or will lead to feelings of guilt because there are other things you’d really rather do, then perhaps
  13. Hi, I’m sorry to hear you are having a harder time today. Perhaps go back over what you wrote when you decided to quit again and try and keep those feelings close moving forwards. It’s ultimately your choice to count this as a relapse or not, but either way try not to beat yourself up, it happens! The fear is probably a good thing, it shows that you haven’t just given in completely, you are still aware of what you want and my bet is that you still want to fight for it, so keep fighting! Get right back into your detox and just focus on your thesis for the next few weeks to get you through, you
  14. I think that a lot too, but then I tell myself ‘life is what you make it’. I guess I know that’s not always the case, some of us are just dealt bad cards in life, but a lot of the time there are ways we can make things better, we just choose not to, or sometimes don’t have the confidence to, or the belief in ourselves. Dunno what I’m trying to say, lol. Maybe there is more to life if you make it so?
  15. Good luck! I’m not quite there yet on my journey but I’m sending positive vibes and well wishes your way 🙂