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  1. While not my primary account, still the first of many in the waiting period of being forever removed. It’s a good day.
  2. The gym and running will keep you busy for sure. Get a good workout in and you'll feel a good rush followed by good, healthy fatigue.
  3. Ahh acroyoga. I am a practitioner of Bikram yoga myself.
  4. If you don't mind me asking, what yoga style are you going with?
  5. Starting this a little late but here it goes. At the time of this writing, I have hit the 30 day mark. The goals I have currently achieved: - STEAM, GoG, DCS, WoT, IL-2, RoF, and other gaming accounts are currently in the process of being permanently deleted. Only account I know of right now that is not being deleted is Escape from Tarkov because those guys are extremely unhelpful and a bunch of c*nts. Made my account un-recoverable by setting it to go to an email that no longer is in use and I can't recover anyway. - Took up guitar, hanging with coworkers, restarted
  6. Thank you! I'll check in every so often. I have a IRL counselor I see once a week and have started going to hot yoga again. Still have some loose ends that are hanging and probably will for a while but in due time. The small steps have already begun.
  7. Good Evening everyone. Name is TJ. I'm a 31 year old American. Currently have been on active duty for 13 years. Been a gamer pretty much my whole life. Teenage years were spent on weekends doing multiplayer games from the 2000-2005 era (ie CS, Half-Life mods, RTCW, BF1942). Was active in the scouts and made Eagle scout in 2006. So I wasn't completely enthralled in gaming. I had a Scouting life. But I never really had a social life per say. Jump ahead over a decade and my gaming addiction has cost me. My currently relationship (best one I have ever had) is very strained because of i