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  1. I'm glad I'm off games, now I can put that deep focus into growing my business again. (it slowed down a lot due to gaming). I think I should get out of the house more to do my work, on a laptop for example, except I just find it much easier to work with a mouse and keyboard (digital marketing / design). How can I keep more focus without chugging down a lot of coffee? That makes me more inclined to work (dopamine reasons probably), but I still struggle staying focused, and actually working.. Will it get better with time? Any other self employed home business owners that can help me with building a daily schedule?
  2. Yes, it's definitely not healthy either being too low % of a body fat. I've heard 8-12 is a great range though.
  3. Weightlifting and progressing in strength can make you feel “powers”.. Gotta love beasting a standing military barbell press, feels so good. You’ll feel the powers in your balls !
  4. It makes sense because we are used to so much easy and artificial successes and wins from gaming. Now that it’s hard to get that same satisfaction, the mind/body wants the easier option.. to just game. But as with any drug, it’s hacking your system to be overdriven with normal chemicals, which makes you depressed when you don’t have them. Time will heal ❤️
  5. I have never gotten to single digits! Did you do any special dieting? Never skip legs!!
  6. I've been addicted to gaming my whole life, and I had some amazing times in my life when I was too busy to even play! I want that part of me back and I want to reach my goals. Day #1 Gratitude journal - Grateful for my gf and going to the gym with her today - Grateful for my family and friends One amazing thing that happened/I did today - Got mad at my gaming habits and wanted to make a change! Workout/run - Chest day at the gym ! Meditation - A little in the sauna Visualisation Daily affirmation - I AM a bad ass that hates gaming! Reading + taking notes Getting to bed before 11pm Weekly Goal(s) - Get a proper schedule going, work at least 4-6 hours a day Monthly Goal - Fix my posture a bit - Get to <10% body fat - Get more marketing clients 3 Month Goal - Get back to making $10K+ a month in my marketing business What went well today: It's my first day, excited! What I could have done to make my day better: - Not play at all, but I guess you need to play to know why you want to quit! What I will do differently tomorrow: - I will not play games!