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Mario's Journal,


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Day 2

Hi guys (and girls),

My Name is Mario, i am 25-year-old german and it is the first time I use a forum, but it is time to get serious about quitting games and show some commitment for my life. All in all my life is pretty awesome even besides gaming. Many of my old friends stayed nearby after school and i am happily married since 5.December. I like my family even if they are sometimes crazy people. Luckily i am clever enough to get through my engineering studys without too much effort and have the possibility to start my masterthesis soon. But: i skip courses and neglect my friends to play video games. I lied to my wife about gaming instead of studying while she is at work. In the past i tried to stop gaming  a few times with some success. I havent played League of Legends for one year now after I played all day long whilst my girlfriend was at work. These days i started at 6 a clock in the Morning and would play till my Girlfreind was back home. Somehow i got to the place i am now, playing substitutes like Dota 2 and Warcraft 3. All my freinds now they cant rely on me because often i "forget" things i said i would do and well that feeling sucks. Now i have the chance to get atleast a above average master of engineering, if I somehow manage to get some learning done and write like seven exams starting at the end of February. And ofcourse if i mangae to write an excellent masterthesis so the pressure is on. Not only my studys suffered under my gaming addiction. I neglected my friends and family and was sometimes mean to my wife because i am not happy with my life and have lost all my self confidence over the last 5 years. But now I deleted every game on my computer and will write about my experiences in this journal.

Yesterday was hard. I felt depressed and skipped courses even without gaming, because i am so far behind at studys it is embarassing to go to University. Atleast i started organizing my learning stuff and cleaned the bathroom. Still a pretty poor result for a whole day time. I watched some youtube and listened to  some podcasts. Today i check the dates of my exames even if i fear i have too less time for studying. The fear of failing is one of the main reasons i play video games and in the end fail my goals. I am pretty good at repressing bad feelings until its too late. I wills tart structuring my days now and to improve what i can improve. I will start every day at 6 when my wife leaves to work. First thing is to write an entry in this Journal and keep track of my progress. Then I will make breakfast and start studying for at least 3 Hours with some breaks in between. Then i do lunch and start clearing postponed tasks of my list like planning doctor appointments  and organize my financial stuff. After that i will play some darts listen to podcasts or read for one hour. Then i do some programming for my sidejob at University. I will use some study breaks for housework like laundry and cleaning because it will activate my body while my brain can rest. And starting next week i will go too every course and get most out of it! Ok damn a lot too change and a lot to do. Atleast it will keep my mind away from gaming. Wish me luck adn correct my bad english if u have the time and nerve for it. I try to improve my english writing skills.

Well, time for breakfast(scrambled eggs :))!


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Hey Mario! Awesome to have your journal up here. It always makes my day when we have another journal! Although sometimes it's hard to look at where our lives are once we quit gaming, the key is that now we know where we are and where we want to go. I like to say "you can't grow from somewhere you're not," so having the awareness to know where you are is crucial for your growth moving forward. This is a turning point for you and I bet by the end of the 90 day detox you will be feeling much better about yourself. Keep taking the right action and doing the work, you will get there. :)


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Day 3

Ok i failed my plans yesterday. I didn't studied a bit and watched nonsense on youtube all day, juggled, played some darts and listened to music. I even looked on some Wc3 footage and was really close to reinstalling the game :(. At least i realized the urge and stayed strong, even if it was pretty hard. At 5 am i programmed for work  for one hour and i talked with an old friend and made plans with him next weekend. I talked with him about my cold turkey too and even if he is a LoL-addict too, he was pretty understanding. It made me feel pretty good about this. So yeah at least i did something right. This day will be easier because my wife is here and so i won't get bored and have some supervision ;). Im really tired because my shitty cats woke me up at 4 a clock but im determined to study more and getmore done today. This forum is a distraction from learning too, so i will use it only if i need special motivation or as alternative to yotube. I reckon I will still hang out here often enough.

Things i want to do better this day:

- increase my productivity wiht less browsing

- study and work more

- if I start feeling guilty, start working instead of further postponing

Things i got done last day:

- made a fb-invitation to a party at our new appartment.

- cleared some bill stuff up.

Best experience yesterday:

- talked to my best friend for the first time after two weeks. Was awesome :)

@Cam thx for the reply, feedback really helps with the motivation.




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Day 4

Yesterday was pretty good. My goals admittely weren't that high. But i reached them! I worked for 2hours and got so much done i was in areally good mood. Will continue programming today. Tomorrow i will have a meeting withmy boss about the current state of the programm and i feel confident about my work state, wich haven't happened in the last 3 months. I also haven't done any youtube browing or gaming. So even if i'm behind in studying, im in a constructive mood today and start to see first results. It is impressive how much progress, i see even if i only started this journey. Man I always feel kind of embarassed if talk in such metaphers as journeys to my better future ^_^. It is such an clichee. But it really feels like the start of a journey today. Well today it is sunday and day 4 of my journey (suck it embarassed ego!).

My goals for today

- work for another two hours even if I dont have too.

- study for atleast one hour

- clean our place to have an ok looking appartment for the upcoming week

Things i liked about yesterday

- felt good about my progress

- spent some really nice time wiht my wife on the couch!

Things i want do do better today

- get more ambitous goals done

Things im thankfull for

-  my wife

- this community( got rly motivated by reading a journal this morning)

- my awesome mood today


PS: corrected some errors. I really have to formulate my journal entrys better. I even accidentally wrote a german word instead of an english one:$. Excuse me, i never write stuff in english so its hard for me to keep my writing correct. But i try to improve the quality of my writing in the future. Fell free to correct my bad english if you want. This would help me a lot at this specific goal.

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Day 5

I always said to myself that im lazy because i couldnt bring my self to training,studying or comitting to any stuff besides gaming. But i realized that there were atleast one other factor influencing me. I always feared not to fullfill my goals, that is why i set them low. People always said to me, Mario you are so talented if you would actually work for stuff you could achieve anything! I know that sounds pretty well but i feared  if i try i woudln't be the best or even as good as people(mainly my family) think. Thats one main reason i never practiced enough for my piano lesson's. If i failed, i couldl say well i didn't try hard so that is no surprise. If i was still rocking i knew im sooo talented. But that's bullshit. If you try to get better in something you have to train for it. It doesn't matter where you end but you become better then before. That' was counts. The main goal isn't to become a famous pianist who plays like a god. The main goal is to be better at palying at the start of next week. If you can achieve this your freakin awesome and you will ge tbetter adn ebtter and mbe even become a piano god;) The point is you try to get better every day you allready reach the most important goal in my opinion.

I got to this thoughts while i watched Cam's video about willpower. And yeah willpower detoration is a thing, not only at gaming if you never actually tried hard to reach goals it shouldn' be surprising to you, that you not always reach them.Thats why i will now be determined to lvl up my willpower. First step was a pretty accurate timeplan i made for today. Sadly my planning is kind of lacking thats why im allready behind of it 6:30 in the morning. But well then i have to cut my morning walk in tee freezing cold for some minutes. As long as i still get my stuff done today or at least try to do it i will be happy. Long day today. First i go out for a (short) walk. 2ond i clean the kitchen a nd make myself breakfast then i do one hour of studying. After this i go buy some groceries clean the floor of my appartment and go to university(it should be around 9:30 now). I attend a work meeting with my boss show him my awesome programm and try to do some catch up at the university computer room. Have to work my self into a programm all by myself because i didn' was at my courses the last 3 times. At 13:30 i go visit my mum and get a free lunch. Then i go work at my sister's praxis as an recepionist till 8 am. One hour way home spent half an hour with my wife eat a little and fall into bed. Productivity arises and im excited. If i think back one week i woudl playedgames  until 10, eat smth in 5min, rush to my meeting, woudln't be prepared. Then i would feel that bad about beeing behind that i would have gone directly to my mum's house surf the internet while pretending to study and gone to work without beeing productive. Great feeling to be better allready. By the way I am sorry if i praise my self to much lately, but it helps myself to feel better and be more motivated. Thats why i stopped to beat myself up and be more positive. I 'm sure it will be more in the balance soon.

Things i liked about yesterday:

- worked for 2 hours and amde a nice grafic for my presentation today.

- studyed more as i had planned

- did a walk through the snow wiht my wife and talked to her instead of couch surfing

Things i want to do better today:

- be more productive and make a more realistic plan( damn i can forget my walk today xD)

Things i learned:

Beeing lazy isn't something you are. It is something I trained myself to be. Now i train myself to be kickass.

and btw. wasn't even tempted to plan gaming today O.o. Thinking wins over impulsivity. Atleast if you do it the day before you have to do stuff.




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Day 6

Today i keep it short because i have go to university soon. Well i want to go too becasue its a oppourtunity to learn the stuff i could need fter University. Let's say im in the progress of convincing me that it is that way ;).

Things i liked about yesterday

- programm presentation went only ok but it motivated me to do better

-  was very busy the whole day without beeing annoyed or tired

- came up wiht the idea of gamequitters.com as an social hobby for ym freetime

Things i want to do better today

- Rebuild more contact to friends and family by calling a few of them

- Stick ebtter to my plan wich i have to do now

- Start studying more even nif it isnt as motivating as programming work.

Things i learned

My boosted attidude isn't permanent(shocking isn't it?¬¬), but my achievements are.

Todays Motivation Status



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I feel you man, sucks to be the odd one in the classroom when everybody else is 'seemingly' on top of things. But when you face such struggles, remember that it is those who can conquer their fears and face these adversities that separate the average and the excellent. Whenever I have to go through difficulties in life, I tell myself "The greater the struggle, the more glorious the triumph."

Keep up the good work and let's get through this detox journey together!

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@zakaex yeah lets do it! Thanks for the support, it is appreciated.

@cam got to read your article. Awesome and inspiring story man. I can relate to much of it.

Day 6

Ok feeling kind of scared and emotional today. Im usually no person wich speaks alot about their feelings and emotions because it sounds always a bit tacky. But today i will not only talk about them i will think about them, meditate over them and live them. I know that sounds a little foggy but i have the suspicion that here is a turningpoint of my selfdevelopment. I feel fear right now and because this fear isn't rational at all( im safe at home even my first scary exam is over 2 weeks away from now), i have to go to the bottom of it. Usually if i had to feel fear in the past, i started gaming or browsing or evading however possible. I try to experience my emotions today. And all other goals will have to wait until im ready. Sry if you read this and there is nothing to learn for you because it's such a personal thing.

Todays starting Mood


update: I realized that i can't work out my feelings  in on try but i keep it in the back of my mind. I started to write a private journal in german to clear my head and to express my feelings so its easier for em to analyze them. I will still talk to friends about my feelings but i guess a journal it's like a conversation with yourself. And i can be pretty resourcefull so this could eb a really good idea. Furthermore is such an journal private and therefore i don't have to worry about privacy at all, wich should make beeing honest about myself easier. I created a fine morning routine wich seems to work and i will include meditation in this routine.. I meditated today for around 35min and it calmed me down and was a really interesting experience. I am not sure if i thelps me dealing wiht my emotions but seems worth to look into anyway. Seems like i get my life back on track wich is really good for my self esteem.

Daily routine

5:00 clock wake up make, coffee.

5:15Open daily news video of the day before

5:15-5:45 watch enws wiht my wife check gamequitters while she is doing ehr mornign routine in the bathroom.

5:45-6:15 Say goodbye to her and brush my teeth and shave.

6:15 - 6:30 Cold shower adn breakfeast

6:30 - 7:00(approximately) awareness Meditation

7:00 - 7:30 Gamequitter research and journal

7:30 -8:00 make a daily plan (with enough freetime!)

8:00 start doing stuff i want to get done

around 21:30 go to sleep.



thoughtfull, sad, not afraid

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Day 8

I made an awesome plan in the morning and found a good way to organize the shitload of things i want/have to do. Basically i started a journal at penzu where i can write my personal feeling down to get clear of them. I relized that you can put entrys there and just go very fast with writing. Word is pretty damn slow on my Computer thats why i decided to use this for my daily plan. First i jsut write things down i want to have done. Just everything what comes to mind. I try formulate in a postive way: I want  my refridgerator cleaned. Or i want to have written my learning cards for one study subjekt. After i did this for some minutes i thought about the importance and the urgency of this tasks and painted the the important and/or urgent ones in red and try to estimate how much time they will take me. Then i check how much time i approximatly have at the day for tasks( i learned from my past experiences and caclulated enough free time in wich is blocked for tasks). Fater this i can make an dayily plan without effort because i allrdy know what i haev to do, waht si important and most importantly how long it needs. Worked like a charm yesterday.

Even if im really happy with my planning routine, i had a setback in the afternoon. Felt a strong lack of motivation and energy and didn# do my work. Instead i browsed on the internet. Watched one LoL-video. Felt bad watched some porn, still felt bad and realized only then i fallen back in bad habbits and pulled me back. I listened to some podcast of tim ferris and went out to visist  a concert, wich was pretty awesome.  Guess this setback was a result of missing training of actually learning/working and bad nutrition. I ate a whole pack of cookies a moment before and all this sugar left my tired after a short sugar high. I got home late adn even if I was willing to follow my mourningroutine at the next day anyway, I couldn't convinve myself in the morning to ge tup before 8:30. Had to go to Universtity straight away and couldn't do much more tehn some university planning. Now i will do some work and try not beating me up too mcuh because i see how I improve. It just takes more time then I would liked.

Things i liked the last day:

- watched an awesome Frank Turner concert

- made a strategy to do my daily schedule wich seems to work

- even with some drawbacks i recovered and my goto strategies seems to work

Things i do better tomorow:

- get back to my morning routine

- do my cold shower and motivation thingy




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It also seems like when you feel bad you go into bad habits that then make you feel bad and this cycle repeats itself. I'd encourage you to think about when you are feeling bad, how you can respond differently and get back on track right away instead of continuing to spiral down into other bad habits. That's where the magic happens.

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Glad you were able to catch yourself falling into the bad habits. I also struggle with this fact, that once I propose something to myself, I expect to do perfectly and any small setback I see as a major failure, think badly about myself, and don't stop myself from spiraling down...But it gets tiring after a while, right? ;) I think it is such a powerful habit to form to be able to stop yourself from spiraling down, and decide to do what you REALLY want to do, not what you think you want to do :) and I am working a lot on that too! Setbacks and changes in our motivation inevitably occur and we just need to learn to deal with them and move on. I really like this quote from Buddhism (even if I don't know what is meant by awakening exactly, I just think of it as feeling like the most authentic version of myself) because it reminds me that small actions can compound into great results over time even if it doesn't seem so at the time, and it encourages me to just do a small thing to help myself or someone else.

"Every wakeful step, every mindful act is the direct path to awakening. Wherever you go, there you are."

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@mmmWatermelon. yeah it gets triring indeed. Thank you for your input. I guess in buddhist context awakening means the sort of enlightment buddha had. And to life a mindful life is the way to follow in his footsteps. Even if i have my problems with religion, buddhism is one of them i like. Even if i dont believe in a way to be enlightened or the karma idea, i think it sends a nice message over mindfullness and peace of mind.

And yeah every step counts. "Even if you go in the wrong direction for some time, you learn how to walk along they way ". Mad this quote up but you get what i mean ^^

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Day 9

Day 9 is here. My life starting to get busy. The timing of this gamequitting helped my a lot i think. With my exams ringing the doorbell, i always have a good answer to myself, if i ask why do i do this. I have to figure out the way I want to life my life for more all around goals. I actually dont know if i really want to be super sucessfull in an engineering job, because it would consume a lot of time wich would eb maybe better invested in social activities. But who knows if i find a job I enjoy and have a passion for, i will maybe gladly distrubite my time to it. We'll see but definitly something to think about for me.  I thoguht about some ideash ow to get out of a bad mood. If i'm feeling bad and a lack of motivation i will ask myself why i feel this way. Haven't i eaten or did i drink enough? Do i see no sense in doing what i do right now? Why do i still have to do it? Am i just tired and need a break? Do I lack motivation? If i lack motivation, I will think about my wife and our future family. I want to build a family of my own and to be an example to my future kids, i have to start growing up and get a living style i like and can stand for.

@Cam thx for guiding words. They are appreciated!

Last Day wasn't very productive, but i realized how much more fun i have socialising wiht my study mates if im not gaming. I bonded for the first time with some people im studying with for over 3 years now. In the apst I always thoguht this was a timewaste because i have enough friends and i had no freetime to spent wiht new people anyway( Most of my freetime was reserved for gaming). Just realized how it made my life poorer and shut me out of networking possibilities. I'm pretty sure that i would have achieved a far better average at my bachelor if I just spent more time with the people i study, instead of dooing all the stuff alone. But actually im not feeling bad about that time of my past and am excited to see what changes the future will bring to this aspect of my life.

Today i will start cleaning my appartment besides studying. Had an argument with my wife about it and realized how i do a lousy job at housekeeping. I see it as a challenge to improve this aspect oof my life. Im sure I will feel more comfortable in my home this way too. Next weekend i have a party here and my goal is to make the appartement look shiny like Mr.Propers dome then.

Things I liked about yesterday:

- nice talks at university were a nice self esteem boost

- got some administral work done

- enjoyed an awesome podcast about effective charity

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Hi Mario,

I just started reading your journal and I thought I'd let you know that you're doing great so far. It is also good to see that you are keeping a gratitude journal within your GQ journal; my own has helped me to become a lot more grateful towards others in real life. If you'd like some more habits that would have a positively impact on your life in general, just let me know as I currently do heaps!

Keep it up man and I look forward to seeing where you'll end up in the future! :)

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@cam yeah exactly, thx for the question. Was only able to listen to half od the podcast in the train because its so damn long. And couldn't find it later to finish it. Now i will listen 2 it while cooking lunch ;). Got to Tim Ferris at your tip. These podcasts are really awesome. I enjoy them a lot.

@alex thank your for the kind words and your support. What habbit you made your own helped you the most, improving your lifestyle?

Will update my journal tonight and summarize yesterday and today in one report.

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Day 10

Hi again,

I start to really like my morning routine. The planning is really helpfulI even if i still switch things around and waste to much time on optimizing my timeplan( yeah i know :$). Work and housework are going fine and tomorow i will tackle my studies hard. Got up early today even if i was out with yesterday till 2 in the morning with a friend. We talked a lot about our times gaming together and how our lives shaped out now. He shared his frustration with playing LoL wich actually kind of helped me to feel good with my decision to quit games. Cat's woke me up at 6 and i just started my morningroutine instead of crwaling back into bed after i gave them mosters theri breakfeast. I still got a decent amount of things done,  but today i will go into bed early.  It feels like my life starts moving after a long period of standing still. I'm actually more interested in other people and found skills i want to improve. Not just to be sucessfull in my future job but because it would feel nice to have these skills. I'm getting better at training my willpower too. Every morning i stare at the cold water in the shower spraying the ground besides me. And after a short staring contest with it i just step in. Feels great in a kind of crazy way. After some research about willpower, i realised meditation is a willpower training and will try to get more into it. I always liked the idea of meditation in a non spiritual way, and it feels kind of natural to me to meditate. Wouldn't be smart not to use such a tool and i think i jsut never got into meditation because it seemed kind of a hippylike thing my parents( wich were hippies indeed) would do. Don't actually know how my wife will react on this but we'll see. I'm trying stuff like forcing myself sitting straight too. I let you know how it works out.

List of skills i will achieve in the next  3months:

- sketching on a basic level( could be fun and would be helpfull as an engineer, if  i could sketch some problems down and people wouldn't have to guess if its a machine or a really deformed elephant)

- readable Handwriting

- get punctuation right and finally learn proper grammar in english and german.(any tipps where i can start do lean this?)

Things I liked about the last 2 days:

- I was active and got much done while i still found time to think about my life and goals

- meditated and it felt naturely good

- realized i can talk about games and don't feel an urge O.o.

- was absolutly honest all day.

Most important upcoming Task:

- start studying for your exam. There are only 2 weeks left until i wanna be prepared( got one week puffer that way).




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Day 11

Ho to everyone out there reading this. Actually got started with studying what is is really good. Last days i spent most of my constructive time into getting some scripts and old exams and things i needed to work, but it but feels good actually starting! Well i worked for an hour wiht little breaks. I will still ahve to do a lot of work. Alone scripting all stuff on cards will take approximatly 14h if my estimation based on my speed it right . Splitted it in chapter of 3hours so it doesn't sounded so scary to me. I procrastinate right now because im a bit tired. Have to study further for atleast 1 hour and clean for 2hours or so, but im sure i make it if i start after this entry. Well made a nice daily routine and did get to meditation in the morning. I actually talked to my wife about it, and she was reliefed it was only awareness meditation and not some  quote " esoterical bullshit" :D, Did i mention that my wife is great? Writing about this actually cheers me up and motivates me thats why i go straight to the things-i-like part.

Things i liked about today:

- awareness meditation is no esoterical bullshit!

- forgot at start to shower cold adn jsut casually switched to cold water. I seem getting used to cold showersO.o

- started to train my handwriting and put it in my daily plan right in the morning.

- the beautiful weather outside adn that i life close to fields where is really nice to walk

Thing i still need to do that this will be an awesome productive day:

- Write them flash cards

- Clean the kitchen and the bathroom.

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Day 12

Was kind of a bad day. I did some cleaning wich i couldn't do last evening because of this damn flashcards taking ages. But was kind of procrastinating to write more flashcards because its kind of boring and i couldn't motivate myself. I should written like 2hours before i've gone too work. After i had absolutely zero motivation i told myself into 5min of it too start. After that start i wrote llike 50min before I gave up, because i was too annoyed and told myself i could do this another time this week. Realized afterwrads that my schedule is pretty full so i will have to write more cards in the evening. Time wich will go directly form the quality time of my marriage :(. Well on the other hand i had fun cleaning. Listening to podcasts and having a good cleaning plan, makes it actually kind of fun because im so much more relaxed this way. Definitly better to clean my appartment instead of playing games to evade my studys. After lunch I was kind of depressed about my missing motivation and started to search items for my wishlist for my upcoming birthday. Realized most of the books like the slight edge i considered looked really uninteresting to me. My full schedule makes me unable to read much or start anything new and interesting wich takes big effort anyway.

Interesting things i learned today:

- You can't put thinking time in your schedule. Thought about meaningfull stuff all day, just as i had it scheduled my head was empty..

- i like the ideas of self-development-books, but it doesn't look appealing at all to read through the most of them

- If your not motivated the kind of willpower you need to continue studying is exactly the same as in meditation. Your mind wanders and you guide it back to the topic.

- Big tasks seems hard to achieve. But they aren't if you put effort in them on a regulare base instead of trying to bruteforce them in a short amount of time.

Things i have to think more about:

- how busy do i want my dayplan. Is it old habbit of evading things or would i really be happier if did less stuff? I would definitly have more time to think about important stuff.

- does to much thinking of self-development makes you unhappy?

- what do I want for my career? Money? Social Impact? Free time for other projects?

- where can i find such jobs and what have i do to get them ( besides scoring nice grades in my master=?

Things im thankfull for( kind of hard today):

- im healthy

- bad moods don't stay long

- nice weather

- my family and my friends.


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Skip this if you dont want to read my brainfarts:

There is jsut a inner resistance against someone who tells me how to live and what to do to get better. Better in what mindframe? IF i want to be innefective can't i be innefective? Or do i have feel guilty for it? I want to get presented the idea and then think about it myself. Sure i know thats not thought through until the ende because even if the book isn't well written or tries to set you to the righous path  of beeing better y,ou can still think critical about it and take out of it waht you need. Mhhh maybe it is more about me not liking to read nonfiction. I read some nice books in my past. Like slow and fast thinking of Kahnemann. And i can't remember much more of it then the what the title allrdy says. There is a slow gognitve thinking and more important there is a way of impulsive thinking. Both of them happen in other region of the brain and ahve other evolutionary roots. Was it worth to read 500 pages for this insight? Maybe i jsut ahve to read these kind of books mroe intense, make notes about their influence on my life or stuff to enjoy the experience more. Guess the main thing is i didn't apply such books at all in my life adn that's why i didn't took anything out of them. IN addition to this i feel always a kind of shame if i have such books on my shelf. It doesn't say to me you want to improve your life. It says to me fuck you you Looser, your life sucks thats why you have to read this book, feel bad allready!

Read this if you want the essence of the upper paragraph

OK that was just writing out ym thoughts, guess summarized it goes: Books whose intend is to make people better, awaken the feeling of beeing not good enough in me. On the other hand the few experiences i had with nonfiction books I read in my private time, weren't that well, because of the way i process them.

That's beeing said. on my wishlist for my birthday are : The tipping point by Malcolm Gladwell, and Quarter-Life breakthrough by Adam Smiley Poswolsky wich both seemed interesting to me. Maybe i will get to the point where i want to read something like the power of habbit. But on the other Hand i feel like the whole message is in the title of such books. Habbits are a powerfull tool too improve your life. Period. Why bother spending time reading them?


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