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zach's journal


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This is my first day here. I feel sad because I can't find anything to replace gaming and I'm tired all the time. I guess being tired all the time makes me more sad than finding a replacement for gaming but it could be if I find a replacement I'd be more awake who knows.

Everything I mean everything seems boring to me so that's why I'm starting the 90 day detox to hope I find more interest in things that are kinda fun to me like playing pool, reading, playing darts, and working on my website.

It just makes me sad because I just set up a website for meditation and I have so much I could be doing but now I don't feel motivated to work on it and that makes me sad.

Also If I could find an app I can consistently use but it's not gaming that'd be amazing. I don't know if that exists though.


Anyways here I am on day 1 of my journey. I hope to be here tomorrow. I can't make any promises because I pick up and give up on things quite easily.


Peace, Love & Happiness!


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Win the day, one day at a time. Use the resources available on the site. Recommend reading and completing  the worksheets in Respawn. Watch the Game Quitters videos, and most importantly... get out of the house.

I felt a void many a days during the detox. I did return to gaming after 90 days.. but I have not played it much since. Gaming does not serve me at the moment. The days will pass and you gain knowledge and life experience. I still have a lot of energy and feel lost occasionally.. I guess it is normal as we are leaving a big chapter of our life. Count on us, feel free to stop by and express yourself in the forums.

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well i made it through day 2. i slept for most of it but i made it. my nurse recommended cross-stitching for me and it looks quite interesting. I'm going to order a kit tomorrow.

also she's helping me lower my sleep through some sleep program they have at the clinic.


well time for bed,

peace, love & happiness,


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My daily journal.

I'm assuming that the 90 day detox helps you be able to handle playing video games. My old video games addictions therapist told me he thought I could handle playing video games and I just needed to learn how to complete other hobbies throughout the day to grow appreciation for them. Further I needed to work on hygiene and eating. 


Ever since I quit playing Runescape well over 1 year ago I haven't gamed more than 6 hours spread out over the day vs 12+ hours. This 6 hours was playing pokemon go and I find it quite energizing and social. Also other games include Angry Birds and Greasy Money. Both of these games have totaled 6 hours before and that was a bit too much because my fiance would only play about 4.

My goal is to mostly only game when my fiance is. I mean if I game when she is in bed that's fine. It's just I don't want to game past times when she isn't and she's awake as well because this cuts into our us time.

I'm currently sleeping for 12 hours a day and I think my nurse will be able to get that down to at least 10. So lets go with 10 hours per day. I have 12 hours of school plus I will be getting a part time job of 4 hours. Add 2 hours per week for home work so that's 20 hours of used time per week. Divide that by 7. 2.85 hours per day used up roughly. Let just go with 3 because of commuting time. So 24-10 sleep = 14 hour time avl. - 3 work/school = 11 subtract another 1 for eating times that's 10 subtract another 1 for meditation + showering (still need to work on showering, for now I shower as needed and this is a huge improvement) brushing teeth, getting dressed + my average for the week of going grocery shopping so now we're at 9 hours.

My fiance always has a 1-2 hour nap because she has broken sleep thanks to work and also suffers from insomnia and pain. Sometimes I don't mind having a slightly shorter nap like either 5 minutes 30 minutes but no longer than 1 hour. Best case scenario I have no nap or 5 minutes because I like lying with my hunny. This time would be best spent doing my finances, working on my website, meditating, doing the dishes, petting and taking care of my cat, taking out the garbage, and maybe after all of that is done or I get bored of all of that then maybe a bit of gaming of course after my 90 day detox. All of that should keep me fairly busy though. I mean there's always marketing to do on my website (don't know how to market yet but taking a small business course to help). So most of her naps are 1 hour I can easily make it through that without gaming. So now we're at 8 hours. 

After this summer I will have completed a student summer company course and will scale back the business for the school year of sept 2018. So this I plan to work on 3 hours per day averaged out through the weekends. so now we're at 5 hours. I'd like to dedicate at least by the time all this gets set into place sept 2018 30 minutes of piano per day. that puts me at 4.5 hours. I'd also like to do crochet, Sudoku, paint by number or cross stitch for another ahhh lets say 1 hour between that stuff. That puts me at 3.5 hours and this time is the perfect time left over to game.

I'm fairly happy with this plan. Of course too much structure is a bad thing that's why I'm just going to let my days flow. Because I'm working on meditation I'm getting a lot better on being present throughout the day. This will allow me to at a bare minimum cover the essentials of eating, sleeping, hygiene, school, work and some non-gaming hobbies thrown in there. 

Let me know how you're doing on your daily schedule, forming new habits and your 90+ day detox is going.


Peace, Love & Happiness!

Zach S.

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  • 1 month later...

TLDR at end.

Wow! 40 days so far, my fiance & I are so proud of me. I'm so happy I've made it this far.

I posted this over on the reddit group titled: I have a new addiction, thinking OCD is the problem & not gaming

So I've really been going hard on building up my business recently. This is a completely new concept to me (shopify, facebook etc...) and there are literally several thousands of hours of free education out there.

This has since taken over my life in an okay way not completely bad. What's different this time is I'm eating, exercising, GOING TO SCHOOL, sleeping well. However, my big problem is spending quality time with my fiance.

I didn't have a problem with this when I played video games. Yes there served a problem when I was in the loop looking for a runescape replacement and would keep downloading trying out new games, playing random games 24/7 and made no leeway. HOWEVER, when I played Pokemon Go & Angry Birds Evolutions, it was only ever a problem with bad planning. Meaning there is a part in Pokemon Go where you hord pokemon to then do a huge double xp purge using an item. This wouldn't be a problem if I only saved up enough Pokemon for 1-2 lucky eggs (30m-60m). But when I'd get too efficient and try and hord like 3 hours of pokemon waiting for a double xp event to get x4 xp, that's when things got overboard because poke storage fills up fast and if you go past 30m-60m of pokemon you'll be forced to do all of them all at once hence 3 hours straight or your poke storage will always be full which is a bitch.

The reason I'm going so in depth into this is because my fiance & I are finding it hard to find hobbies that we can bond together. It's the dead of winter and there's not much to do. We're broke so we can't afford much other than what we have already. 

We purchased some pokemon cards which are okay, I'm helping my fiance handle losing so I'm going to be teaching her how to play better by open hand playing. However I have ADHD and she has likely ADD so we both need a couple of hobbies to bounce back and force between.

I'm wondering what you guys think of me only playing Pokemon Go and Angry Birds Evolutions only with and when my fiance is playing.

I personally don't see this as a problem because I'm so addicted to working on my business that I know I won't fall into the trap of 100% gaming again. Further Pokemon Go requires exercise and is very social. When we go out and play that we never play for more than 2 hours. We take breaks at the mall, meals and coming home. Even though we are playing the game for 2 hours at a time I don't see this as typical game playing. We mostly talk about our day, what we're up to, what challenges and goals we're working on. If anything Pokemon Go helps me IN MODERATION.

Further, on the angry birds note, this game is limited with the amount you can play. Yes you can get a pvp ticket every 5 minutes, but it'd be smarted to wait 1+h till you max out your tickets. Even then I'd only be allowing myself to play when my fiance plays. Any off time I'd be working on my business or reading.

My fiance doesn't think this will be a problem. Further, I had a previous video games addictions counselor and he didn't think I couldn't handle playing video games and thought it was something deeper that needed managing hence the recent discover of OCD.

I think the reason I got addicted to working on my business is because I love self-education. Yes there's reading which I do partake in sometimes but knowledge without implementing it is pointless to me. Such is why I read meditation/business books.

Sorry besides the point.

Back to the interest in self-education. I found a great course on Udemy on how to start a fiverr business. My fiance is also interested in this but doesn't know if she'll like it till she tries it.

My plan is to have 3 core hobbies. 1. My business, 2. Pokemon go/angry birds/Pokemon cards with my fiance, 3. Couples education where my fiance and I continue to find and complete courses together that we both love & implement changes we learned from the course. For example we also found a course on how to create music playlists based off psychology to control your mood. We will be able to play around with that and master our moods.

I believe with these 3 things my life will have balance to prevent OCD taking over.

Peace, Love & Happiness!


TLDR; Dead of winter, finding it hard to find hobbies to bond with my fiance especially when we're broke and both quite picky. I want to attempt to play only Pokemon Go & Angry Birds Evolutions for social and bonding reasons with my fiance and only when she's playing. (Further, do you think I deserve to keep my stopgaming counter to continue to go up if I followed these rules). OCD I've discovered is the problem and not video games, my past video games addictions counselor did think there was a deeper problem and thought I actually could handle video games with proper training. My new addiction is working on my business and it's taking a way from bonding time with my fiance. I want to create balance with 3 core hobbies all like drugs to me. However with 3 different "drugs" there will be balance. 1. business 2. pokemon go/angry birds/pokemon cards with fiance 3. Take online courses together with my fiance. I do believe I can handle video games within moderation and so does my fiance. Friends & social should be the only drive. It's when I get into solo/rpg that's DANGER zone ie. runescape/clash of clans.

Let me know what you think.


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Hey @zachscott, I can relate to what you're saying about questioning if a certain scenario of gaming is good or not.  Recently I played a simple golf game with my brother and friend for a few hours over the weekend.  As you mentioned, it's dead of winter, and for me, I didn't see an easy way for me to lose myself in the game considering I don't even own a console in my own house and I rarely see my brother and friend. 

I guess it's about being self-aware.  Is the game taking away from responsibilities or opportunities to connect with others and grow as a person? B/c we're all here for a reason.  I think the important thing is to be honest with yourself, b/c if you're not, you'll find a way to rationalize doing something that really isn't that good for you.  That's my opinion.

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  • 2 months later...

So I know I tried this a long time ago but I relapsed hard and actually tried and failed for a 1 day detox 2 weeks ago now I'm coming in with more planning. I'm watching Cam's vids and going to find a buddy on reddit to help quit with. I just needed to be better prepared to stop the relapse. Further, my fiance & I found the solution to working on my business too much which was me sitting in the corner so she didn't see me so she didn't felt ignored. Also I had a bit of stress from trying to get my first sale on my business but my friend who is a life coach in training and entrepreneur said it takes a new business and average of 1-2 years to get their first sale. This really hit home with me and took off the pleasure of going crazy trying to get my first sale.

Anyways my 90 day gaming detox starts now so my first full day will be Saturday April 14 2018. Funny because 13 is my lucky number so Friday the 13th is one of my luckiest days.

I'm committing to coming here and writing at least once for the entire 90 days, so if I don't post here something is wrong. Even if it's a simple check in like "hey things are going great, read most of the day and ate well" etc...


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14 hours ago, Cam Adair said:

Is there anything that would have helped you avoid a relapse before? Always looking for improvements we could make.

I think simply being prepared before I decided to quit. Say the night I decided to quit video games, come up with a few solid hobbies I'm going to try out and for urges jump to your videos. 

Right now I'm keeping myself busy watching this 30 day challenge of building up a shopify store. I've always had an entrepreneurial drive in me since I was around 10 so I'm finding this playlist very informative and holds your hand the whole way.


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3 hours ago, zachscott said:

I think simply being prepared before I decided to quit. Say the night I decided to quit video games, come up with a few solid hobbies I'm going to try out and for urges jump to your videos. 

Right now I'm keeping myself busy watching this 30 day challenge of building up a shopify store. I've always had an entrepreneurial drive in me since I was around 10 so I'm finding this playlist very informative and holds your hand the whole way.



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So I know I already posted today but I don't consider them a journal post. 

So we're almost to the end of the day. I got up this morning, had 2 cups or Greek Yogurt and some chocolate milk for a small breakfast and I was off to working on my website. At first I was following the video guide word for word but then I got discouraged because I saw no point in having a US shipping address when I live in Canada. Further I didn't see any point in paying $40 USD per month for a US phone number when I have no traffic to my website and people wouldn't be calling 99% of the time anyways. Also I missed having my niche meditation store vs having a general store as the guide uses. So I got frustrated because I spent $20 on a domain name and I thought yet again that I was giving up on my own business. I threw my headphones on the ground in frustration and stormed to the bedroom. Luckily my wife was able to comfort me. I have a bad habit of hitting myself in the head when I'm angry at myself and she put her hand there and I accidentally hit her hand. Then I felt bad and I actually listened to her. She reassured me that starting your own business is hard and changes don't happen over night. Reminded me of a stat that I told her that it takes a business an average of 1-2 years to get their first sale. My anger was still on a roller coaster, however downward though.  She said my anger probably came from the lack of dopamine because of no gaming but that I had a slight advantage because of my ADHD medication also gives me some dopamine so I wasn't that bad off. I sadly hit myself in the head a couple of more times then I cooled down. I have a bad habit of saying/temporarily giving up on things when they are too hard because often I try to build Rome in a day.

So after some time away from trying to build up a brand new website I told my wife that I had motivation to work on my old website and what she thought of this. She asked is it anxiety based motivation to earn money or is it good motivation that you want to do it for fun and because you actually want to. I said it was good motivation because it was and she concluded that it was probably a good idea to go back. So I went back to my old website, re-designed it for the 5th time on a design I finally love and now it's ready for marketing. 

Because I'm currently living off of my overdraft/cc waiting for disability to kick in and a job placement I'll know Monday if I get accepted I literally have no money. I asked Jen my wife if it was okay if I spent $30 per month on advertising for my website. She said it was best to wait until I got my placement. This made a lot of sense to me because it's not like my website is going to make me money in that time anyways so I needed to have patience. However later I asked if I could run a $7 ad campaign to get likes for my Facebook page as recommended in this video: Which I love because I'm totally broke and needed a good guide to help me build a business of my dreams. She said $7 is not a lot of money and it is a 1 time purchase just to get initial likes to create a snowball effect to grow your page which you can advertise your shopify website with so we agreed on that. However I went one step further and said I'm not going to start the campaign for 3-7 days only after I get comfortable posting 3-4 times per day on my page.

Here's my website if you're interested in viewing it: https://www.keepmeditating.ca/

So that's the point I'm at today. I'm kind of at a stale mate for 24h while my page gets transferred from a business profile to a personal profile. However I did work on it for around 3-4 hours today and I feel very accomplished. 

My cute kitty just jumped up beside me and my wife is petting her. I'm going to spend some time with my cat because I don't give her nearly enough attention. Then I'll go over my checklist I wrote last night and bang out the most important notes then try and get the rest too.

One of those notes is reading which I really recommend. I noticed when I started gaming again that I wanted to read but my brain didn't which that day lead to me quiting again.

Another check mark is going through my physically written journal and taking notes from past entries to write important points and lessons learned. Honestly I really prefer the physical journal over typing because I feel my emotion going into the paper. The only reason I write on here is to keep on track and to share my story with others.

So I'm technically 1 day passed because I quit last night but to me my day really starts in the morning just for easiness.

Well I wish all of you good luck! Peace, Love & Happiness!



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So it's community day for pokemon go featuring mareep which is in my top 40 pokemon.

My wife was planning to drive around with a friend of ours as its too shitty weather to be outside.

I watched cams vid "3 things you need to replace gaming".

Because one of them was social, I decided to tag along and bring only my wallet, phone with google play store/settings locked with password at home & a book.

I'm realizing that I dont have to play pokemon to benefit from the social aspect.

Having a great time right now, havent even cracked my book yet. Listening to breaking bengimen for the first time, its their new album too, in the car.

Sipping on my tims for all you canadians :).

Will update later :)

Peace, love & happiness zach!

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Today went pretty well. I did sleep in but not as much as yesterday. I got up, had only chocolate milk for breakfast and headed to meet my wife at the mall. I meditated when I got there, grabbed a coffee then went for a walk while my wife caught pokemon.

I then went to my doctors appointment which also went well. Came back down town, grabbed something to eat. Bought a birthday present for my wife. Then we hopped on the bus and she caught pokemon whiled we chatted. 

Then headed home, ate a tiny bit. Watched half a movie, now off to bed because I have an early morning.

Tomorrow I have a very important meeting with a job coach to then setup a join date for job training. Then after that I'll have a job placement.

I'm very happy & really looking forward to that.

Until nextime.

Peace, love & happiness!


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  • 9 months later...

TLDR; at bottom

So I'm coming back to the 90 day detox, after I relapsed after 44 days in April (day 14).

It was Angry Birds Evolution's that did the trick for me. My spiritual wife always got mad because my luck for hatching rare birds is too insane. I'm above 50-100% more lucky than the average hatch rate most events. My spiritual wife on the other hand is usually 50-100% below the average hatch rate almost every time. I suggested she use her tickets one morning because I was wayy to lucky, that I thought it couldn't have just been for me. So she used them and failed. Things escalated, we worked it out. She, for the first couple times, did more research on video game/gambling addiction (because you can spend $ to buy tickets for birds), and learned a lot about herself.


I always felt like I wanted to quit games, or at least quit that game for her. So, I took the plunge, not knowing if I was going to play games ever again. This time I didn't set in stone if I was quiting games for good or not, and I believe such has made it easier for me to commit & actually see light at the end of the tunnel.

A little background in a nutshell, I have been gaming for the past 15 years, which the 4th-13 year were building very bad habits. Typical eating junk, or not at all, holding in pee so bad that my bladder is somewhat weak right now & I'm re-building it as I get urges to pee, but when I go it's very little. Not socializing with friends, or willingness to make new friends other than people behind a wall of text (runescape), and so on.

However! The past 2.5 years (ever since I met my fiance) have been massive growth with little effort. My brain automatically refused to be one of those cases of ruined marriage/relationship so it has been quite easy to regulate games in the sense that I still go to school, eat when I can (meds cause lack of hunger, but just got lowered & training self to eat more, not related to gaming), sleep well, socialize with friends that, yes, I met through playing Pokemon Go, but we often sit at the mall and just talk about random stuff and what we're up to longer than actually playing Pokemon Go.

The biggest problem was, I had a hard time pushing myself to try other hobbies & live my entrepreneurial dream. I have been slowly moving in the right direction for the past 2 years. However, because of the 10 years of bad wiring, this is a very slow process.

about 9 days into my detox (14th day woohoo - almost 2 week baby!), I realized some very valuable information. Because of what was stated above, I realized that there is around a 99% chance that I will be able to play games after my 90 day gaming detox (or up to 130 days or whatever Cam said some people take, will take as long as I need basically, till I feel neurons are reset to safe level). After I told myself that, the light at the tunnel was even bigger.

I was honest with myself, but more importantly, I was realistic. I think most people that come here are far worse off than I am. I'm grateful that there is a very good chance that I will be able to handle gaming after this.


Now for the changes I've been making. I read "The Miracle Morning" by Hal Elrod above 55 days ago and have started my S.A.V.E.R.S. journey 48 days ago (beat the 30 day challenge, still going strong...some people are over 1000 days on fb group). S.A.V.E.R.S. stands for Silence, Affirmations, Visualization, Exercise, Reading, & Scribing (journaling). I've been doing this every day for the past 48 days, and it has radically changed my life. I was previously sleeping for 12-14 hours each night. For the first 2 weeks of mm, I woke up, no matter what after 10 hours (used anti snooze techniques: put phone alarm in bathroom, so I go there first, get up within 5 seconds of alarm so no chance for getting comfy, wash face, brush teeth, have cold glass of water etc.) Then I started doing 8 hours, and I haven't looked back. When I had something I felt I had to do, I got up. Also, I was put on new anti-depressants which finally work, and I have been so high on life ever since. I knew I would have reached this point, it would have just taken longer, because I started mm 2 weeks before my med change & the meds wouldn't be at full force till week 8 anyways. 

Having this morning routine has caused me to look into business, take my time in really figuring out what I want to try. (I stopped the bizathon challenge because it required to much $ to start, it's recommended by Oberlo, official app maker for Shopify to have $700 USD which is like $932 Canadian which I totally don't have as I'm on disability currently). So, that was another let down back in April, that probably contributed to the relapse.

I'm grateful for it happening though because I would have taken so much longer to accomplish my goals without the med change. YES, I am the one making the change. My case worker said she has a lot of clients who are on the right meds, but don't want to make change. This made me feel really good.

So I decided to try out Fiverr which is a freelancing website. I've been going hard at it for more than 1 month, around the same time as miracle morning (remember, I was still gaming at the time & meds didn't kick in yet & I just didn't have the addiction related to the games, and more gamed to relax/burn time when I wasn't researching business).

I've actually gone ahead and created my own wordpress blog that show cases my Fiverr gigs, to hopefully drive traffic back to them. If you're interested in checking it out its: https://zachdscott.me (Please note, there are very small ads on the site & I am not trying to drive ad revenue from you clicking on it, it's pure curiosity for people).

I also researched dropshipping some more (You can do with under $100, but much more sweat equity for marketing), affiliate marketing, and other business ideas. I decided to go with Fiverr as it was basically free to start unless you chose to spend money life me & you are learning skills as you go vs semi-passive income like dropshipping. 

I haven't gotten any orders yet, probably because I fucked up and thought a message was spam but it wasn't and didn't reply, so my response time is 7 days which loosk horrible. But it was smarter for me to keep account because it's more than 1 year old account which matters a decent amount, so I'm rebuilding my rep. I am getting tons of views on my gigs and a lot of impressions too. I put a disclaimer for my response time in my 1 line bio.

I've also enrolled in school again, I was on academic probation because I dropped out 4 weeks before the end of the semester due to not budgeting properly and tried to get a job but failed so had to tough it out. I've since been accepted for disability support like mentioned above, so I have enough income to survive + a bit extra for savings and fun. I have officially completed the first semester (plus 1 more credit) of my program after 3 semester as I have reduced course load and dropped out of 1. This semester my elective is entrepreneurship, and I'm loving every bit of it.

Life has been going amazing for me, for the past 55 days, and I plan to stick with my routine. I also started listening to audio books/reading book summaries as I find a lot of self-development books are 90% filler.

Other than that, I don't have much to say....I read my most recent post, makes me really sad. At least things have been A LOT better for us the past 3 moths, getting better and better every day, and now even more so because of med change. We still have our small arguments, but these are all simply misunderstandings created from my ADHD/TS from trying to fit 6 sentences into 2. We agree on basically everything & understand each other very well.

Lastly, I started coding html on sololearn. HUGE thanks to Cam for the list. You'd think I'd be more into coding as I'm pursuing a comp networking & tech support degree, but I honestly had a hard time finding a good enough resource. Sololearn you can code in dozens of languages, all from your phone and can even run your program on your phone too. You even gain levels too, which I personally find safe. The html, you slowly build up a blog & I'm going to try and make a blog about my 90+ day gaming detox, what I'm doing, what worked, what failed, what keeps me on track.

Peace out guys!

Until next time,




TLDR; Started miracle morning (book by hal elrod) 48 days ago, taking new meds feeling amazing. Realized I 99% don't have to quit gaming and just reset neurons as past 2 years have been pretty good for gaming through 90+ day detox. Started freelancing on Fiverr, and learning html and soon css/javascript on an amazing app called solo learn where you do everything from app & awesome community, you even level up too (safe for me) 


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