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  1. Time for an 2018 evaluation get-your-shit-together-moment. I wanted to be fierce this year, it's a partial success. What I've learned and should improve (or the not so fierce stuff): -Lame excuses lead to lame results. There have been too many excuses and too little intensity. -If I formulate a goal I should write it down and set reminders for myself to check progress. Because I have written down so many (little) goals and then forgot about them. It's not useful that way. -Goals need deadlines. Or nothing ever happens. There needs to be urgency. -If I finish a goal, I should set a
  2. Welcome! You've mentioned quite a few things you can do now you quit: sports, learning a language(or any other skill for that matter) and meeting (new) people. Those things will become more enjoyable after a detox from the high dopamine rewards gaming gives you. If you keep (feeling like) relapsing and don't know what to do I recommend reading some other stories here on the forums and check out some of Cam's awesome vids like this one.
  3. There were a few things I wanted having a part-time job. One of them was learning a language. I've procrastinated on that; instead I am now learning how to build a website, which is a language in it's own right. I benefit from having had a go at freecodecamp last year, but now I learn things right when I need them and with a clear goal in mind. It's getting together. Eating healthy is still an up and down journey. I am in a forgiveful mood. I've been rocking the exercise game though. So proud! Felt like a goddess yesterday, so beautiful, so strong. Bought the cute pink boxing shorts as a
  4. I've taking little time for reflection lately, I just work, work, work. I am quite happy being so busy, but it's good to focus on where everything is going. Business: I am creating a ton of images and sketches. I like what I am doing. I've spend time with one friend asking just a lot of questions about how she handles things with customers, copyright, etc. I've finished my first assignment and my costumer is very happy with the results. I've collaborated with another friend, making patterns together. Things I should work on: investigating how to make this profitable as well. What kind
  5. Update time: -got lazy, but picked up kickboxing again. Thought all my build up stamina would be gone, but it's not that bad after all. Relearned the importance of mental preparation before going to the gym. -started a business. (Yea, I just kinda did that) First win: got a costumer right away. First loss: made a mistake with printing and it's going to cost me a bit. And that first costumer has to practice his patience (and I my stress dealing mechanisms). I am not really sure what direction this whole thing will take, but I am learning a fucking ton and most of it is on the spot so it sti
  6. Aww, thank you! I agree that there's still much room to grow! --- First day at the new job today. It's good! I am enthusiastic to expand my knowledge and have some more responsibility in my job. First goals: learn names and interests of colleagues, learn the basics of the programs I'll be working in. I am extremely tired now; my brain feels like melted cheese. I skipped kickboxing because I couldn't move myself, but now I am fighting the urge to continue a drawing. It will end in disaster in my current state, but I seriously feel terrible for not allowing myself to draw. I also di
  7. Life is pretty spectacular right now. -hubby got a job! So, so happy with this! -lots of spiritual stuff, talk and chilling going on. Woo woo! -romantic weekend away with hubby <3 -lots of talking and cuddling with hubby. Hurray, communication! -met with friends which was super pleasant. They dragged me to the art academy because we were nearby. Made me feel awful, but also gave a sort of closure. -made sketches again. Yay for ink, inspiration and creating instead of consuming! -starting to -ever so slightly- kick ass with kickboxing. Training twice a week is a lot more pro
  8. YEA! I love your supportive words, it makes me very happy to see the effort you put into them! --- I managed well with my job interview and got the job! Things I managed well: preparation, being happy and energetic while still relatively calm and collected. Things I should do better some next job interview: explaining the skills I possess with examples of my current job, showing more interest/curiosity about the interviewers. Things I should definitely do better after a job interview: not stress like a headless chicken and forget how to breathe. Handling stress is definitely not
  9. Third day in a row I woke up at 5 am and my brain is all rise and shine motherfucker! My normal alarm clock isn't even that early. Guess 8 hours sleep per night is not needed this week. It's definitely the job hunting that makes me feel so rollercoastery. I have secured a job interview for next week though, and I swear it's the first job interview I am actually really excited for. I hope to translate this excitement into some positive energy during the actual interview, and not nervousness. The house I really like seems more and more like a huuuuge time and money sink, but I am still
  10. Thank you for reminding me! YASSS.
  11. Ugh. Ok. I feel like that comedy scene where the goofy guy keeps falling over and saying everything is fine a couple of times. So yea, I am doing absolutely fine and I don't need no help, no, I can stand up myself. For real, I have done nothing the past days but the bare essentials and eating too much. When the 'maybe I could play a game, why not?' hit me, I finally figured I am in hiding. But what for this time? Is it the impending doom real possibility of rejections from soliciting for jobs? Is it meeting up with the therapist again after months? Am I just weak at handling life? I am definit
  12. Because solving things with violence is the way to go(?)! --- Cheat Friday turned into cheat Saturday but I can still prevent a whole cheat weekend. What is this show of feeble willpower?! This does not suit me at all! Meanwhile, I found another interesting job but writing isn't flowing this weekend. Will get it together today or tomorrow. But damn, it's nice to look for jobs without too much stress. For some reason I feel rather at ease today with all of the 'what ifs' in my life. All these uncertainties normally make me go crazy, but today we chilling.
  13. Had a fine week at work. The course they promised me and my co-worker is definitely not gonna make it. I was expecting it, but having the final word gives a kind of peace. I am still in the race for the rather awesome job I applied for, so that stems me happy. Went skiing yesterday with my brother in law G. and hubby. It was a lot of fun, even though we quit earlier then planned because both G. and I got hurt. We set out for schnitzel instead. To be honest, I don't really care about skiing that much. What stood out for me the most was nature. The view from the mountains, the snowy hills a
  14. @WorkInProgress Thanks for your reply. It always takes me a while to get into the right mind set to approach my emotions in a more constructive way rather than being chaotic and confused about it. --- Before doing my workout today I envisioned my goal. Which is becoming a strong women with battle prowess. And how am I gonna be that without muscles and stamina? Worked hard. Still don't know how to make my vague goal more concrete. How to measure battle prowess? I was stupid enough to look for houses again and damnit I can't get this one old beautiful mess out of my head. We canno