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  1. Day12 I ordered two books about story boarding and script writing online. I hope I can read it during the scoliosis treatment. As I can finally think of some idea about the story, I felt refreshed. Ah also my tutorial is released and reached 2000shares in the fan page owned by me and my friends haha. Actually I felt irritated while making the tutorial as mentioned. This time I didn't put too much effort on it compared to the previous tutorial. Daily Goal: X Wake up before 9am (ugh) V Practice drawing for at least 6 hours page5 100% page6 20% V Self-teach about story writing for 1 hour X Exercise for 15 mins Daily limit: V Watching anime: 1 hour V Cutting down sugar intake V NO YOUTUBE BINGE WATCHING
  2. Day 11 Today was day off( my instructor told me to rest 1 day per week). I watched a classic anime called Shugo Chara, which is a great story about dreams and goals, targeted at young girl audience. I also did some research on Taoism. I am not a Taoist but Taoism is one of the most prevalent religions in Taiwan. I wish I can draw a comic using the supernatural being appeared in the myth as reference. I had a rough concepts in my mind now and hope that I can construct the story day by day.
  3. Day 10 Nothing special so just update the daily quest Daily Goal: V Wake up before 9am V Practice drawing for at least 6 hours Page4 100% , page5 20% V Self-teach about story writing for 1 hour X Exercise for 15 mins Daily limit: V Watching anime: 1 hour V Cutting down sugar intake V NO YOUTUBE BINGE WATCHIN
  4. Day 9 I realized that I felt extremely unwilling to refine the draw material that I would post on my friends fan page. Actually we all knew that the thing was useless except attracting fans. Doing it was only a waste of time. This is my 6th material and I was tired doing the tedious and useless work. However, no matter how the environment was, I should had the ability to do the things that I didnt want to do while cumulating the things that are truly important. Otherwise I would suffer when I have to attend nursing school. Daily Goal: V Wake up before 9am V Practice drawing for at least 6 hours Page3 100% , refining the drawing material V Self-teach about story writing for 1 hour X Exercise for 15 mins Also pass Daily limit: V Watching anime: 1 hour V Cutting down sugar intake V NO YOUTUBE BINGE WATCHIN
  5. Day 8 My friends talked about games while drawing with me online orz. I was a bit annoyed as I was going through a detox. Daily Goal: V Wake up before 9am V Practice drawing for at least 6 hours Page2 100% , page3 50% X Self-teach about story writing for 1 hour no scoliosis treatment today X Exercise for 15 mins My muscle feel pain after the treatment the previous day so pass Daily limit: V Watching anime: 1 hour V Cutting down sugar intake V NO YOUTUBE BINGE WATCHIN
  6. Wow I am happy that you seem like motivated! I wonder what kind of project you are interested in
  7. Day7 Today I received inquiry about commission from Gamania (a Taiwan game company) My feelings are a bit complicated. I was surprised and happy as I never genuinely receive a commission before(some of my supporter asked for commission before, but I haven't actually worked on one) , and this time is even from a professional company. And the inquiry also represented the admiration of my work from others. But I was upset as I had been nasty to my instructor because of the low paying of commission from Taiwan. When I was small, my dream is to become a freelance illustrator. However, the cost of living in Hong Kong is much more higher than that of Taiwan. I would be starving if I rely on freelance job from Taiwan in the future. Unfortunately, Hong Kong lagged behind in ACG culture and getting local job is impossible to me. For this reason, I even decided escaping to nursing school in order to get a stable well-paid job in the future. I was also disappointed about the meaninglessness of drawing anime style picture as mentioned before. I was working hard on copying drawing of comic, but actually that's a form of escapism from my altitude problem. Anyway, I will receive the commission if the company are willing to give me a chance. Daily Goal: X Wake up before 9am V Practice drawing for at least 6 hours I can't finish a page within 1 day V Self-teach about story writing for 1 hour V Exercise for 15 mins Daily limit: V Watching anime: 1 hour V Cutting down sugar intake V NO YOUTUBE BINGE WATCHING
  8. Cross-stitching sounds like interesting to me as well! Have fun doing it! I hope you can get improvement during the sleep program.
  9. Regarding on your situation in piano practicing, I think you have done well already being a student with at least 8 hours of schoolwork everyday. You don't have to be so hard on yourself. Maybe you can challenge yourself with a piano exams? I don't know if the ABRSM Piano exams is prevalent in your country. In Hong Kong, every piano learner attends this exam to get qualification. For those who get a pass on grade 8 exam, they are qualified to be a piano teacher. (I used to play piano as well but I am not interested anymore so I give up after passing the exam haha) Or you may just pick the songs that you are interested in for practicing. I don't know what songs you like, but I loved to play anime soundtracks in free time Once you devoted yourself on a hobby and let the reward system in your brain work normally, you won't be attracted by video games anymore. The process takes time but you will surely succeed within this detox. Video games are totally not necessary for one who want to acquire true happiness. I can relate to your situation in school. When I was high school, I don't know why I should study the dumb subjects and I just want to practice anime drawing and become an illustrator or mangaka. The true is that not everything in life is the thing that we want. But I realize that we have the ability to handle the things we don't want to do while developing the things that are truly important. Hope that you can feel better after writing the feelings down.
  10. JRK: I spent 13 hours on the first page...still have 23 pages to go. Anyway thanks for your encouragement . When I was high school I even couldn't spend time on hobbies due to my poor time management.(As being admitted to university is hard in Hong Kong and I should put large amount of time on studying) So I think it's cool of you to still be able to develop skills in non-academic aspects. Private journal is also a good choice(I am too lazy to do it tough). Day6 I realize when I fully focus on developing hobby, I won't have cravings for game! Daily Goal: V Wake up before 9am V Practice drawing for at least 6 hours Progress for record: V Self-teach about story writing for 1 hour X Exercise for 15 mins: FORGOT=.= Daily limit: V Watching anime: 1 hour V Cutting down sugar intake: YEAH!! V NO YOUTUBE BINGE WATCHING
  11. I agree with you XDD To me, festivals are more or less the same with normal days. Me and my friends are drawing during New Year Countdown LOL Congratulations on your performance! I appreciate on your passion on music and the willingness to work on it regularly! Nice setting of the reasonable goals. Keep it up.
  12. JRK: So that's the usage of journal! A journal can force you to reflect on yourself everyday and keep you from losing momentum. Ah yes I am living alone in Taiwan for my scoliosis treatment now so I am provided with a relatively good environment to work. But being self-motivated is the most important thing. Oh wow setting up alarms across the room XDD that means I have to run around to stop the alarm. Great idea. Day5 I spent the whole day playing card and board game with my friends LOL I think maintaining relationships with friends is necessary. And the games were fun too. The copy drawing is not hard but the quantity is large ORZ hope that I could copy the whole episode within this month Daily Goal: Ⅹ Wake up before 9am :10am(Almost!!) X Practice drawing for at least 6 hours: 4.5 hours only due to the board game X Self-teach about story writing for 1 hour : As above V Exercise for 15 mins Daily limit: V Watching anime: 1 hour X Cutting down sugar intake: My fault can't resist the temptation while having meal outside V NO YOUTUBE BINGE WATCHING
  13. NG: Thanks! Good idea for trying storyboarding here (Although expressing complicated thoughts in English is extremely hard to me T_T)! Let me try it after my copy drawing practice period haha. Ah yes you have a point. I tend to treat fine art and ACG differently. Fine art is about expressing the love towards life and is not confined in art forms. ACG is a more commercial thing and mostly for communication purpose. So picture without content in anime style will be weird to me... JRK: Thanks In order to make improvement in drawing, a large amount of practice is necessary Day4 Everything is fine. The doctor that treats my scoliosis invited me for dinner with his family haha I refuse to think too much today so Happy new year everyone Daily Goal: Ⅹ Wake up before 9am Still can't adjust my biological clock ORZ I can't fall asleep before 4am ahhhhh V Practice drawing for at least 6 hours 3 Hour for making drawing material(will be released in a fan page that owned by me and my friends someday) 3 hour for copy drawing (I draw so slow that only half of the draft are donebetter than nothing) (Original Manga is Jibaku Shounen Hanako-Kun. I love the art style and the story so much!) V Self-teach about story writing for 1 hour I read some content from a Chinese story writing tutorial website. I don't know if here are Chinese user but the link is here: http://www.rocknovels.com/ V Exercise for 15 mins Daily limit: V Watching anime: 1 hour X Cutting down sugar intake: I accidentally ordered a extremely spicy noodle and can't help drinking a ton of sweet black tea LOL V NO MORE YOUTUBE BINGE WATCHING
  14. JRK I am glad that you didn't give in! Believe that the journal will exert its effect once you persist! I am sorry you feel you have to do things alone in this community. From now on I will leave comment everyday!(If you don't mind my poor English) Wish your performance go well!!!!
  15. Hi Ed wow congrats on your completion of the work! 199 pages are really a large number! Thanks for your inspiring reflection and happy new year!
  16. JRK: Thanks for your detailed advice! I never think of using jokes to practice comic drawing. It will definitely be a feasible approach for me to temporarily settle the problem of not being able to write. Start with shallow and simple content is also great. I think I am much more clear about what I should do now. Superiggy: I agree putting a daily time limit will help I spent a considerable amount of time watching anime and I always refuse to count the exact amount of it. It's time for me to face up to the problem. Thanks for your understanding I am reflecting on my purpose for drawing anime as well. In the past I thought I could skip the content part (because this is hard) and only draw cute anime girls to attract eyeballs. But I felt boring and unsatisfied once I have the ability to do it. I think I must focus on the content part now and make myself a better person that have the ability to produce true anime artworks. Thanks for the advice! Day3 My friend invited me to play board and card game during new year's day That's always a great method to deal with cravings. Thanks to the journal, I cleared up my mind and sought for advice from a senior student that majored in film making and worked for screen writing in the past. He pointed out the ability of story writing can definitely be trained and everyone can do it with enough practice. He dreams to be a full-time mangaka (comic author) and I heartily appreciate his effort putted on his dream. He was doing manga copy drawing now and would start story boarding after that. Many of my friends were practicing as well, although some of them haven't known what story they wanted to create. So I guess it was time to move on and start working. I picked a manga and decided to do copy drawing practice right after finishing a drawing tutorial. Daily Goal: Wake up before 9am Practice copy drawing for at least 6 hours Self-teach about story writing for 1 hour (maybe during my scoliosis treatment) Exercise for 15 mins Daily limit: Watching anime: 1 hour Cutting down sugar intake: Only 250ml sugary drink each day (used to drink 750ml milk tea a day LOL) NO MORE YOUTUBE BINGE WATCHING LOLOL
  17. Hi JYK I appreciate that you can keep making progress for everything everyday! My friends had wanted to develop a card game as well and they invited me to participate. However, we haven't made any progress after 1 year orz Welcome to the community and good luck on your quitting!
  18. Thanks Hitaru and JRK! I will take a look at the lifestyle section and see what I can provide. Day2 Today I deleted every game in my phone. However, I am struggling with whether I should avoid reading comics and watching anime. In fact, I regard ACG artworks as a tool for escaping from reality and relaxation. However, a small portion of them have the power to affect people mindsets positively due to their story. As I wish I can draw comics with meaningful story someday, massive reading of great stories is important to me. But I always end up with binge watching and losing control of other aspects in my life orz I wish I can gain control of my life and finish the things I am supposed to do. I quit the previous art school and I am going to nursing school on September 2018. I am totally free these 9 months and I am supposed to practice drawing right now. But I still can't overcome the feeling of frustration of not being able to create story lol I believe in a rare mindset from my instructor that to acquire anime drawing skills are only to present story. Only great story can touch other's heart. A picture alone (especially in anime style) is boring has no meaning to everyone including myself. But I realized that I am unable to create story after practice drawing skills for a long time. And I have no idea how to practice story writing. I know my struggle is weird but I am really worrying about it lol
  19. A great start for the detox!
  20. DAY 1 Ahhh I am back haha Since I am living in Taiwan now and I don't want my English to get worse, I guess I should make use of this community and write more. I finally started running my own art fan page. For those who want to take a look, please click here: https://www.facebook.com/ionyau/ Thanks to the previous detox, I managed to make progress on my anime art skills. My future goal is to draw a comic that tells a meaningful story. Recently I realized that I rely more and more on games to procrastinate and escape from work. So I decided to detox again. Also 90 days this time and see what happens later.
  21. Hi everyone I am Kiki from Hong Kong, thanks for clicking in Some of the members might know me as I did a 90 days detox during 2016 Winter and the process was kept track by writing journals in this forum. I successfully finished the detox but unfortunately I relapsed and gaming did hinder me from getting my works done and achieving whatever goals I had. I am a 19 years old female now, who have no life purpose after quitting art school LOL I decided to go back school and study subjects except visual arts in 2018, but I haven't decided what to study yet. So this time I will restart my 90 days detox. If I succeed, I will probably extend my detox to 360 days, or maybe 1000 days! These are the goals I want to achieve within these 90 days: -Running my own Facebook fan page (as a doujin digital artist) -Teach myself about human anatomy And these are the actions I have to take : -Stay in touch with other quitters by leaving comments in others' journal -Write grateful journals everyday -read reference books or classics like Bibles and Confucius Analects for relaxation -read 1 comic book, watch 1 movie a week in maximum -avoid streams, mindless browsing and animation This is my recent digital drawing, hope you guys like it and I will post new drawings here when I have any
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    Army of one

    Day 60(8/12/2016) Today is my 4th day of intensive training. I successfully follow the pomodoto clock to train for 8 hours everyday but the thing is I can't concentrate most of the time= = This is not because of distractions but I am just feeling tired and sleepy. I tried listening to musics and audio book while drawing but I still get sleepy. I must find a method to let me be able to concentrate for a long time. These are the copy drawing practice I did. The left is the original photo and the right is what I drew using SAI brush. This practice aims to improve my observing ability about colors and shapes. Hopefully I can draw 20 pictures before January.
  23. Kiki

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    Thank you guys! Day 57(5/12/2016) Several weeks ago I thought of suspending school for 1~3 quarters to sharpen my drawing skills by my own before continuing the genuine courses. This is because I thought the foundation training provided by the school is completely useless and if I enter year 2 like this way I will certainly die before graduation. (So far I can tell that none of my abilities are taught by school. Not to mention the character design stuff.) So I told my concern to my leader from the online drawing group. He understood my situation and said I indeed should do something to prevent the disaster from happening. So after discussing with my group mates, starting from today, I will extend my daily training hour from 4 hours to 8 hours(which is 19.2 pomodoto) to see if I am discipline enough to be self-taught. If I successfully do it for 23days(5/12~31/12 , Saturday is day off), I will consider suspending school for 1~3 quarters. If I failed for any reason, I will back to school willingly lol. (today is day 1 and I almost drained after 19.2 pomodoto lol yet satisfying)
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    Day 54 (2-12-2016) ok after few days of training I made several drafts about the characters lol. they will surely be refined or redrawn so I can post it here~ In fact I think that the training provided by my friends from Internet is so useful that I don't want to go to art school anymore orz. And I am extremely reluctant to pay the tuition fee.
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    Day 45 everything is still fine except I lost my stylus I will try to find it once I get home. I don't know whether I can post my ceation of the characters online but if I can I will do so. When I was creating my own character I really felt my improvement in drawing and I rarely had this feeling when I was high school. I was grateful to have the opportunity to train effectively! Also I have fewer cravings now. I felt extremely satisfied once I did effectively trained (for drawing) and I didnt need any other entertainment anymore.