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  1. Day 1 Time for another 90 day detox. Spent 50+hours/week on Hearthstone. While it has been a fun time, want to use time to evolve my persona outside this virtual bubble. My goal is to be able to return to HS/gaming with a healthy boundary. Compared to the first detox; the relationship with gaming is healthier. HS is a game that can be played while multitasking. Easy to be in a match at work, in the shitter, bored, etc. That time adds up quickly; it's detrimental late at night, when time is traded to grind the competitive ladder instead of rest/sleep. Healthy daily practices that have been integrated have been: Meditation, stretching, and eating well. Three minute deep breathing exercise, followed by six minutes leg and arms stretches, and getting ready for breakfast. That space was created since sitting down to game IS taxing on body; our bodies have to be maintained just like the virtual avatars we care for. There are still a lot of other healthier habits I'd like to fully integrate, breaking my previous hardcore gamer lifestyle has been a journey. Lot of the time used on gaming has been replaced by reading. Several self help books have been a great asset in the journey. Psyched for this 90 day detox.
  2. Hola First day of the new work shift is here. It was nice to have most of the day to be able to do a lot more than just be at work! My habits/routine continue to change. Really proud and happy of the achievements. 3 things I'm grateful for: 1. Studying 2. Learning 3. Putting in the work I am doing really well. A disciplined mind is your most dependable ally.
  3. Yo! Summertime is here! Work has increased a fucking ton. Same pay, more work. Blows, but it pays the bills. Learned to pace myself, the work will get done, no need to rush and make mistakes. I have to say, this summer will be incredible. Looking really forward to Anime Expo! 3 things I'm grateful for: 1. Will 2. Music 3. Confident Don't do the highs if you can't do the lows.
  4. Hello everyone! Feeling exponentially better since that last post. Been taking better care of my body. I needed some well deserved rest, my back is not bothering me very much anymore. Been stretching often; really getting to know what my limits are. Years of sitting/laying in front of a monitor really weakened my core strength. Slowly but surely getting stronger every day. Eating cleaner also helps out a lot. :) Applied for job in the same industry but doing a different, more physical part of the job. Looking forward to see how things turn out. I am happy, proud, determined, and focused. 3 things I'm grateful for: 1. Determination 2. Music 3. I'm alive, healthy, and strong another day. Free your mind.
  5. How'z it everyone? 60 hour work weeks... going from 20 to 60 has been a drastic change. Now it's time to rest a little and do a "tune up" on my body. My lower back has been killer, getting that addressed. Thankfully, I have paid off all the debts, and I'm so fucking happy about this! Read my previous posts.. in one of them I really hated this "career". My opinion gradually shifted to positivity. The way I think about the job really has an impact on how I feel about it. What has helped me out is that I now work with an incredible group of people. It is a shame that I am going back to down to working 20 hours.. My company decided to hire a more part timers instead of offering full time. It makes me a little sad that I will have to leave this team. But I have to move shifts to accommodate a second job and/or full time job. Having all this free time... it sucks not being out there making money. Yet, I'm using this time to reflect and move forward in life. I now have the time to connect with family, make new friends, improve my nutrition and physical health. The timing of this all is pretty damn good! I am happy, I am strong, I am kind and I will work hard to achieve my goals. 3 things I'm grateful for: 1. No more debts 2. Music 3. Food Always strive for improvement.
  6. Work. It's where I spent most of my time lately. It's incredible because there are days like this where I am able to work and follow up on my journal. Some days I feel really stressed.. the nature of the job sucks sometimes but without hard work I am going to get nowhere. I refuse to give up. I will work even harder.. and my ambition has grown. It's gone past just working to make money. I want to own my own home, my little piece of paradise. Never did I care before, being #1 on the leaderboard was the only thing that mattered to me back then. 3 things I'm grateful for: 1. Music 2. This community 3. Oppurtunities If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are headed.
  7. Feeling really damn good. I am working a lot. Prioritizing having income before sitting down and playing games. Better quality of food, been able to catch up on bills, get new equipment, and eager to finally get a new place/car. Wrote the script for my video this Sunday. Things are shaping up really well. 3 things I am grateful for: 1. Family 2. Music. 3. Journal I am determined, I am strong, and I am not afraid. The Iris embraces you.
  8. Got the application for my second job ready, been reviewing my YouTube videos, and setting up positive goals for the future. Taking tomorrow off from work to take my girlfriend out on a date. While I want to use the day to clean up, I'll use Friday morning to do that instead. My old routine was just playing all day... during/after the 90 day break.. I introduced a lot of new habits that have taken some time to become part of my daily routine. 3 things I am grateful for: 1. Family 2. Speech 3. Job I am strong, I am healthy and I am happy. Peace and blessings be upon you all.
  9. One year ago today I was very grateful to live in this place. Independence. To have found a place we can call our own. Throughout the year a lot of things came into perspective. It's a poor neighborhood and it has it's problems. I have felt a little less at home every time a new issue comes up.. all I wanted to do is to game in peace. A little sad, and angering but I've turned it into fuel to work harder and dig deep within me to aim for a better quality of life. It takes time; and accepting that took me a few months to accept. I wanted it to be a new game save; start anew and breeze through. I'm still grateful that I have a place of my own but do not want to settle down and accept this place. I refuse to numb myself by gaming and let the hours go by. In order to keep progressing, I will keep on working hard. Get that much needed income to get better gear>better job>better quality of life. There are times where I think "I miss gaming all day"... then I just reflect on that. That's not the life I want. I did that for 5 years.. 5 years that fed my gaming ego. I gave up a lot more than a lot of money.. friendships, my health, and had a low quality my life. Sometimes I feel anxious. Just want to toss everything out the window and fuck it. Get high and play all day. Fuck that. That never healed that pain deep in there... I will keep taking action and continue to change my life! 3 things I'm grateful for: Willpower Family Music what would make today great? Food, I am hungry Anxiety is excitement without breathing.
  10. Hey everyone! The overtime has dwindled down a lot at work, been catching up on a lot of sleep. Now that I am feeling rested I am back to putting in work on my soul---> my being. Been listening a lot to Eminem, his lyrics hit hard. Damn. Read Cam's latest e-mail.. and I really connected to it. Signed up for the confidence, clarity, and connection workshop. Feeling accomplished since I have done well with Day 1 and looking forward for the remaining four days. I'm saving up so I can move to a better neighborhood, and own a better car. I took the initiative last year to get off gaming addiction and be independent, now it's time to keep moving forward for a higher quality of life. Since my last post: - A friend passed away in a tragic plane crash. This hit me pretty hard when I found out.. I was really close to his girlfriend. I cannot even fathom what she must be going through. - Been taking care of my girlfriend. She has a back injury so I'm there for her whenever I can. - Was feeling really tired, with no motivation to do anything. Cam's latest e-mail/advice came at a time that has helped me reignite my goal for a better life. 3 things I'm grateful for: 1. GameQuitters community 2. The great people I work with 3. I am more comfortable being myself What would make today great? ----> Pay the other bills I kept ignoring. I am relaxed, calm, wise, and energetic. Life is more than a series of ones and zeroes.
  11. Work.. back at it again! Tired, but pushing through, I can do it! 3 things I'm grateful for: 1. Lot of work available 2. Green Tea 3. Delicious food What would make today great?-----> Well deserved sleep! I am energetic, I am strong, I am calm and relaxed. Destiny has drawn me to the objective.
  12. Avengers Infinity War Part 1. Incredible. Still at work. Putting in hard work, I will move my family to a better environment. 3 thing I'm grateful for: 1. Managed to squeeze some time to a watch Avengers this morning 2. Green tea 3. A lot of work available What would make today great? -----> Another green tea I am energetic, I am happy, I am kind and wonderful. The cycle beings anew.
  13. Hello world Continue to put in mad hours at work, spending time with family and friends. One really great week. 3 things I'm grateful for: 1. The amazing people in my life. 2. My girlfriend 3. The great people that I work with. What would make today great? -----> Finish paying off the bills. I am happy, I am relaxed, I am kind and wonderful. Super stoked for tomorrow morning, going to watch Avengers: Infinity War part 1!! Yeeeah. True self is without form. Work.. it has it's days in where I really do not like it. Mostly due to the circumstances because of the nature of the job. I am very grateful that most of the team I work with is really incredible. Long work day today, looking forward to it!
  14. Greetings. Workload is lighter this week than the previous ones, feeling a lot more rested. Applied/applying to other jobs. New YouTube video ---> I'll add the video here after it is uploaded. 3 things I'm grateful for: 1. Journal 2. My friends and family 3. My wonderful girlfriend What would make today great? ----> Eating a healthier dinner. I am happy, I am relaxed, I am kind We walk in harmony, my student.
  15. This was great, wanted to share it with y'all. 3 things I'm grateful for: 1. Good day at work. 2. Journal 3. The food I'll be eating soon. What would make today great? -----> A delicious dinner. I am relaxed, I am happy, I am kind The turret is no more.