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  1. Day 65 Took plenty of time off from work during November. Was really great to spend time with family, and strengthen bonds. Been chill, will continue to do so. This month going to watch the previous Spider-Man flicks in anticipation of the new movie coming out.
  2. Day 20 Plenty of sunlight. Went for walks on two different parks.
  3. Anxiety and boredom. Gaming was an accessible routine.
  4. Day 19 Work environment has changed. The physical and mental demands are greater. During this period of adjustment, taking time to acknowledge when limits have been are being reached. Rest and preparations are helpful for recovery and achieving the energy required to successfully complete all the daily tasks. Feeling tired, but still going to go out and make the best of the day.
  5. Creating a new account is a good alternative. I've kept the same account. Just kept clicking Not interested and Don't recommend channel on any gaming content. It began repopulating the recommended content with other videos.
  6. Day 18 Connecting with nature - been spending more time outside getting some sunlight. Downtime at home - reading has been a great routine to implement. Whenever an urge to game rises - I've come to realize that it is a need to have a feel good activity. To escape/ignore and not process the situation I feel at that moment. Meditation has been an excellent way to ground and achieve mindfulness.
  7. Wishing your son a quick recovery. Meditation is an incredible asset in recovery. 💪
  8. Day 16-17 Weekend - got plenty of sleep. Weekdays can be draining; usually do not sleep well. Changing up the weekday habits/routine to prioritize rest.
  9. Click on the three dots. It will bring down a menu where you can select Not interested and Don't recommend channel.
  10. Welcome back! Having a balance with gaming can be challenging. Can understand what you've gone through. After the first detox>returned to gaming, but it quickly escalated to several hours devoted everyday. It began to be detrimental since it took up a large portion of my days. You've taken the first step. Take it one step at a time. One day at a time.
  11. Day 13-15 Health, wealth, love. Deficiencies in any one of these categories will create problems in the other two. Skipped out on attending any family meetings for a whole year; any time that was not with immediate family or work was invested into gaming. While it was enough to get by; it was creating a deficiency in love. This deficiency was ignored, my focus was my digital achievements. “Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.” - Viktor Frankl Made the choice to attend a family gathering today- bond with my community after being isolated in the virtual world. It was a great experience.
  12. Day 12 Good day, great night, psyched.
  13. Day 11 Looking at my previous journal entries- a lot of unknown regarding stomach issues. Learned that it is all due to mitochondrial fatigue. That cellular fatigue can manifest itself into many illnesses - many that conventional science will not acknowledge. It was stressing not knowing what was causing all those problems! Come a long way since then and my health has taken an exponential change for the better. There is a lot of work left; changing lifestyle - a hardcore gamer lifestyle - has taken plenty of trial and error. One day at a time, one change at a time.
  14. Day 10 Grateful for a great week, looking forward to an amazing week.
  15. Day 9 @Gundham's post about Genshin Impact gacha gamemode resonated with my experience in Hearthstone. Games that release content behind paywalls. The illusion of choice is given to the user... pay money and/or your time. Just as long as you're using the product. It can be a frustrating experience in Hearthstone, keeping up to date with the content released and learning the match ups/piloting builds. The anxiety that playing competitive ladder brings..it can take the joy away from playing. Been changing the environment at home. It has been small but gradual changes that keep adding up one day at a time. There are times were I feel comfortable and say that playing one match would not hurt. Acknowledging why that feeling rises - mostly due to routine - and doing something else helps out. It's not always easy decision what to do instead, but something as straightforward as cleaning the dishes helps out.