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  1. Day 89, Really busy day. I overslept and forgot about the makeup test today. It's my own fault, I really need to just get a planner. The work piled up but I got it done. It's almost all done. Just a bit more.
  2. Day 88, I'm tired. I have work to finish. My mind's a mess.
  3. It's a good idea, but we'll have to try it in order to see if it works. I believe that it would definitely be beneficial to the community.
  4. Day 87, Worked the morning shift today, so I could get off later in the day. Our family went out for dinner afterward. I am dead tired. But I can't sleep for some stupid ass reason. I feel mentally strained, but my body just wants to exercise. That might be a good thing, at least I'm getting back in shape. So much has changed. I don't have time anymore. All I think about constantly is regret from the past, and hopes for the future. I go to bed each night terrified. Just trying to grow up in a matter of months, trying to step into a pair of adult shoes. The freedom of youth and innocence are gone, only remaining with a sense of resentment for all these mistakes I've made. It's over now. I can't change it. I'll let go of it. I can't brood over this. The sun will set. New days will come and go. Am I doing this to myself? Or is this just natural? There's no correct answer. Were all different. That's fine. Only compare yourself to where you were yesterday. Time has no meaning. One day we will all die. And the world will keep on turning. So much of my life was this will to be the best and achieve as much as I could. I put myself above everyone else. I was arrogant. And while part of that personality remains, I feel humbled. I'm just another soul among many, with hopes, dreams, aspirations, lusts, shame, and regrets. I don't know that much about Buhadism, but I do remember one of the core philosophies of it removing needs. It seems peaceful. There is a sense of freedom to it. Being free from worldly desires. To be free from all the traps of our age. Drugs, Food, TV, etc. To be truly free and in full control. TLDR: I just want to find a sense of peace.
  5. Day 86, Worked another ten hour day. Still, have energy. Were going out tomarrow night to celebrate my days birthday, so I had to reschedule and have to work tomorrow morning. I'll survive. I have one more paycheck before I can actually spend something for myself. It's a reward I think I earned.
  6. Day 85, I got called into work slightly early. Spent the first part of the day being somewhat productive. The bakery is being really shifted around since the head manager is leaving, and corporate wants to add new things to the menu. I have to work a bit more next week since one of my co-workers is taking the day off. It's a lot, but hopefully, I fuck around with the money I do get. I haven't spent that much at all lately, everything is going to savings, but I do deserve to treat myself at some point.
  7. If something so important that you want to do regardless of money or fame, it's a really good sign! Don't let those kids bother you. You're more important than that.
  8. Day 84, Fasted the whole day. I've been eating too much lately, so I decided it was time to fast again. I the first half of the day doing productive things, and I've already started revising my story for writing class. My math work is almost done as well, and my drawing for art class is almost done. It's funny, I got really hungry around 6 today and stared at pictures of food for half an hour. Not proud, it a complete time waste, but there you go.
  9. Day, 83 It's the first day that I'm not super busy with work. I really should be doing it right now, but I'm not. I just don't really want to do. I'm gonna go sit back and watch a movie or something. Part of my brain is screaming to start on the work ahead that needs to be done. I know this next week is going worse with finals coming up.
  10. Day 82, Almost overslept today, but today was fun. I'm in a group in my creative writing class and were doing a video. We just went through our lines. Was told that I would be an excellent singer in a Punk Rock band. Probably the coolest compliment I've gotten in my life. Rest of the day went by alright. I forgot to bring food, so I ate at the cafeteria again. Not really happy about that since I've been trying to save money. I've come to the realization that my own ambition is always going to make me discontent with my situation. I'm not the happiest person, and whatever challenges I achieve will only give rise to the next. Life will never really stop being stressful, and I will never be fully content with my situation whatever it may be. @BuggThe quarters almost done, and I get closer to graduating, getting a better career, and moving out on my own. That's the dream at least.
  11. Do you have a meeting on the week from April 2-8? I live in San Jose and I'd like to come up, but that's the only week I have off until summer break.
  12. Day 81, I've done a lot of work lately. Still more to do. It's stressful. Just trying to remember everything. I want to sleep. I already get plenty, but the feeling of constantly have weights on your shoulders is a lot. By some means it motivation to crank out more work. It just doesn't make things that fun anymore.
  13. Day 80, It's my birthday. Not that it really changes anything. None of my old IRL friends are still here. I still have to work to do.
  14. Day 79, Managing money, trying to do my daily activities. All these things go into trying to improve my situation and be a better person. I'm not happy with my current situation. Doesn't mean I'm gonna give up and go back to where I was because that was my reaction to my situation. I still want to move around the world and see so much. I want a better job. I know all the things I'm doing are building to that, but it does make me tired more at the moment.