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[Update] Changes to the Forum

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I made a few changes to the blog itself which includes themes and a few little global plugins.

I added 2 new themes:


The default Theme still remains if people like the classical way.

The GQFLAT theme is a work in progress, so you might see theme changes now and then, since there might be elements which are still dark or having a weird color (The original design was dark, but I didn’t want a dark theme for a Game Quitters community, so I am trying to make it light).
GQHAZE on the other hand seems to be good and might remain like this.

You can switch between the 3 themes at the very bottom:


So you have some flexible choices and use whatever theme you like more.

Global changes:

Added an online indicator:


I added a few new buttons to the editor:

 Have fun with it :)

Thanks to @Regular Robert for helping out on the Design.

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3 hours ago, Hitaru said:

@stablish What's the difference between the star and the circle at the left of the Topic titles?

Can't seem to find what you mean :/

But, I am sure it is either "Mark as un-/read" and/or "Mark as Favorite".

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Another quick update:

I added Tags and Prefixes.

Prefixes are currently enable for the Tech & Development Sub-Category only. I would need to discuss about prefixes for the other categories. 

How to add a prefix?

Easy, create a topic and choose a prefix:


(Ignore the uppercase on Security, prefixes will be all lowercase anyways)

These are just quick & dirty prefixes, in the future there will be more for each sub-category, even for the Tech & Development.

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Another short update:

- I've added a "Preview Post" button, so you can preview your post before actually posting it. Good for usability and with that you can check formatting issues etc.

 Some technical/security related stuff:

- Added layers to prevent and block SQL InjectionXSS (Cross-Site-Scripting) and increased other backend security related stuff. Still trying to add cloudflare, cloudflare won't authorize the current certificate (the process can take up to 24 hours, I am 12 hours in.. so hopefully we will have cloudflare tomorrow! - Which will add another layer of security)

- And other server related stuff. 

Personal updates:

- I asked cam if it's okay when I add a donation button, so.. I added them to my signature :) 

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Additional Forum Security:

I have enabled 2FA (Two Factor Authentication) and Security Questions.
It is set to optional so you can choose to either use it or not.

How to enable:

- On the top right corner click on your profile and then on Account Settings
- On the left side click on Account Security
- Enter your password and click on Continue
- Now you can choose between Google Authenticator or Security Questions

The timeout is set to 30 minutes.

The additional security is currently set for the following:

Changing password 
The user will also need to re-enter their current password.


Updating two-factor authentication setup 
The user will also need to re-enter their password.

Logging into the front-end 
This does not apply if the user is logged in automatically because they have used the Remember Me checkbox.

Changing email address 

The user will also need to re-enter their password.

Logging into AdminCP

Managing PayPal billing agreements

Editing personal billing information

Managing addresses

Managing stored cards

Viewing, withdrawing or topping up account credit

Managing alternative contacts

I recommend using Authy for 2FA since it is available on iOS, Android, Windows and macOS.

Get started with Authy:

If you still need help, either ask here or you can contact me via PM.
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Some of you may have noticed that we have a little issue with spammers lately.

I am trying to minimize this issue and I need your help with this.

So far I added these to the current list:


You can help me by reporting the thread itself or by open a support ticket with the link which is in the thread (preferable), so I can add the link to the prevention list.
I've added a "Spammer" department to the support ticket list:



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Fight the spammers!

Lately we have had a 'few' problems with spammers. They kinda bypassed the 'disallowed links' method by putting their shitty websites (which mostly lead to links with empty content - but still will generate traffic for them) into the title.

I found a way to minimize this issue which I just implemented and is active from now on.

It might not work for every spammy link, but it will definitely minimize the issue.
If you found a spammer, you still can report him and our mod team will take care of it immediately.

If our system banned you by accident, drop me a E-Mail ([email protected]).

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Away Mode

I've added a away mode for you guys.

Go to your account settings -> Member away [direct link]

And set it up accordingly. Unfortunately the reason field is required, so put anything into it if you dont want to give away your real reason.


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On 10/8/2019 at 7:07 AM, stablish said:

Design update!

You can now choose a new design at the very bottom of the Forum.

Click on Theme and choose "Enhanced".

Could you post some screenshots of how to set this up for people? Or is it just one solid new design theme so there are two choices between original and new?

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You should be able to choose between these 2 themes at the very bottom of the forums. Simply click on "Theme" and choose your theme (Keep in mind: Game Quitters and Default won't show up for you or any other member than admin, all members can only choose between Old and Enhanced)


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