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forum [Update] Changes to the Forum

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I made a few changes to the blog itself which includes themes and a few little global plugins.

I added 2 new themes:


The default Theme still remains if people like the classical way.

The GQFLAT theme is a work in progress, so you might see theme changes now and then, since there might be elements which are still dark or having a weird color (The original design was dark, but I didn’t want a dark theme for a Game Quitters community, so I am trying to make it light).
GQHAZE on the other hand seems to be good and might remain like this.

You can switch between the 3 themes at the very bottom:


So you have some flexible choices and use whatever theme you like more.

Global changes:

Added an online indicator:


I added a few new buttons to the editor:

 Have fun with it :)

Thanks to @Regular Robert for helping out on the Design.

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3 hours ago, Hitaru said:

@stablish What's the difference between the star and the circle at the left of the Topic titles?

Can't seem to find what you mean :/

But, I am sure it is either "Mark as un-/read" and/or "Mark as Favorite".

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Another quick update:

I added Tags and Prefixes.

Prefixes are currently enable for the Tech & Development Sub-Category only. I would need to discuss about prefixes for the other categories. 

How to add a prefix?

Easy, create a topic and choose a prefix:


(Ignore the uppercase on Security, prefixes will be all lowercase anyways)

These are just quick & dirty prefixes, in the future there will be more for each sub-category, even for the Tech & Development.

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Another short update:

- I've added a "Preview Post" button, so you can preview your post before actually posting it. Good for usability and with that you can check formatting issues etc.

 Some technical/security related stuff:

- Added layers to prevent and block SQL InjectionXSS (Cross-Site-Scripting) and increased other backend security related stuff. Still trying to add cloudflare, cloudflare won't authorize the current certificate (the process can take up to 24 hours, I am 12 hours in.. so hopefully we will have cloudflare tomorrow! - Which will add another layer of security)

- And other server related stuff. 

Personal updates:

- I asked cam if it's okay when I add a donation button, so.. I added them to my signature :) 

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Additional Forum Security:

I have enabled 2FA (Two Factor Authentication) and Security Questions.
It is set to optional so you can choose to either use it or not.

How to enable:

- On the top right corner click on your profile and then on Account Settings
- On the left side click on Account Security
- Enter your password and click on Continue
- Now you can choose between Google Authenticator or Security Questions

The timeout is set to 30 minutes.

The additional security is currently set for the following:

Changing password 
The user will also need to re-enter their current password.


Updating two-factor authentication setup 
The user will also need to re-enter their password.

Logging into the front-end 
This does not apply if the user is logged in automatically because they have used the Remember Me checkbox.

Changing email address 

The user will also need to re-enter their password.

Logging into AdminCP

Managing PayPal billing agreements

Editing personal billing information

Managing addresses

Managing stored cards

Viewing, withdrawing or topping up account credit

Managing alternative contacts

I recommend using Authy for 2FA since it is available on iOS, Android, Windows and macOS.

Get started with Authy:

If you still need help, either ask here or you can contact me via PM.
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Some of you may have noticed that we have a little issue with spammers lately.

I am trying to minimize this issue and I need your help with this.

So far I added these to the current list:


You can help me by reporting the thread itself or by open a support ticket with the link which is in the thread (preferable), so I can add the link to the prevention list.
I've added a "Spammer" department to the support ticket list:



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Fight the spammers!

Lately we have had a 'few' problems with spammers. They kinda bypassed the 'disallowed links' method by putting their shitty websites (which mostly lead to links with empty content - but still will generate traffic for them) into the title.

I found a way to minimize this issue which I just implemented and is active from now on.

It might not work for every spammy link, but it will definitely minimize the issue.
If you found a spammer, you still can report him and our mod team will take care of it immediately.

If our system banned you by accident, drop me a E-Mail ([email protected]).

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