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  1. Programming is a WIDE topic. Should have clarified which topic (or topics?) you are covering. Since we download Visual Studio here I guess its going to be some C++, C#, some .NET, VB, JS, NodeJS? :D If its not going to be C++ (which I wouldn't recommend for a 'starter' language) then Visual Studio Code is enough for most of us. Has enough plugins to handle syntax for most common languages, isnt 'bloated' and has built-in debugger. Nothing against Visual Studio, but it can take up quite a lot of space on your Hard drive. Would be nice to know what we are going to learn here.
  2. Yeah, basic VM install
  3. Done! Well yeah, it downloads the whole threads. Basically a tool which just converts HTML to PDF, so there is EVERY post in there. If you need it tweaked with only your posts/specific posts you most likely need to copy&paste and print-to-pdf.
  4. Hi all, I was trying to find a way to export threads to PDF, unfortunately there is no 'easy' way to do it (i.e. a plugin) and copy&paste can be annoying, especially when you have plenty of pages, I found a small command line tool which exports a whole thread to a single PDF file. It involves a little bit technical stuff, but I found that this is the best way to export a thread and I will guide you. To make it even easier, I wrote a script for Windows and Linux (I was going to write a full guide for all these things...). This script will do the following: Windows related: - Check what Windows version you are running (7, 8, 8.1, 10) - Check your current Architecture (32-bit or 64-bit) - Will download the needed tool for the correct architecture - Will execute the tool for install (You just need to click next) - Will add system variable path for easier execution Linux related: - After my script was almost done for Linux I realised its available from the repos... -.- sudo apt-get install xvfb libfontconfig wkhtmltopdf How to use wkhtmltopdf: Windows: Note: Download the wkHTMLtoPDF.bat from attachments, right click and execute as admin Linux: If you have any problems, drop me a PM and I will look via Teamviewer into it and set it up correctly for you. Have fun! wkHTMLtoPDF.bat
  5. It IS possible to download a whole thread (even with multiple pages) to a pdf. I took this thread as an example and downloaded it as a pdf. Unfortunately, its not an easy 'click-to-download' solution, its a bit more technical, but in the end not that hard to do. If you guys (and girls) want I can write a tutorial. test.pdf
  6. No need for GUIs!!
  7. Some providers mark GQ as spam, some dont. For me Outlook for example marks any GQ mail as spam, while Gmail puts it into the correct non-spam inbox. Best bet is to whitelist GQ and hope that your provider wont filter mails into spam.
  8. Reading through log files and fixing stuff without a graphical interface, WITHOUT coffee? Nope! You are insane cam, you are insane... Good luck my man!
  9. Tried that many times, failed many times. Not possible.
  10. SSD is the best upgrade you can get! So many people are asking me how to revive a old laptop/macbook.. I just tell them "get a SSD, I will show you how", they are SO happy as soon as they have their laptop back and so less people believe that. btw @sirjk you know what virus or what file is infected? So you can get that virus by any chance? Would like to reverse engineer that thing.
  11. Never used Deja Dup, and to be honest, never heard of it. I either used the no-brainer "dd" or a bit more advanced clonezilla. But that was years back, so I dont know whats the "go-to" tool nowadays, since I am on Windows mainly and I use VMware for Linux' with the snapshot feature from VMware. On servers I only need to backup databases, configs or site directories, such as /var/www for example and for this I wrote some backup scripts. I remember a tool from the Defensive Security podcast (Cant remember the episode), its called Backblaze. Wanted to look into it back then, but never did.. I guess because of "Cloud". Another tip: The Arch Wiki. Most of these apply to other distros aswell, for example I'd say, install Virtualbox, do a basic Ubuntu install within it and try different tools and see how they perform, especially on restoring.
  12. Hi, finally found time to play around a bit and here it is. This script will block internet connection for various game clients through the Windows Firewall, included clients: Steam NCSoft UPlay League of Legends Script is available at bitbucket aswell as a readme. Have fun! And happy detox
  13. Yes, shell scripting is awesome! And since I use Windows as my main OS I also adapted a few scripts to Windows, so basically some backup scripts as batch which will backup pre-defined files and folders to another drive, I know on Windows you could use something like FreeFileSync, but why install a Program when you can write a script :D dd is fine if you want to copy the whole drive, but sometimes you have super-duper-important files on a HDD which you definitely need to backup and therefore dd would take ages (depends on size) and lets say you have /dev/sdb2/important_files and only need these to backup on a daily basis and the whole /dev/sdb2 on a weekly basis, no problem with shell. If you are low on space, you could also upload a encrypted container (for example with VeraCrypt) to a Cloud or get a Storage VPS (Virtual Private Server) and install your own Cloud, have a spare PC at you and dont know what to do with it? Install OpenMediaVault - Many possible ways. Yeah permissions sometimes are a pain in the ass on Linux, but we can talk about all this when you have your working drive back, you can also PM me on Discord (stablish#4706) about the script and stuff.
  14. Yeah, we have: - Reallocated_Sector_Ct - Spin_Up_Time - Raw_Read_Error_Rate Pre-Failing. If Reallocated_Sector_Ct has errors the HDD is most likely done or will be very soon, you also should be able to hear some "clicking" sound soon, if not already. I wouldnt try to connect that thing. For the cronjob: Yeah, could also write a script, put it into your /home folder and execute when needed or could go crazy and write something like "if drive with UUID connects then execute script and echo a message".
  15. Since its ext4 format I guess you are still running a Linux system, so I am focusing on giving tips for that - Hint: For Windows you could basically use "CrystalDiskInfo", but it cant read the ext4 partition afaik. Install smartmontools via: sudo apt-get install smartmontools And afterwards execute: sudo smartctl -a /dev/sda > smart-results.txt Post the content of the smart-results.txt here. But my guess is: Its dead. At least for us humans, the magicians at a hard drive recovery center CAN restore/repair it most of the time. From reading that gparted shows Unknown partition it seems inaccessible. I mean you could try via command line to mount it, but that wouldnt make much difference. Basically: sudo mkdir -p /mnt/ext_drive (Make folder) sudo mount /dev/sdX /mnt/ext_drive (Mount the drive to created folder, where sdX, X = letter of that drive, lsblk should show that) ls -lah /mnt/ext_drive (list content of that mounted folder) If its still empty I guess you should send it to a repair center. Also: Make frequent backups, create a small script which executes via cronjob on a dialy/weekly/whatever basis. If you cant do that I can help you with that, I just would need folder paths and such, but we can talk about that if you have your (working) drive back :)