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  1. I see, to get that, you have to follow the content you want to get a notification for, e.g. here (hit that follow button): and make sure this option is set: Edit: If you want to auto-follow content, you can enable it here: You can find the options here: https://forum.gamequitters.com/index.php?/notifications/options/ and then "Followed content"
  2. They should work, you can double check your notification settings in your account settings (Top right, click on your name -> account settings -> on the right side you have other settings -> notification settings) or this direct link: https://forum.gamequitters.com/index.php?/notifications/options/ Let me know if its working
  3. How did you do that before the update? Not sure if you used the multiquote button?
  4. Yeah, just tested, its not the most responsive button I have to say, it didnt push me to the top, but I had to click like 2-3 times, will see what I can do about that drunk button.
  5. Ahh yeah I see, its because of the statistics at the very beginning of a thread Unfortunately we can't disable that.
  6. The days won was related to content stuff and the solved was a "forum thing" when people marked an answer as "helpful" or "solved", got rid of both.
  7. Can you post a screenshot? The main body is wider now which makes the text area larger than before on Desktop and on mobile it also looks fine here. I will attach 2 screenshots how it looks like for me (Desktop and Mobile)
  8. You can even choose your own accent color 🙂
  9. Huge Update The Forum software got a big update recently and there are a couple of things which got changed; I don't know them all yet, but what I know: It broke the old forum design, so we have to use what we have now, which isn't that bad imo. I also had to disable/remove a couple of plugins, the most important one: Delete my Account. This is currently not working and only admins/mods can delete your accounts. Other than that: Let us know if you find any bugs. Happy journaling guys! 💪
  10. You should be able to create more tags now without any limitation: If not, let me know.
  11. You should be able to choose between these 2 themes at the very bottom of the forums. Simply click on "Theme" and choose your theme (Keep in mind: Game Quitters and Default won't show up for you or any other member than admin, all members can only choose between Old and Enhanced)
  12. Design update! You can now choose a new design at the very bottom of the Forum. Click on Theme and choose "Enhanced".
  13. Away Mode I've added a away mode for you guys. Go to your account settings -> Member away [direct link] And set it up accordingly. Unfortunately the reason field is required, so put anything into it if you dont want to give away your real reason.