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  1. Love this, but ... Love this even more. ;) Have you ever heart David F. Wallace's speech "This is water"? If not, you should. It is astonishing how we often do not see the very basic things around us. Being grateful for a sunny day is a great way to turn a regular day into a sunny day. Love your attitude.
  2. Hey you know, when I started my detox I tried to quit smoking as well. But it is not that easy. Gaming can be replaced but I believe quitting cigarettes is a different kind of wine. My uncle had a brain tumor and quit for 7 years only to, one shiny day, buy a pack of smokes and continue as if he never stopped. I quit and start over quite often. Currently, I smoke. I am processing my past which makes me go nuts and I feel to weak in willpower to quit completely even though I had not smoked in months. What often works is changing my condition. I often smoked in front of the screen and during "so
  3. Bobbie's 90+ day detox ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SMILE WHENEVER YOU CAN ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- As some of you might have figured out already, I live in Germany. Somehow, smiling, ultimately showing happiness and love does not seem to be standard education in schools, nor families. About two years ago, I began my detox. Among many issues that suddenly
  4. Could you go into detail a little more? Would it be an interview via discord, emails, chat? What kind of questions would you want to ask? How personal would they get? I think it will be easier for people to join if you could describe the process a little more. And may be, but that is only an idea, if they would know a little more about you. Like, how did you get here? Have you faced addiction issues, may be even gaming, in your past? Why was it gaming addiction you you chose as a topic? What do you look like? This is not essential, but it could help build up trust. Like I said, these
  5. Hey stablish, sorry to read that. It truly is a tragedy. Back when I was a kid, a lot of family members died due to cancer and being old. My family really is very old. 2 of my 3 closest friends died. One took his own life when he was drunk and one drowned when he tried to cross the Rhein by swimming through it. All I can say is the following: All of that sucks. I mean it like I say it. When people die, we become sad. We grief. But we cannot only accept the emotions that "make sense". Aside from grief, there was also disappointment and anger inside of me. "What a fucking idiot ta
  6. Like the idea. https://forum.gamequitters.com/index.php?/topic/6128-health-how-can-i-improve-my-diet-during-and-after-the-detox/ @Bugg, @Dannigan, @thehondasc00py If you want to, it would be awesome if you all could post a couple of experiences in the thread mentioned above. I am sure many future quitters will benefit from it. Thank you, guys and gurl. Edit: Also, very sorry for spamming all this stuff into your journal. Please, have mercy on my soul for my deeds are meant to help people. :P
  7. Since many fellow quitters change or improve their diet during and after the detox - also including @Cam Adair -, I thought it might be a good topic for the ATC-area. I would love to hear your experiences regarding your very own diets, whether it be veganism, fasting, ketogenic or whatever your tried. I believe that it will help many others that ask themselves whether they should change their diet or whether there is a way to alter ones very own diet. If you can, include some parts about emotions, cravings, weight loss, general energy levels, the ability to concentrate, hunger, sleep an
  8. @Oak lee Ask in such auto shops and explicitly state what you want to do. Tell the boss that you want to change tires and oil and tell him why you want to do it. There is no need to impress people. If they know the truth, they can work with it and tell you whether they can help you or not. I told people in my environment that I would design flyers for them if they need some. One person answered and now multiple people want me to design their websites and graphical handouts. I was always honest about what I can and cannot do and many people did not like it but those who did are very helpf
  9. So, welcome back! The search function somewhat suffered from some kind of server error, but I am sure your old journal is still around somewhere. If not, well than that sucks but some content seems to have bitten the dust due the the mentioned server hick up. Anyway, glad you found your way back and I hope your life journey will improve again!
  10. I get it. I think I did a bad job explaining my point. Basically, all I wanted to say was: If your brain tells you "I must continue quitting video games" you will feel pressure and you will feel forced. You will feel forced to actively walk away from something. On the other hand, if you can replace "I must quit video games" with - just like you did - "I want to quit video games to become [blank] and achieve [blank] and improve [blank]..." you are not forced. You are making your very own decision and - which is very important - instead of being forced to walk away from something, you decide t
  11. "Radical honesty" is probably the best "self-help book" I know. Because it is free of most of the B.S. you find in other books. Like Scoopy described it, hiding your condition will create a worse condition. Alcoholism, eating disorders, self-harm, drug and also gaming addictions all grow when a person lives in the jail of guilt. "I feel bad today, so I play games. Now, eight hours later, my day is over and nothing is done, no task fulfilled. That makes me feel guilty and bad and I need to game..." Surrender to your feeling of being scared. Be scared that your disorder might come back. T
  12. Welcome, Lee! That sounds like one of those stories that are made into books and movies. Can't wait to read how it will continue! Already very impressed by how intentional you decide what to and what not to do!
  13. This is from one of your initial posts. I think you just overcame this issue and took the first steps into a fresh social life. With your new attitude, it should be way easier to connect to others. Without expectations or assumptions, you grant others and yourself the chance of experience instead of evaluation. Very happy to see this happening. The description of your overall summer camp experience makes a lot of sense. It is quite clear now why you have heavy assumptions about certain types of people. I would suggest that you try to process this old memory. When we played the "why-game",
  14. Try not to judge your behavior. Instead, when talking about it, start describing it, like you did in the phrases before. "I do this. I do that." What you do is real. Embarrassment is what your mind tells you, you should feel, judged by what others might think about you. And especially in this environment here, everybody knows that your behavior is completely understandable, since you are compensating the lack of gaming-stimuli with other sources of excitement. Bur you are already aware of it and changing it. In sum, a process we all have been through. If you allow yourself to label your b