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Be strong and keep going! Return to real world is hard, but in time everything will be better. Days will become more colorful in time. This world seems though because it's completely different from game, where the only thing you have to do, is invest your time. In real life you have struggle, some things we will be never able to achieve, but the major difference here is that this world is real. You've just started rocking at this reality!

Greetings, Piotr.

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Day 22


12:02 PM


I am thinking a lot about Ryzom. I triggered @hycniejsy. Not his fault. I just need to put his signature/him on ignore. I've been thinking about Ryzom anyway.

I sit in the house all day because I can't seem to get moving. My legs have been swollen. I've put on weight really quickly since I stopped gaming.

I looked up stages of recovery from starvation. I fit a lot of those.

I used to get a burrito in the morning. Lots of times that's all I would eat all day. I lost weight down until I was 137 pounds. I am 5'6”. I am not usually fat but I have been carrying more weight that I should for years. The gaming though… I came down to a size eight in jeans from a twelve.

My stomach looked fat. I just wonder about that.

Anyway since eating more again about five times a day, not a lot of food, usually a can of soup or some cheese and crackers, maybe a piece of fruit; anyway since eating more I have gained weight. My ankles are swollen. My legs are swollen. From what I understand on the internet one of the stages of recovery from starvation is the body will not distribute the extra food right away. It will store it in one part of the body first. In my case the stomach. :(

I am using the rest room numerous times a day. I can't seem to stay away from it. I am dehydrated. I am thirsty all the time. I am drinking all the time.

I think my body is somehow retaining water which is why my ankes, feet, legs are swollen.

I read in one article it said to be careful in early stages of recovery because organs have shrunk. Lungs, heart, stomach all shrink. The brain needs fat.



So… the good news some of the symptoms are starting to pass. Clarity coming back, swelling going down in legs, etc, appetite levelling out, weight seems to be distributing better, flaky skin going away.



I am getting dressed and going outside.



The Meaning of Life

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@hycniejsy Your spam posting is making me feel like not using the forums at all.  I wish you would stop.

I'm trying to be supportive. Really, spend 3 hours on reading entries and answering to them, if you feel wrong with that you can block my whole profile, I will not feel offended.


At least I hope that I'll help at least one gamer on this forum with his problem. Especially during hard times.

Greetings, Mad Pharmacist

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I want to thank everyone for their help.  I do not plan on gaming.  @Cam Adair Good luck with your project.  I think you're on to something here.

After careful consideration I don't want to post anymore when someone can take up a whole page with their signature and profess principles I don't believe in and don't work.

Again thanks everyone for you help.  I will miss you.


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Hey have a nice year 2017. I am sorry that this isn't working for you at the moment. I hope you'll still doing best and of course you can still feel free to ask for support if you need anything. One tip I would have for you is to write a journal just for yourself. Maybe even in handwriting. Imho It helps a lot to process your thoughts even if you only do it for yourself. I do it right now and even if it is harder to do it consequently I think it helps me. I wish you the best!

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