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  1. I want to thank everyone for their help. I do not plan on gaming. @Cam Adair Good luck with your project. I think you're on to something here. After careful consideration I don't want to post anymore when someone can take up a whole page with their signature and profess principles I don't believe in and don't work. Again thanks everyone for you help. I will miss you.
  2. Day 24 7:10 AM I don't feel like posting. I hate people taking up a whole page with their signature and I seriously am wondering if I ever will feel like making regular posts again.
  3. I just watched a movie called Lucy. It was very good
  4. I found this book very helpful. Living-With-Wolfdogs The author Nicole Wilde has several good books out. I previously had a high-content wolf dog and a pit/chow mix. I found this book very helpful for both of them.
  5. Noooo not candy too! And no coffee! And no Wagon Train! Welcome Why not take the most important things first? Like no gaming and no porn? Which those two are a huge chunk to bite off... Personally, I need a bad habit. I just have to pick a bad habit that's within acceptable range. Reading non-fiction?
  6. I tried that link and noticed it doing that. Putlocker shouldn't require a registration. Try the openload. I have another link here. Click on the Play Openload. It takes a bit to buffer. Close any ad tab that opens. It will play
  7. @Piotr I like the format you're using in your journal now. Especially the color coding. Just because you re-invented the wheel doesn't mean it was any less brilliant
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