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Day 1: I feel ... relieved!

Good morning from Norway!
Today is my first day of quitting games, and I feel relieved. Yesterday I couldn't imagine how my life would be fun and exciting without computer games. Today, I am inspired and encouraged to start over - to respawn. I've begun uninstalling games from my computer, making it harder for me to relapse in a moment of weakness. A few days ago I ordered journal books to start bullet journalling - a system to keep track of my gaming detox and process to wards my future dreams and visions.

One of the stressing factors in my life lately has been the thought of what education/path to take in life. I've always wanted to become a pastor (Yes, a preacher ++ in a Pentecostal church). However, this is not the kind of carreer that will give you a safe and secure future in terms of economy. The thing is, there are no other jobs I find interesting. Now, there is one thing that triggers me, and keeps coming back to me: the idea of starting my own business. I would LOVE to run my own business, schedule my own working hours and use my skills in such a way. Some weeks ago I tried starting my own drop shipping business, only to realize it takes quite some time until you'll actually get customers (people have already done this for years on eBay, with 10'000s of feedback).

Anyways, I'm encouraged and happy that I've started this journey, and I'm looking forward to sharing my process in the weeks to come. If you have any business experience or ideas, feel free to share!

- Fred

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Good job starting the journal (which honestly might be the single most important thing for your sucess in quitting).

It seems like you're handling things well, and that's awesome (I loved the feeling I got right after quitting; like a breath of fresh spring air after months of dark and cold winter), but (spoiler alert) it will get hard sometimes, and it's important you know what to do when it does (e.g. Flee from the house, write here on the forum).

About the job part; I'm a firm believer that you should do what you love and disregard things like pay or status, since ultimately, these won't bring you happiness. But ofcourse, even if that sounds romantic and idealistic, you can't eat happiness, or buy clothes for your children with it. So if you think you'll really lack money when becoming a pastor you might wanna consider if there's some economically rewading project you can do on the sidelines for more money, or dismiss that option completely. 

(I'm no expert on the subject, since I'm just 18 and still in high-school (the swedish equivalent) , so actually, you probably shouldn't listen to me at all, lol)

The own-business thing is cool, but it's pretty tough, from what I've heard. You should ask Cam about that! (Read above; I do not know this stuff)

I'll be following your journal, so I'll be here if you wanna discuss something. (From time to time, atleast; since I'm a selfish bastard I mainly lurk over at my own journal, but eventually, I venture out to explore other parts of this place)

Good luck for now!


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I've tried quitting several times, though never systematically. It will absolutely get challenging, but I do think you're right about this forum. Having people supporting you, doing this with a group of people - It'll all be helpful, especially during the tough days.

Speaking of business and carreer - I do not know these things myself... your input is highly appreciated!

I'm not gonna give up on my eager to teach in church settings, but I'm thinking it doesn't have to be my main source of income, at least for the coming years. I guess starting my own business takes more effort than I can possibly imagine, but having a job takes 5x8 hours a week too. The flexibility and independency of starting a business is very appealing to me. I just do not know what sort of business to start... :P

Thanks, mate!

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Appreciate the feedback! I'm glad to be here :D

Day 2: My Mind is Overflowing 

It's 7AM and my mind is working!? What's up?? My mind is usually trainwrecked until at least 11-12! Quitting gaming has freed my mind from tactics and strategies, allowing me to be creative and think of my future for real. Yesterday I thought of blogging, starting a business and travelling the world, three things I would love to achieve in the long run. In addition, l ordered plane tickets for a spontaneous holiday to another city of Norway, to visit my cousin (and I thought I wasn't spontaneous!). It'll be a retreat trip in a way.

Now, I couldn't fall asleep last night, as my mind kept spinning. My plane, leaving early, left me with FOUR hours of sleep (LOL)! Anyways, my mind kept spinning and I wrote a poem that really excites me! Unfortunately, it's in English, and translating it wouldn't be the same :( The poem is a criticism towards our Western society, capitalism and how life is supposed to be school, school, school, work, work, work, work. How money has replaced joy, and we're all trapped, chasing this constructed reality we now call "our life".

Watching "Into the Wild" yesterday (didn't have time to see the ending) I could relate a lot. The movie tells the story of an American boy who grew up in a wealthy familie, graduated from High school with good grades and began thinking of his future. Realizing he didn't want the wealthy, capitalistic life, he escaped into the wild, living with no money, making friends with whoever he met. I've never felt like studying is my cup of tea, not because I'm bad at it - I just feel like my life shouldn't be all about school-work-wealth. All of this sparked an idea of making next year a travel year. What if I live all over the world, meeting people, exploring cultures and blogging about it? What if I can live my life differently from the A4 life of the rich, white man? I'd love to!!

One last thing! I think my recent gaming issues are linked to this revelation om my mind. I think it's been my escape from the expectations of a life filled with studies and work. Quitting gaming and freeing my mind has allowed me to see there are several other ways to do life! Like business, blogging or a crazy world trip :D



TLDR: My mind is spinning, I'm super inspired! I wrote a poem and I want to explore the world next year! Also, I think I've discovered a core reason for my gaming issues recently.

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Day 3: Wow! That caught me off guard :D

My mind has been full lately. I'm amazed at how much I've suppressed by playing video games. Never thought of myself as creative, but I've realized I am.

I'm enjoying my vacation! It's great to relax and slowly recover from my lack of vitamin D. As you might have read, yesterday I posted a poem on my Facebook profile. Ans the response has been crazy!!! I've received so much great feedback! I've been encouraged to continue and even publish my own poem collection - which I am seriously taking into consideration! It's so weird, from one day to another, a huge passion has grown within me!

It would be a dream to write professionally. To make what I write my business and engage in politics through contemporary art. Also, I've started planning next year's global adventure. That being said, I'll take one day at a time. I researched blogging yesterday, but will let it rest until I'm back from my vacation. Only challenge is I can't fall asleep at night! Mind pops creative x10 past midnight :D

TLDR: Tons of good feedback on my poem!! I'd love to make a career out of that. Anyways, one day at a time! 

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I got really curious now :P mind sharing your poem here? (You don't have to, ofcourse)

It's great with the feedback, and the passion. Welcome to the club of aspiring authors (or soon-to-be authors; no doubts allowed) ;) 

With the creative + sleep = trouble part, I recommend keeping a piece of paper aside your bed, and write down whatever thoughts you get. This helps me with the sleep (the ideas are no longer my responsibility - they're the responsibility of tomorrow-me) and it also ensures you remember them tomorrow. (Nothing more furstrating than forgetting something awesome)

All in all, exciting news to hear! Will hang on tight to see what you make of it :) 

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Well, since you're Swedish you'll probably understand some of it :D I'll post it below! The paper next to bed tip is great! I keep my mobile phone with Evernote close at all times! That's exactly how I wrote the poem! Would be fun to share thoughts on writing with you!

Edit - Here's the link to the poem: https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10208411283218355&id=1194156144

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Damn. I can't say I understood everything, but still. It's pretty damn good. You've got the rhymes without making it silly, and there's contrasting parts of darkness and hopefulness in there. 

I really like it. You've got some potential there, man :D 

If you ever write something in English I would be excited to read it! 

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Day 4: Still going strong

Not too much to say, really :) I'm relaxing on vacation, wrote a few more poems and will see my cousin today. A bit bored, because I lack the energy to be active (Vit. D), but it's great to completely relax, finally. Games never allowed me to do that!

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Thank you, Cam! Helps me understand cravings, which is really helpful! I'll keep this in mind :)

Day 7: Time to go home

Didn't take the time to write yesterday. A mix between hanging out with my cousin and his gf and letting gambling back into my life. Not as bad as it's been before, but still money wastes. I'm going to get professional help on the topic during next month, and have planned out economy control with the help of my father.

I think the main issue lately has been sitting around too much. While not being st home, and not having energy to be active, I've been sitting in the coach for several hours. Tonight I'm going home, and although I've had a great time, I think it'll be good :)

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Day 8: Journaling is ON!

Won't be too long today. Got loads of stuff to do!
- I began journaling. Having a system of my everyday life is so helpful! Makes me much more productive, and it's fun!
- I've begun designing my blog! When I go travelling the world next year I'll blog about it. Until then I will be sharing my story: "From virtuality to reality". Excited!
- Back home from holidays. Had a full day of planning + doing to-do's.
Life is good! :D

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Thank you, Reno! :)

Day 9: Launching my blog!

I went early to bed last night. Feel asleep before midnight and got up at 7:30. Not going to work or anything, just got up early to be productive. And it feels great! I've already continued writing my bullet journal in addition to editing and launching blog! I'm excited, because I've never blogged "for real" before.

Also, it's my birthday today (hooray for me). I'll be celebrating with my family for the rest of the day. Turning 21, woop woop.

My posts are shrinking because I'm not having any challenges (for now), and I'm busy blogging, journaling and doing life. I'll return with a forum bible whenever I face plant or my world turns upside down! :)

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Thank you, Simon! Yesterday was a good day :)

Day 10: It's day 10 already! Crazy! One thing I love about journaling is how it makes me appreciate each day. Also, it's easy to measure my progress and look back at where I came from!

Yesterday was great! Today I'm back on the road for my sister's wedding in a different town. Gonna stay in a hotel, eat yummy food and celebrate. Life is good to me! 

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