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  1. Thank you, boys! It's been great so far. Will be awesome to start 2017 by completing the detox Appreciate the feedback! I agree, Simon. Sharing what I write, it be poems, blogging or novels, is helpful in the process of improving as a writer!
  2. Ah ???? Alrighty then! Guess I'll have to go watch Season 3 too ????
  3. Day 30: First month Woop 1 month already! New blog post as today is Thursday: https://fredventures.wordpress.com/2016/11/03/dare-to-differ/
  4. You should watch "The 100"! Great series. I'd say emotions vs evolution is one of the main topics. A bit slow in the beginning, but so friggin good! Makes you think I just finished S2. Edit: I just realized you're not watching Netflix. Keep it up bro! You could read the book as well
  5. Thank you guys! And wb from Tanzania, Cam! Tomorrow's day 30! I haven't posted for a week now, but I'm doing great basically busy doing life. Watched "War Room" yesterday, great movie! Posting a new blog post tomorrow: "Dare to Differ". I probably won't post every day, but I'll come by every now and then! Has been very helpful to be part of this community, and it stil is
  6. Awesome! Thank you for recommending
  7. Day 23: Another day with stuff to do. I guess shorter posts only means I'm less in front of the computer. New Thursday means new blog post: https://fredventures.wordpress.com/2016/10/27/fear-of-rejection/
  8. Day 22: Time flies I thought I'd missed one day, only to realize I missed two. Time goes by so fast, but I'm having a good time! Been hanging out with people the last few days and life is going well. Still no gaming cravings, which is awesome. Working on a blogpost for tomorrow, thinking of writing some more poems. Also, I've started watching a TV series. I've been a bit tired the last two days, and in need relaxing. This is good too I'll keep my eyes open for addiction! Becoming a TV series addict is not an option. But it's all good so far. It's quite different from gaming to me A few hours today, and it's been good! Just stopped watching to be a bit productive.
  9. Day 19: Here we go I've finished my collection of 20 poems and tomorring I'm sending it to a potential publisher! It normally takes 3-6 weeks to receive a response, so I'll still have to wait for a while. However, I'm sending it - I've done it! Whether they like it or not, I have made my very own collection of poems. Super encouraging to have produced something of value to others (loads of different people have told me they appreciate it, not just my parents ), compared to the gaming which only "benefited" me. Day 19 has been good! Great day in church followed by cleaning my room and getting a new sofa in here. In the evening I went to the cinema with a few friends of mine. I'm almost three weeks in and I haven't been craving for games once (except in my dreams at night, lol).
  10. Thank you, Simon! I appreciate your encouragement! I'm glad you find it bold rather than arrogant, that was my intention I'm definitely succeeding on a personal level! Excited to see whether I'll succeed as a writer! Got some exciting news
  11. Day 18: Have had a great day so far! Spent a few hours in church at a conference, which was absolutely amazing! Church and leaders in church are the reasons I am where I am today. So grateful! Also, I'm at 18/20 poems. Two more to go and I'll forward them to a publisher. I'm confident, yet really excited. Are they going to like it? Is it good enough to get published by a recognized publisher? Will people buy it? Does my age help? Lots of questions. As mentioned earlier, I've already been in the newspapers for one poem, which is helpful (and crazy!) I've received tons of positive feedback from young teens, parents and grandparents. Love how I can communicate what I stand for and believe in (in opposition to the culture I live in) through my writing. That being said, I've started to feel the fear of rejection. Also, I'm reminding myself not to lose myself in all of this. If I ever am to succeed at something (poetry in this case), I do not want to become proud. I wanna stay humble and be myself. Fear and pride, FLEE! Life's good though! On a second note: is my title cocky? Let me know if it is, lol! That was not my intention
  12. Day 17: Beautiful day Hanging out with my best friend. Not doing much in the morning, but going to our youth service in church tonight. Hopefully I'll write a poem during the day. Been a few day since the last one! At least I'm very social atm
  13. Thank you! I'm not good enough at English to write well, yet Such a rich and beautiful language takes years to master
  14. Take that anger and put it in a poem! That's what I do. I put my frustrations/feelings/thoughts on paper with a few rhymes
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