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  1. Awesome Neat! After 4 failed businesses (due to my gaming addiction) I am about to launch my next company too! I see you didn't update your journal in a while too, how are you doing? Let us know so we can celebrate or help you depending on the progress.
  2. Yellow

    Army of one

    So glad that you kept on going and read your progress now I am back again! Every time I have urges or I procrastinate, I acknowledge them (just as you did in your journal) and it helps me realize what I am doing. I am sure you will get over the urges and procrastinations
  3. I used part of the money for a new laptop with massive speed for productivity and the other part went into my business. Ofcourse you can, just take notice that updating the starting post won't bumb your topic to the top. --- I haven't replied here for 2 weeks now, I am sorry! I will update very soon again. I didn't read/update or visited because 1. I went on a holiday without internet 2. I didn't have a computer system until today 3. I had exams in university 4. Life has changed very positively and I haven't had a single urge to start gaming again. Status update coming very soon, but a small update I couldn't keep for myself is the following. > I decided to start internet fasting, meaning that every sunday I won't connect to the internet and every day I will disconnect entirely for at least 2 hours. > I decided that I will allow myself to play games on saturday only, hoping to not start the addiction again and keep it under control. Next saturday will be the first time and I will update on how I feel after that and on my progress. (I will also update earlier on the rest)
  4. @ Piotr I am actually reading 1 book every day trough Blinkist. I love reading non-fiction books a lot fiction however, never really bothered me. But I am also not enjoying movies, series and storyline games (I only played competitive) Also a MAJOR step for me. I sold my gaming PC and so now there is NO WAY back. It will be picked up on sunday.
  5. Haha, it's okay Just wait until we take over half of belgium and dump the rest to France ;-) (not e how I didn't capitalize belgium, I am evil)
  6. A picture says a thousand words... So maybe it was not that short after all The board looks amazing though!
  7. Good luck Diogo, I advice you to read other journals as they will really help you and definitely create your own journal. It helped me a lot! You become accountable to a group of other people, and you have better insights in what you are doing yourself because you are forced to think about your day.
  8. Congrats on your progress and happy f*cking birthday! Enjoy today P.s. the blog looks really slick! am following that too
  9. Thanks neat! I have the exact same issue and I installed a website blocker to ban those distracting website. It helps to reduce my web cravings by 80% although I do cheat from time to time a bit in incognito mode. (I am using that mode for something else than before... haha)
  10. I am confident you can do it! I came from a place where I woke up between 10AM and 1PM, I tried to move it back to 8AM unsuccesfully, 7AM, unsuccesfully, 6AM unsuccesfully... Then I realised, I am not normal. So I pushed it back to 04.30 and it was so much easier than 7AM. Now I am back up at 05.00AM and I manage to do it every day. I go to sleep at 9PM the latest but I prefer somewhere around 8.15PM.
  11. I am using facebook not for the social interaction but to get updates about companies, news and educational stuff. Besides that I am also using facebook as a marketing tool rather than a social media tool. I curate what is going to be on my page for personal branding.
  12. I am using a tool called Blinkist. It only has non-fictional books (I don't enjoy fiction myself). It does not give a summary, but rather tells you the essentials of the book in 15-20 minutes while leaving out all the story and side-text to fill up the books. I really enjoy this and use it to read 1 book every day. More knowledge is more power. However, I also know that there is a large group who prefers and/or needs the entire story and side-text to gain the complete holistic understanding of the books. I, however, rather read many different books and content and opinions and knowing 80% of the book in 20% of the time.
  13. I believe the word 'passion' is very overused and hyped. It has become a marketing term rather than something useful. However, the above post from UndRt0w is much more valuable than what is widely believe to be called 'passion'.
  14. Neat, the kanban system comes from agile project management. right? Did you make a physical kanban board or do you use an online tool? I also really believe we are somewhat on the same page if I read your journal. The same things that trigger and motivate me seem to be the things that work for you too. Such as: productivity, reading others journals, having the ups and downs.... So if the kanban system works for you, it might just be the tool for me too!
  15. Wow Kiki, I think you will have one of the hardest times since you are so often placed in situations that involves gaming. But I am also 100% convinced that you can get trough it, and you will become the strongest once you are through because you went through it all. Good luck on your non-gaming journey, and also my best wishes for your education.
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