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Thank you guys! And wb from Tanzania, Cam!

Tomorrow's day 30! I haven't posted for a week now, but I'm doing great :) basically busy doing life. Watched "War Room" yesterday, great movie! Posting a new blog post tomorrow: "Dare to Differ".

I probably won't post every day, but I'll come by every now and then! Has been very helpful to be part of this community, and it stil is :D 

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Nice job on reaching 30 days, neighbor ;) !

I second that. :P  Good job on that month - one third of the detox completed. This'll be no problem for you.

Also nice to see the blog is going well; I think it's important for a writer to have somewhere to write publicly. 


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Thank you, boys! :) It's been great so far. Will be awesome to start 2017 by completing the detox :D 

Appreciate the feedback! I agree, Simon. Sharing what I write, it be poems, blogging or novels, is helpful in the process of improving as a writer!

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