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Daily Sketch Challenge!


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This idea was born in the Discord Chat (check it out sometime!).


How The Daily Sketch Challenge works:


Once you join the challenge, your name will appear in the first page. For each day you draw a sketch and post it, add one day. I'll keep the contestants list updated but since I'm not omnipresent and may not be able to update regularly, you'll have to keep track of your own streak in your posts as well. For example like this:

Sketch number (current streak), Sketch number (total since you joined), comments, pic of sketch, signature, smiley.

Don't cheeeat ;) If you skip a day, you'll have to start your streak again. If you can't post, and didn't warn beforehand (E.g. "I'll be travelling tomorrow"), you'll have to restart your streak too. If you can't post but still have some time to draw while afk, I'll leave it to your conscience to post delayed sketches or keep going with the current day. If you are ill, I suggest to least leave a quick note (E.g. I'm sick, I won't be drawing today). If you think you have good reason for skipping, being it health, personal problems or whatever, then don't worry, take your time. This challenge isn't a dictatorship and should never become a burden.

Adapt your challenge to your own situation. You only have time to draw one foot per day? That's perfectly ok. The idea is to create habit, so regardless of your style, skill and time, just keep spamming those babies! 

If you're working on a big or complex drawing, it's also fine to keep posting it as long as progress is made between pictures. If you want to show finished artwork, I suggest you make your own personal thread in this same subforum. 

You can compare several sketches in a post for feedback and progress tracking, but I suggest you stick to one sketch per post and day.

There's no time limit to join the challenge.

Got any ideas or suggestions to improve the challenge? Please let us know!

Let's draw!

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I forgot to post yesterday D: I wasn't feeling up to drawing because yet again I was self doubting myself. I'll try again later on today.

Don't worry it still counts as today for me lol

You didn't forgot, you were self-doubting yourself ;) 

Looking forward to more sketches! <3

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I've been sketching with product design in mind, after 3 weeks of sketching every single day Im noticing that I'm able to draw straighter lines! The perspective is getting better and shadows aren't as off as they used to be.

Right now I'm focussed on quick sketches, this is something I quickly put together yesterday.IMG_20161006_205652.thumb.jpg.d93a1a9752

I have a lot to learn but it's getting better everyday, and I love progress :D



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I started this one yesterday. I wasn't having much fun during the first one because I picked such a big sheet of paper and I felt I had to keep getting water way too often; this one was more fun working in my 6 inch journal. I also really like being pretty line heavy when I draw in pencils so I thought I could relate more with that when I do watercolors if I also add some pen lines before. Look forward to working on finishing this; and yup not a bad view of SF and the Bay two miles from where I'm staying for the month : )


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