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  1. Days 14, 15 - I altmost reinstalled Diablo 2, but thinking of this forum, of my efforts and this journal, made me delete it just in time! The cravings started while i was visiting one of my friends, who is a hardcore gamer. - sport and meditation. - reading and writting. - 2-3 hours outside. - my sleep patterns are normal; i go to sleep at 10:30 pm, i wake up at 7 AM This is all for days 14 and 15
  2. Mostly running, walking, reading or sitting on a bench with a bottle of soda in my hand so i don't look suspicious to others haha I enjoy the most going outside during the evening; randomly walking. Coming back to my hometown next week ( going to work again), meaning that i will no longer have such a flexible program.
  3. Days 12, 13 - cravings triggered by various game soundtracks. LoL - sport and meditation as usual - reading. ( Finished 4 books so far ) - my sleep patterns ARE NORMAL. i go to sleep at 10:30 pm, i wake up at 7 AM - daily time spent outside increased up to 3 hours This is all for days 12 and 13
  4. I think it depends on what you are doing on facebook, it depends on your friends and the groups that you've joined. ( News feed )
  5. Days 10, 11 - small cravings triggered by various memories - sport and meditation as usual - reading and writting - my sleep patterns are altmost as normal! This is all for days 10 and 11
  6. Days 8, 9 - one huge game craving when i saw two of my friends playing diablo 2, on tablets! They found a great program that allows them to emulate and adapt classic games for android touchscreen devices ( age of empires 2, starcraft 1 etc., on a mobile phone or tablet lol.. ) I hardly resisted this temptation. - sport and meditation as usual - reading, writting, drawing and alot of music - less time spent at the computer - working on my sleep patterns This is all for days 8 and 9
  7. I have an annoying bug! Everytime i edit something that brainwave image appears! lol Inside the message, i click the trash icon to delete it, everything looks fine, i SAVE the post and BAM! there it is. Edit: Fixed! Had to uninstall an app and reinstall google chrome
  8. Days 6, 7 - some small game cravings, triggered by ads - alot of youtube! - stopped going outside. Even if im not playing, i spend way too much time on the internet - sport and meditation regulary - started writting - reading and alot of music, pencil sketches here and there - active member on 3 forums ( including gamequitters ) - still working on my sleeping patterns. This is all for days 6 and 7
  9. You need to replace gaming with something else. Easy to say, hard to do! Take it as a test of willpower than can change your life.
  10. The most important thing in meditation is having your spine straight in a vertical position ( you can help yourself by leaning on a wall or placing some pillows ), if the lotus position doesnt feel right, go with " sitting on your knees ", sitting on a chair, or something similar. It also depends on what kind of meditation you are doing: guided meditation, chakra cleasing, brain hemisphere balancing, relaxation and so on The more relaxed you are, the more succesfull the meditation will be. By practice, you will achieve higher states of mental focus: from beta, to alpha to delta; after years of practice, monks can reach the theta state ( deep sleep ) while being fully aware, conscious. In order to accelerate this process use special audio, like that ones that use binaureal beats . But be very carefull, some of them can put you in a coma in a matter of minutes.
  11. Terra

    Thinking about it.

    Hello Colin! That fantasy world gaved you more joy than real life and all the problems presented there were much more easy to deal with. Colors and pixels. So why we get addicted to a chair, why do we miss that? Humans search for happiness, they all need affection and affirmation. In a world full of " Me ", " I ", " Myself ", is hard to fill this gap without love, so we run to a virtual world, where being nice is much more accesible ( some coins, assistances, good advices, encouragements, guilds, friends, and so on ). In some parts of the globe, people are cold, there is a lack of love; they get some love from their parents and lovers, but in most of the cases this is not enought. So they try to buy love with fame and money. Having more money, doing something that can attract more attention ( like a sport to pump you up, a hobby, a well paid job etc ) can help greatly here. You seem like a nice and sensible guy, so for the moment, i reccomend listening to music more often. Music that we love, can change our mood in a matter of seconds!
  12. Terra

    Day Zero

    Being here, registering a gamequitters account or any other similar forum, means that you are willing to make a change in your life, so that right there is a positive aspect that you neglected. Like other bad habbits, quitting games its not an easy task. Quitting games is a test of willpower, otherwise the planet would be populated with geniuses and superhumans. We applaud your intentions of making a change in your life, of wanting to be better, happy and productive. Having a journal is nothing to be ashamed about! Think like this: if having a journal and talking about your feelings is something despicable, than all the guys here ( including me and you ) are a bunch of losers. But we are not, we had and have the will to stand up and make a change, leaving our bad habbits and gaming friends. And afterall what do you care more about: being happy? Or the oppinion of others? You are the one that decides what is wrong or right for you. And right now, gaming with all the shit related to it is clearly bad. See you around
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