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Everydayart's "Weekly" Journal


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Hi again everyone!

You can read my introduction here.

So it's time to begin writing my journal. I will update about once a week or when I feel I need to, because I try to stay away from to much internet time, unless I am actually learning something specific or need to do something that requires the net. Trying to build the habit of being intentional with my actions as often as possible.

I have been game free for 10 days now after my latest relapse for a month this summer. 

It's only in this last year I have really started to take every aspect of wanting to change my life more seriously, I think much of what has tripped me up so many times in the past, is that I have wanted to find a way to keep games as a "balanced" part of my life, and I was also afraid that it offered something I would not find in any other way. But finally I understand gaming must be let go off in order to see what a completely alternative way of life could be. No half-measures.

So what have I been doing these 10 days so far instead of gaming? I will link to some of the concepts and tools so that hopefully they will be of use to someone.

  • Been brushing up on basic math at Khan Academy.
  • Spent time with my girlfriend.
  • Worked through all the Respawn-material (Thanks Cam, great resource and well worth the investment of money, even though I was a bit unsure at first :))
  • Learning to ride a bike. It was one of those things that I missed out on when gaming, and I have been ashamed of it for a long time.
  • Been working on my Commonplace Which is a fantastic information gathering and processing tool I recommend to anybody who want to learn more efficiently (just read about it in the link). I use Zim Desktop Wiki for my commonplace (some use Evernote or the like).
  • Gotten admitted to a university this fall, and also acquired a student room. So some time has gone into packing, looking up info and preparing stuff.
  • Trying to get my body in better shape by taking about a hour long walk each day and using lot of material from this channel covering joint mobility moves, body-weight exercises etc.
  • Trying to build a lot of habits like taking microbreaks, watching videos in x2-speed and always taking notes or processing what I have taken in. I am using Habitica to track my habits, but skipping the gamification features mostly, but enjoying the social features of the site.

So the days have swooshed past very quickly so far, and I get more and more ideas I want to work with or things I want to do or try.

Even if I have a super slow day, nonconstructive moods, or low energy, it feels good knowing that I am slowly trying to do something with long-lasting benefits instead of just gaming for instant gratification. Know I know what activities I need to be working with, so I return to them over and over again. And it's better to sit and just be doing not much than to try to return to gaming, random internet browsing or other on demand entertainment. Just getting a breather between activities and letting my mind calm down.

Compared to past experiences in trying to cut down/away gaming this has by far been to most focused attempt. Which I attribute mostly to great tools here from Game Quitters, some built up motivation from past experiences, and being in a more social environment than usual.

Hope this post was of some use to someone and not just a long rant :) Take care!



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Congrats on 10 days! I get what you mean about *wanting to keep gaming around as a balance* and that *it could offer things you can't find anywhere else.*

Those were two of my biggest struggles. Once I realized I could learn the things I found intriguing in video games, I started to see their cons more than their pros.

And I love bike riding. Its fun but it gets you and active which is perfect. Keep that up for sure! :)

Congratulations on going to University! I'm sure you'll learn a ton and meet some great people there.

I use habitica too. :D I don't use the gaming aspect either. I mostly just use it for the chore lists and social reminders.

Stay focused and think of the good things about the changes you're making and you'll do great.

I wish you the best of luck and know we're all cheering you on. ^_^

Hugs and congrats


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Welcome to GQ HQ!

I've joined only two days ago and I can already say that it is incredible, not only amount of support you get, but also the tons of things you can learn from each member everyday!

Together we are strong!

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  • 2 weeks later...

Hi again everyone! :)

Thinking of making this a every tenth day journal or even a monthly one, as I'm struggling a bit with my internet addiction and want to be away from it unless I have some super important stuff to do :)

Well, past my 20 days of non-gaming now. That bit has gone great so far, internet as mentioned above is a bit harder, easy to get a full day ruined by thing I "have" to research. Will try to use Freedom and Leechblock. even more, managed two days of no internet activity. Also found this great article named "How to Stop Wasting Your Energy" by Scott Young  (I read his stuff about learning pretty often now days - super highly recommended). Great simple points about focusing ones energy and thinking long-term.

Other than that I don't have much to report right now, also going to bed in 5 minutes. But I will make a more extensive post the next time I write. I will be moving to a new city in just two days, and will have lots of new routines and stuff to set up so not much web time for a while. New beginning.

Take care everyone and make each day count! :)


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