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    Everydayart's "Weekly" Journal

    Nice to hear that you're doing so great.
  2. ABC

    Daniel's 90 Detox

    Already 10 days, great job!
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    @Piotr Not yet, but will try to post some thoughts after few days of detox.
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    @dullage Thanks for feedback, can't even give more reputation today;p.
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    Hello, I've been addicted for few years. My main games are CS&LoL. Decided to stop playing, because I dont even enjoy those games, both of them were just some challanges and I used to play for rank/rewards. To be honest I have never achieved anything big in those games and realized that there is a lot of time to spend when im not gaming.My goal is to give up games or to play in moderation in future after detox. Posted this to feel more responislbe for effects of detox and to come out my comfort zone, because I need courage even to write some massage in Internet.
  8. ABC

    Everydayart's "Weekly" Journal

    Nice, going to follow this journal.