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  1. Journal entry #25 13 days game free Got a few days off from my work. Met with my family, which I haven't seen in a year, we had a great walk for 5 hours straight, yesterday. Today's plans: kayaking. Writing this post from a middle of a lake lol. Hope you're having a good time too.
  2. I like to jump into your journal to see more beauty, you caught on camera. Keep shooting (in camera sense, not some Allah Akbar sense lol)
  3. I've changed my meals to more healthy and nutritious, I've also haven't got so regular sleep since start of my detox. I must admit that this completely changed the way I feel, my mood and my trainings are better and brings more results. I advise you to check your diet and sleep, too.
  4. Nice progress. Keep going.
  5. It's good that you're aware about your schedules, it's worth it to plan things ahead to have time filled, in order to prevent gaming. Also, keep in mind that things will not go the way we planned it. So, spend an additional minute on your plan to make it elastic. I've also found better working for me planning more than I think I can do, because this makes me more productive, gives me more momentum and found out that free time makes me think about procrastination or even brings cravings. Keep up the good work.
  6. I can see you progressing, which is the thing I was looking for. Surely you will live a better life. Just keep going!!!
  7. Nice to see your journal. You've made wise decision to quit playing video games. Hope to see you post regularly. Greetings, Piotr.
  8. It's good that you're fighting. Willing to change life for better is admirable thing in my eyes. You've got our support but most important, you've got strength to quit gaming! We've all been in hard times of our lives, and many of us not only survived these times but changed them for better. Adversity helps you grow and in time, you will see that this was only "motivating kick" although it seems so hard. Greetings, Piotr.
  9. Welcome, it's nice to see another countryman! You've made wise decision to quit gaming. Surely, your life will improve for better beyond your expectations. Just be consistent and remember why you do this, to live a better life. Have you started your journal?
  10. Journal entry #24 7 days game free Yesterday I had very productive day. Made everything I wanted plus tried a new cooking recipe. Chicken breast with spices, vegetables and rice. It was so tasty that I didn't even knew when I ate it, lol. In the end, I rewarded myself by watching a movie in TV and eating a jelly. Today I have to stay longer at work, so not much activity will be done today. Plans for tomorrow: -try new activity -eat healthy and at least 5 meals -learn HTML -learn for my driving course exam -go running -read another chapter of "think and grow rich"
  11. Hi, you've made wise decision. Surely your life will become even better! Just keep posting, invest in yourself and grow. Welcome gamequitter!
  12. This was my dream too. Hope you will make it. Greetings, Piotr.
  13. Certainly, it's worth it to find new activities! Can't wait to hear your first song on a flute!
  14. It's good that you're cutting ties with abusive people, it's sad that it's family, but I'm sure you will find someone who will threat you well. Keep strong.
  15. That happens to everyone and it should happen, just not too often
  16. Beginnings are always hard. You saying no to playing a game, means you're strong. Just keep it this way.
  17. It's good that you didn't fall into mindless work. Doing two things at once is cool!
  18. I've heard people find it really usefull. But for me it's too close to a game, as I always liked rpg game type, it made me a bit craving. That's why in my opinion you should be carefull about it. Again, it depends on person.
  19. At first, I wanted to write: "You've read my mind with this one", but at second thought, every game quitter thought at some point of their life, how much more he would achieve by spending all those hours on something else. It's good that you bringing this up, certainly it's a valuable lesson for new comers and important reminder for frequenters. Keep up the good work!!! Greetings, Piotr.
  20. Journal entry #23 5 days game free I feel really tired by this week. I've relapsed. Due to few of my colleagues getting leave for holidays I had more to do in my job. I had a car accident, fortunatelly no one got hurt. When I was taking a turn, car infront of me suddenly stoped when he was in my blind spot and I hit him My car have so little, that almost invisible dent in front bumper. Unfortunatelly, other car have a bit more damaged rear bumper and mechanic said that some bar from below the trunk got slanted, overall cost of reperation is around 250$. I calculated my funds and found out that after paying him, paying for my course and living I would zero my funds. Well, it's still better than minus. Hope this week will bring something better, hell, it certainly will. Have a good day gamequitters!
  21. Your post with costume photo made a huge smile on my face! I admire your attitude, I wouldn't probably have so much confidence to go dressed like this. Greetings, Piotr.
  22. Congratulations! Hope to see more progress!
  23. They don't. They take from you much more, than they give.
  24. It may be true that an element of your nervousness to give up your income to go to school full-time comes from the fear that you will not have enough money, or that you are losing money and so forth. This is a scarcity mindset and comes from the belief that money is limited. It's easy to develop this type of thinking when you are in a job that gives you a paycheck every two weeks and you rarely receive a raise, and you really do have to budget and so forth - to be practical. Money is in fact, made up. Money is limitless and it can be created. There is enough money in the world for everyone. So what I mean to suggest is that this is a good opportunity to embrace more of an abundance mindset. One where you are investing in your future and that you can trust that all the money you need will be there, whether that's short-term (now) or long-term (post-school.) There is no reason that you are unable to create all the money you could ever imagine. It's possible. And the first step is believing it to be so. Your actions follow your beliefs so if you believe you are only allowed to have a very limited amount of money, your actions will reflect the actions you need to take to only have a limited amount of money. The opposite is also true. Read The Science of Getting Rich: PDF / AUDIO cc: @kortheo If we talk about riches, I'm reading a book advised by @AlexTheGrape, " Think and Grow Rich " by Napoleon Hill. I strongly recommend to read it!
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