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  1. Once in a blue moon I'll think "It'd be fun to play so and so again". It usually comes from the nostalgia of the atmosphere, immersion, or being awesome in a game. So sometimes I'll substitute those desires. Might listen to epic music, or read a fantasy novel with OP MCs. Other times it just goes away because it's more an idle thought than a craving. Don't know if they'll go away, but it definitely gets easier, I dare to even say straight up easy.
  2. Toggl has a UI calendar to filter reports, that's how I do my summaries. I've never used Time Meter but I'm sure it's comparable.
  3. Hey @hycniejsy, I use Toggl to track all my time. I use it for my work to track billables, and at some point started using it to track my general utilization too. Nice to have the metrics to make decisions off of
  4. Haven't posted in forever. That being said, I am 177 days game free including today I think. Physical health is doing great, personal development is nice and steady. Tracking lots of stuff, experimenting with different themes each week (ie: morning routine, hobby focus, general momentum). As for time spent non-productively on entertainment, since and including August 21st, sitting at 133 hours. Average of 1.6 hours a day. Had some weeks with TV binge, about 16-20 hours of time wasting, but I'm happy with the average.
  5. @JSmith props for the self awareness and openness. As long as you have the desire, you will get past that mentality one day. Dunno if you've read this, excerpt from "Bounce", Matthew Syed. Experiment with some young students and math performance. The control group that performed better were not smarter on average, they simply tried harder/longer and didn't give up. In the under performing group, they were praised at how "talented" or "genius" they were. In the well performing group they told them "you must have worked so hard to do so well". Your fears aren't out of nowhere, it's easy for others to undervalue effort and just talk about talent/genius because that makes it easier to not try. It sounds like you've been surrounded by that mentality a lot. But looking at your progress I feel like you're well on your way to where you'll define your success, keep it up! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0s-pAC9Dq88 - here's a minute of Gary V that hopefully helps
  6. Thanks Cam! August 15 - August 21 (Day 89 - Day 95) 24 hours social 14.5 hours exercise 7 hours drawing 6 hours entertainment 6 hours learning 1.5 hours meditating Managed to keep the entertainment down this week.Still could've been less though, as the vast majority of it came from 3 days.After work, social events, exercise activity, some days I barely have time to squeeze in drawing + desired reading. This is a good thing.Doesn't burn me out because I'm keeping busy doing things I not only enjoy, but are meaningful and build towards an overall goalDon't know if this will help anyone, but I read the Art of Manliness book a few months ago, and their statement that "Industry Fights Depression" really rang with me. I've been pretty happy all year, and since I quit games, that feeling has increased substantially. The busy + meaningful schedule is really the core of it. The book is based off their website, so here's the online section if anyone is interested. http://www.artofmanliness.com/2008/04/06/the-virtuous-life-industry/
  7. Bit of a late post. Also realized I'm currently past day 90, awesome. No big changes or anything like that, I rather like the fact that I'm not really counting the days but rather enjoying every day. August 8 - August 14 (Day 82 - Day 88) 18 hours sports 13 hours drawing 12 hours learning (reading, online, socially, mental exercises) 8.5 hours entertainment 5 hours social 2 hours meditating Really happy with the progress this past week. Just want to keep it up and compound the progress towards rock climbing and drawing. Lots of sports volume in retrospect, 6.5 hours of climbing and the rest of the time fencing, badminton, archery, general cardio. Doing a figure drawing course for drawing, been spending hours just practicing gestures. Coach.Me helping me prioritize a lot, as the only things on there are the daily contributions to me important long term goals.
  8. Cool reference. I happened to watch this just yesterday. Maybe you'll find it helpful too as a general summary https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8JPV43NCakY
  9. Congrats on joining the forum and good luck! 21 is young! Haha. Now begins the rest of your life
  10. Thanks Cam. I started using Coach.Me for the singular most important thing I cared about and only a few days later I've got a few items on there now. It's a great supplementary tool to a task tracker because it's great at not only highlighting the key items I want to work on, but it also helps me prioritize better to see how many of each are done in the week. August 1 - 7 (Day 75 - Day 81) 22.5 hours social 8.5 hours entertainment 8.5 hours drawing 6.5 hours exercising 4 hours learning online 3 hours learning online (sports science) 2.5 hours reading 1 hours meditating Much better of a week. Coach.Me really helped with drawing and meditating. Set a windows task reminder to remember to take 10 minute breaks every hour while I work. Keeps my brain in better shape and puts me in a better mood after work. Entertainment getting closer to 1h/day, which is a good enough level for now. More so happy with the other hours of productivity. One of the more subtle but key items in my Coach.Me is a daily focusing question via The One Thing. "What's The ONE Thing I Can Do Such That By Doing It Everything Else Will Be Easier Or Unnecessary?" This has really helped me prioritize when I have blocks of free time.
  11. Hey @Math_00, I generally like sports, my favorite would be rock climbing. There's lots of people who climb on their own, so there's tons of opportunity to just say hi. Everything is easy from there . Every now and then I'll also do archery, fencing, badminton, and lately have been getting into squash. Other things I've tried include jujitsu, parkour, gymnastics, hot yoga, regular yoga. Those were all fun too, but end of the day not a priority. Overall I recommend trying beginner classes here and there, great social opportunities, even if you don't make any long term friends jumping class to class, you'll improve your skill of saying hi to strangers
  12. Haven't tried audio books yet, I've used it before on the drive to Calgary recently and have thought about it before while doing cardio/conditioning. That being said, at this point in time I prefer to strategize a way to reduce entertainment as well as get back into the 50/10 minute work/break to incorporate reading in there. Traditionally I've used my iPad to set the timer, but this is a habit I haven't developed. Was going pretty well few weeks ago but I fell off that for some reason... That being said, just writing this response has gotten the mental processing going. I'm going to find a way to put an annoying reminder on my computer for every hour, there must be some third party app for that. What do you think?
  13. Welcome @Math_00! If you haven't already, I found that Cam's video on comfort zones paints a very nice framework around this. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XjmCscE7-WY I've met 50+ new people this year (whose names I all remember too), and it's been easy because it's been in activities I really enjoy. Hope that whatever challenge you make for yourself will be something you really enjoy!
  14. July 18-24 (Day 61 - Day 67) 15.5 hours exercise 11.5 hours entertainment 11.5 hours social 3 hours drawing 3.5 hours learning online 30 minutes reading Haven't read much recently, part of the reason is not a lot of new books to go through, but also partly getting into greater emphasis on exercise, so I don't have a problem with that. Want to continue doing something everyday that contributes towards fitness/drawing/both as the priority, and shave hours off entertainment if I can. Hoping that the former will naturally make the latter easier. July 25-31 (Day 68 - Day 74) 23 hours social 11.5 hours drawing 10.5 hours entertainment 10 hours exercise 1 hour learning online 30 minutes reading Nothing hugely different, started using coach.me to put more hours into drawing, had friends over for the weekend from Calgary. Coach.me pretty useful thus far. This looks like a good potential way to minimize the entertainment time, as it's a nice daily way to reminding me of what I wish to accomplish in the long run.
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