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  1. Only a quick post tonight. Today went well but didn't get done hardly anything I would have like too. They targets I wrote today I need to smash tomorrow. I did have a driving lesson today and within the lesson, I noticed that when I'm getting told what I'm doing wrong, I'm making mistakes and to be honest that is the only way I can learn. So making mistakes I need to establish that it isn't a bad thing and that its the most effective way to learn.
  2. pSmashed today's jog. Okay I'm not waking up as early as i use to be by half an hour, and I'm not jogging as far, but I'm still doing it and every day I'm jogging further and further and trying to improve . Also today at worked I sold a load and my confidence soared through the roof. Selling a load, engaging with customer's more and being more confident. Tomorrow my goals are to comment on 3 people's pages in the forum, and establish more about finding work abroad.
  3. Today what happened, well I researched a tonne into working abroad and what I need to do how to do it. I also stopped reading a book I had read half of due to the book being just not for me. So i stopped reading outliers and started reading a book on body language which so far I love and am already 50 pages in. I then went to one of mine and my brother mates who had a load of mates around and was extremely impressed how confident i was and how much I enjoyed being around people who I didn't really know. I love going to our mate matt's just as it reminds me of when i started my journey on improving my life all them years ago and it's nice to see how much I have changed. Tomorrow morning im up for a jog and tomorrow I'm going to smash. Wish me luck.
  4. Watched and loved it. He's added to my watch list, Thanks mate.
  5. Smashed it today!! Woke up nice and early and I did it, finally. Half five wake up and I went on my morning jog and guess what..... it felt great. It completely changed my day and I had one of the best days I have had since I stopped. Coincidence?? I think not. Today, like I said, was a great day and was amazingly positive and being hard working at work really makes you feel better. Lately, I have been acting like I don't care to customers and today being the opposite really paid off and I received so much more from it. the feeling, the happiness, the compliments and so much more. Also, another reason that today went so well was I now know what I want to do with my life at the moment, and what journey I Should be aiming too. I want to travel the world, working in all different countries and spending my savings to have to time off in different countries. That is what I want to do with my life and this is what I am going to do. As Cam said the biggest and fastest way to self-growth is travel and leads to massive independence and confidence.
  6. So tonight I had a amazing talk with Cam and how I managed to get of track this much. Cam asked me a amazing question today and that was, what were you worried about before you become Ill. We spoke about how i had a lot on my mind and was scarred about how I could fall back into doing nothing and return to not bothering with self help, which happened. Cam then made me see everything in a different light, what if the universe made me ill as a test to see how wrong i was and too teach me that yes i would always return to self help. Tomorrow morning I'm going to prove that I will knock down any barrier that gets put infront of me. Im waking up early in the morning and am going to continue jogging in the mornings. Tonight after i finish writing this I'm going to start meditating and continue it for 30 days without fail. Working abroad is were i want to head and i want to travel the world while working. Im going to look up Australia and look for jobs from there. I have a dream and I'm going to pursue it. Cheers cam for the talk tonight it really helped.
  7. Meditation? what a great idea! im going to take your advice and stick in straight in to action! Thanks for the advice! Im feeling the need to acumplish another 30 day challange! maybe eat nothing but pre made lunches. I could save money while doing that aswell. Im still wanting to go jogging in the morning but just cant seem to get started! Also this week i have lived off no money basicly, which shows i dont need to spend all the money i do when i get paid. That is going to be my main focus next month. Money! Tomorrow goals: rewrite my list of goals.
  8. So all booked in with Cam on Monday and I cant wait. I have started reading ten pages of a book a day and will continue to do so as well as post on here. I am trying at the moment to decide if I need a weekend off and if I should book a night In a hotel far away for some time to think about what I want and to get back on track. Also, I have recently been thinking of working abroad and this is once again another reason that I think I need a break, to have time think and decide what to do. I once listened to Tye Lopez say that he recommends having a weekend away every month and if that's true then I'm well overdue ahaha.
  9. The lack of replies on here I have no excuses for and I am not happy with my self for letting me slide so far out. I took some time out due to me being ill and me telling myself I have not got enough energy to write in the group. This is madness! And feeding myself excuses is not helping anyway shape of form. Today I jumped in with overtime on my day off and took the time once I got home to plan work on my website. Work I done really well and one sale made the whole day worthwhile and with a message from the manager of the store I was input in the areas WhatsApp group on a massive sale i had done. So two things i need to improve on is I need to start jogging again in the mornings and i need to start posting in this group everyday no matter what!. That is where I am heading now.
  10. Started reading outliers today and I'm already loving the book. Spent a load of time working on my youtube video but still after a load of work no were near to posting. I guess as I'm still new to youtube i have to expect days were i am just learning how to do and use bits of software. I had a two hour driving lesson swell today and spoke about moving my new test day forward, which we will be doing at some point. Learnt a load of new ways to touch up on pieces of my driving. Made a load of phone calls to people who i had be meaning to and arranged to meet up on Friday which will be great. Best of all Skype call planned with Cam!!! Tomorrow !!!
  11. Today i finished reading the slight edge finally and wow was it the best book i have ever read. I am going start reading the book outliers next and ten pages night sounds good. Today at work i believe i was a bit lazy and spent a lot of time sitting down. I could have definitely have spent time cleaning and tidying. Definitely something that needs to be done. I also got my phone unlocked today and pick it up Thursday, which means my 30 day detox starts soon with no smartphone. Feel like i need a Skype call with Cam which ill have to sort out, and tomorrow i smash my youtube video.
  12. Why that? I am not sure if neglecting bad things that happen to you is a good idea. Focusing on the positive things to get a positive mindset seems reasonable, but identifying why you feel bad and how you deal with bad things that happen to you is also important. Very true. To be honest guys i fill like i have lost track. Im still trying to get back on the path but struggling. Today i come home just sat there watching a movie with my cousins feeling sorry for myself and felling ill. Im still ill which isn't helping (excuse) but have lost a load of routines. I need to build them up again. As my sales trainer use to tell me, What will impress me more than how many sales you can get in a day and what records you broke is, when your backs against the wall what can you do. Tomorrow morning I'm going for a job and getting back on track and heading the way i was. Build them up asif they never went.
  13. Added the Ten pages a day of a book to my daily routine yesterday so day 2. My next 30 day challenge as hard as its going to be working in a phone shop is going to be using a old slide up phone for a month, which means no internet for me just calls and texts. That will happen when i get my phone unlocked i have brought for this. Today I'm still on the path of getting back on track and its okay! I am on the success curve. I have felt a lot better today and managed to stay awake later tonight but the one thing i still have not managed today is sort running in the mornings. This is because i have been too ill but next week it needs to start again and i need to start waking up at 5. As long as that is done next week then mission complete. I also want to start dedicating my time on the right thing not just being productive, but once again next week that will be done. Well done for getting back on track Slowly but sorely
  14. 30 days coffee free, and smoking well I'm just finished with that, i believe i have been smoke free now for over 3 weeks and i know look at smokers and it makes me feel sick and i can't help but imagine some filthy taste in my mouth. What i learnt going a month without coffee So from drinking one coffee a day to none was hard but I know were i was heading and completed a month and wow it felt great. I did learn though that my diet relied on coffee to much as 2 weeks in i struggled to go to the loo, and a week later was in a huge amount of pain and spent a week in bed, doused up on all sorts of medicine. Anyway without going in to too much detail i learnt that i need to eat more fruit like prunes, apples and oranges and also limit my coffee but don't wipe it. Which is going to be hard as i think i have gone of the taste of coffee. Today i spent the day trying to get some stuff back on track. I took some notes for toastmasters but am finding it hard still being on the aftermath of bring ill. Why? Im ready for bed a 8. From now on i am only going to write positive posts on here, and only the good that happened in that day .
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