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  1. I had always a problem with focus when learning/studying. What I found working, was studying for a short amount of time, like 15 minutes, than switching activity. Doing this regularly, gave me better results, than studying for hour straight. Beside that, when I feel momentum on doing something, I don't stop till this momentum burns out. I hope that this tips will help.
  2. You're not at day 1. Especially now when you're enriched with relapse knowledge. Just go back on track. Continue your journey. Although you find your gaming problem even more scarier, this doesn't mean it's unbeatable. To be honest, everyone finds gaming even easier to quit after relapse. Can't wait to hear more from you.
  3. It's good that you're going well on your detox. I recommend those yellow sticky notes for spreading affirmations across your house. Watch out though. At some point my house looked like the one from films about psychos. Covered in quotes. It is really helpfull though. Greetings, Piotr.
  4. It's great to read your journal, so much awesomeness! When can I expect more photo streaks?
  5. Great to hear that someone is also working on their own business. Can't wait for more information on it. We're you thinking on what your product will be about?
  6. I agree with you saying that games are slow poison. They kill our lives if we are under influence of it for too long. Besides that, what you've wrote is equal to what I say about gaming in moderation. It leads to relapse. There are so few examples of it working, in comparison to so many where it doesn't, that this should be widely discouraged in my opinion. Now go for it!
  7. Haha. Great idea with those calls. Can't wait for more!
  8. This feeling of giving up comes always in every area of our life. Just remember what pushed you to do this and be consistent. In time it will come. I see that you enjoy programming. I love it too. Are you working on something or just learning it for now?
  9. Good luck on your detox; wise decision! I would be careful about that gamedev though, this can be a trigger. Hope to see more of you in this community! Greetings,Piotr.
  10. That's why gaming in moderation is bad in my opinion. This almost always leads to losing your progress. Night time is my problem too. Hope you will share answer of you find it.
  11. Hang in there Daniel. You're not alone.
  12. Journal entry #35 Days game free: 1 Relapsed. I wonder where I would be, what my achievements will look like, if I would spent all my previous night gaming sessions on something productive. I've gotta go for it.
  13. Journal entry #34 65 days game free Who am I?
  14. Journal entry #33 61 days game free Procrastination problem came back again, watching series instead of doing something really productive. I think this problem came from my lack of building momentum to learn website programming, which is the only activity I've neglected from the ones planned this week. I need to be more of a hustler!
  15. Love optimizing! It really makes me more proud of myself when I see how much I've done today.
  16. Remember that getting into university is only one step. You have to make much more steps while studying at university. Are you prepared for this?
  17. Do you plan your weekend or at least plan activities one day ahead? It's really helpful to make day productive.
  18. I often listen to music while eating, watching youtube videos etc. Because eating a meal (like 5-15 minutes), limits my youtube usage this way and I don't have to resign from listening to my favourite songs.
  19. Happy birthday gamequitter! <cake>
  20. Did you consider getting an accountability partner?
  21. You wrote that you like being fighter in games. Maybe it's good to sign up for martial art classes? In games you were a good merchant, why not to try it irl?
  22. Journal entry #32 50 days game free I've done so much today. Procrastination is literally dying in the corner Building momentum, is what lastly works really great for me. Besides that, a huge note! I'm finally feeling like my mind rewires from games constant measurable growth into life-slower-but-real growth, like my mind adapts into different level of stimulation. This gave me a peace of mind as lastly this bothered me. I've read an article today which inspired me to create following phrase: Do it. Schedule it. Learn about it. It basically refers to three techniques which helped me, to turn me into a better person; living more in a life and less in virtual reality. Do it - momentum building Schedule it - planning Learn about it - learning about something, is a better way to achieve success, than focusing on goal itself Have a good day, Game Quitters!
  23. I take a deep breath and try to keep my mind focused when strong emotions come. Trying to understand everything what lead to this and what can I do with this. If it overwhelms me, I try to relax in the evening.
  24. I was hoping for a photo from that mufti day
  25. I advise on physical activity, as your mind is already busy because of studies.
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