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  1. I guess this'll work like a kanban board: Overall, progress pretty shit today. Gamed quite a bit (until 5pm) Did some work just now on my essay that's due next month so that's good, hopefully more tonight. Gotta grab a good night's sleep too. Hopefully I remember this tomorrow haha.
  2. Under quite a bit of pressure right now, but it should be exciting Have to resit my exams, and my university application is coming up next month so I have to work extra hard to make sure my personal statement is polished and ready. Even not playing games, I'll need to not procrastinate on other things like youtube because that's not much better tbh. I'm not really sure I'll get into the universities I applied for as they're ranked the top in the world though, sorta just hoping I'll get lucky and one will accept me haha. But I think this episode has taught me to be more responsible for my own life. Ran 7 km in one hour, way better than when I had to stop nearly every km back in May. Progress is nice!
  3. Day 14 (+2 months): It's been a long time since my last entry! I think I've actually been able to slowly replace gaming enough that I can finally stop, although I don't want to jinx it. Every morning, the first thing I do is read a book instead of opening up my computer. I think it's helped me not procrastinate right away. I think the reason why is a combination of summer school (first time I've been in one, with some really talented people -I saw how people were trying way harder than me even though we're the same age), the building up of hobbies I've done over the last few months (drawing, running, reading), and Cam's video on "What if quitting video games is hard?" I think I've always tended to stay away from challenging tasks, even if subconsciously, and my good grades only made it worse (that I was "only" good at maths/science for example, instead of challenging myself to do other things). That video really helped me understand that some tasks are meant to be difficult (as obvious as it seems), and most importantly that we shouldn't give up. So here's my semi-daily drawing that I did in 30 minutes , and thank you very much.
  4. Day 13: Well, I've been doing some things. I've been making regular diary entries in my real diary, although that's definitely not an excuse for refraining from this one. I finished all my exams a week or two ago, and I've been reading at school b/c we're not doing anything Went to the gym for the 1st time in a very long time w/my friends. Can't even lift 15kg haha. I think habitica has really helped me manage my daily tasks (reading, drawing, exercise,etc) and stop myself from procrastinating. I'm not quite sure what to do over the summer though, as I've got a short trip in the middle of the holidays so I can't really do anything. Today my mood was pretty bad b/c we had useless teachers who really shouldn't be teaching imo.
  5. Thank you! I'm trying my best . Yes, I try to do most of my answers on paper. I'm taking public high school exams atm, so I get past papers online. I don't really want to print out the questions as the ink is pretty expensive here ($25 USD for a black cartridge). Highlighting words doesn't work for me because I tend to highlight the entire section , so I typically study by understanding the core concepts first (seeing examples of how/why it happens), then looking at the questions and finding out specifics that I don't know on the internet. The books/notes I have unfortunately only cover the basic information, and usually doesn't explain the material to the depth that I'm comfortable with. The exams results come back in middle of august though, so I have to wait 2 months for the results...
  6. Day 12: Screwed up today pretty hard. Was studying at friend's house, but they were playing video games (I was studying b/c i uninstalled all my apps), even though they said it was a "study" session. However this morning I decided to check out the game they were playing agar.io relapsed and ended up straight up playing for 5 hours instead. damn that sucked. I think I should've left early, as that event triggered me. I want to find some new friends, but most of the other people in my class are either connected by something I have no interest in (football) or aren't better any better than my current friends. Thankfully I got a hold of myself in the afternoon and was able to do a few hours of revision, so that was my only saving grace today.
  7. Welp skipped like a week I've been sleeping pretty early, so I keep forgetting to make a post until i shut off my PC (habits I guess) Day 11: Relaxed for a few days, watching anime, then got back to studying. Have my english exam then Geography the day after. Been starting to draw a little bit during breaks. Used pomodoro very effectively, however I need to focus on actually starting the timer.
  8. Day 10: First day of my exams.I have mixed feelings about today. I screwed up maths REALLY hard, even though it's meant to be my strongest subject. This was partly due to the fact that I didn't check how much time I had left and subsequently ran out of time. It's pretty worrying as I need it to get into uni. However we can only do it to the best of our abilities. I was afraid after I walked home after the maths exam. Fear that I was going to get the same result in other exams. I think I (and society) put too much focus into exams, when it's not a very good indicator of how well we learn. Thankfully, I was pleased with my chemistry because I studied it to death this week. I think I need a better mentality regarding this though. My mom has been VERY supportive of me these past few days, even though she has her own problems to deal with. I honestly can't thank her enough. Tomorrow is the first part of my physics exam though. Whilst I didn't study as much for it, I should be able to get the grades I need. Really sleepy from the revising and the tests. Thanks guys for reading I guess this is another outlet for my thoughts and concerns.
  9. Missed yesterday's again Day 8: 6 hours revision, had to go to school for half a day even though they said it was only going to be one hour (school administration sucks) Day 9: 6km run, 7 hours revision. Tomorrow are the maths and chemistry exams. I revised to the best of my ability already, so I'm not really nervous. I just hope I do well because I want good grades to get into uni. It's going to be the hardest exams for me, as the other exams have like 7-10 days apart, but maths, chem and physics are within 2 days of each other. This journal has really helped me stop procrastinating so much (though I did spend an hour watching stuff exploding, but that's chemical reactions lol) Sleeping early tonight.
  10. Oops missed yesterday's entry: Day 6 Woke up 1 hour too early, sluggishly revised for 5 hours in between naps. Seen my friends after nearly 1 week of maximum isolation . Day 7 ran 6 km. 3 hours revision b/c i went out w/parents for dinner/lunch. 2 days left for exam, and we still have school tomorrow
  11. Day 5: 5km run, got stitches in the last 1km and crawled home 5 hours revision Probably will need to change the habit to getting out of the chair when I'm bored, but this will take some time. I feel very happy that I'm able to not think about gaming most of the time, which frees me up to know more about my surroundings and myself.
  12. Day 4: 6 hours revision Drew some really bad stick figures 5 days to go until exams. It's nice to see how not playing games have allowed me to concentrate on my studies whereas last year I was still playing 4h/day at this stage. Not playing games also allowed me to go to sleep earlier and wake up refreshed and energised. Have a nice day!
  13. I think I get the urge to browse after I finish a question/task, or when listening to music and certain words trigger it. Typically feeling a little bit worn down after revising, but once I start browsing it'll take me 20+minutes to get back on track which is the issue.
  14. Day 3: ran 6km 4 hours revision browsed reddit again, maybe ill try blocking the site
  15. Day 2: 3 hours of revision watched deadpool did 40 ish chemistry flashcards browsed reddit for way too long, will try to read instead tomorrow.