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  1. Day #35 Spent the day studying and getting ready for work. Cant believe its only one week away now and its going to come by very quickly... I've went past my youtube limit today by 2, but thats okay because its still considerably less than what I've done previously. Tomorrow I will aim for 6 videos instead. I've invited a friend over for tomorrow so that'll keep me busy. Do you guys think that playing a game or two with a friend who comes over your house will ruin the detox? I am unsure about it ...
  2. Day #34 Went to the movies with my friend today and it screwed up my sleep hhahaha But today was lovely and it was fun to go outside with a friend and relax. I still feel that urge to just let this go, but that aint happening. I am going to take the next step and start limiting my time watching game videos on youtube. I am starting with a maximum of 5 per day and slowly wean that down to 0 by the end of this detox. I am still doing my exercise and thats going well, its really difficult to keep it consistent though after so long doing nothing... But hey, going good now and Im really going to make this journal consistent. Thanks all ^^
  3. Day #31-33 Okay, this is interesting. I suddenly realised I am at the point where I failed my journal the first time I did this. It was around the day 30 mark, and it suddenly clicked to me that I was almost going to do the same thing twice. This is interesting for me as it really highlights where my flaws are in changing my habits. So I am forcing myself to myself to write this message to truly make the change. I havent broken the gaming nostalgia, its still there but I have been sorting alot of stuff out to prepare for Sydney. Its all going really well. I am making the promise to myself to do the next 10 days straight. If I can do that, I know I can do the rest. Thanks all - I am at a crucial threshold with all this.
  4. Excellent idea Giblets and appreciate the thoughtful advice #30 - WOOOOO I honestly cannot believe I am on 30 days for my detox. It feels great knowing I havent played any games and flushing it out of my system. By no means is the nostalgia gone but I believe I am making some excellent progress. I decided to try something different today, I went for a run on the beach. I live in the northern part of Perth so its completely empty and its full of fresh oxygen to help you run. It was torture, but afterwards I felt amazing. I honestly dont know how I havent been doing this all these past years, I can feel the difference. It certainly helps doing other more productive tasks. Had a mate over too today to run with and it does help a lot in pushing through the exercise. On a side note Giblets I do know what you mean in switching binging. While it can work for some people I dont think it will work for most of us because its not something our bodies really want. Unless somehow we force it like it somehow. If somehow you can do it then you have certainly done better than me. Anyhoo, heres to my 30 day anniversary and happy times ahead! Cheers all
  5. Day #29 Hey guys Had some bad withdrawals last night. I always used to play games before dinner because it was one of those moments where you dont want to do anything but you want to be occupied. Im curious to see how long these withdrawals are going to last for. I am starting to do treadmill walks every day as a build up for my exercise. Im extremely lucky that I do have a treadmill... down here in Australia you need to fill sunscreen up to your eyes and its annoying. I know, how petty am I. Anyway the days are passing and travelling is inching closer and closer. I am starting to feel the excitement though. I can't wait to start, especially as I will be so busy that I'll barely have any time to look at game updates and whatnot. So...many...new...games. ALAS, almost to my day 30! Thats very exciting!
  6. Hey guys Day #28 Eased myself back into things again. You know that feeling when you didnt do much for a while and then have to chuck yourself back into the thick of it? Its a slog. I spent an hour or two at a bit of a lost. It was almost going to be a day in bed. But I remembered to start small, so I went on the treadmill for 30 minutes. Do a world of good to just get moving again. I havent succeeded in joining the gym, but I figure if I am moving to Sydney soon this month there isnt really much point. So, I am going to do some home exercises. The temptation is ever present when you are trying to fill stuff back up. So many new games are being released. But I must say, coming up to my 30 days is really satisfying and I am very proud of myself. The next step will be limiting my youtube videos. I decided that im going to implement a quota of minutes for youtube videos because its almost a quasi-game/surrogate. But Im not too harsh as to equate it with actual gaming. Its must easier abstain from videos alone than both videos and games. Always start small and build. Focus on systems and daily goals as a build up. Keep chugging on! Thanks guys
  7. Day #22-27 Okay! Been out for a while guys, was really sick and just couldnt be bothered doing anything. But, back on track now and will keep going. These past days haven't been too eventful but now that I am mostly feeling better I can start doing things again. Got lots to do... booked my flights and sorted all my information for Sydney. Now I need to brush up on a few things to prepare for work. I also need to find the gluten free life in Sydney as well due to my dietary requirements, and should also start to think about accommodation. Accommodation is simply horrendous in Sydney because its so expensive. Lets keep going Cheers all~!
  8. Day #21 Keeping it real guys, still feeling unwell but I've been filling up my time with small time arrangements for Sydney. Aaaand a bit of TV and reading Cheers
  9. Day #19-20 Hey guys didnt manage to make a post yesterday because I was sick. I've been unlucky recently with this shit. Nothing much to report as of yet but will have more to post hopefully in the next few days. Keeping it real and keeping it up. Cheers
  10. Yeah man for sure! Day #18 Keeping it a small post today because nothing much to report. Just following this: Going well, going good and keeping myself busy. I havent joined the gym yet because I am getting colds and shit all the time and its frustrating at hell But ah well, onwards and upwards. Thanks guys
  11. Day #17 Thanks for all the support guys. Yesterday was slightly better. I managed to start inserting some activities I would've never usually done when I was bored. Its so important to take a relaxed approach with yourself. The last two times I attempted this, I was hard on myself and thought "well that didnt go the way I wanted so I failed). Yet, failure is important as we all know, as long as you learn. So my lesson is patience and kindness towards ones self. I saw a couple of motivational videos and thought of my end goal for my career and thought about what I could be doing now to help it. So I am easing myself into more studying for skills that I'll need for my job next month. I realise that its easy to stay off games when youre busy, but staying them off when you arent is more important for its when we are vulnerable. Lets keep at it Thanks all
  12. I shall be moving on the 23rd next month Day #16 Man, I literally lied in bed all day. Didn't play any games but the sudden void has splashed over me with force. When you watch videos, you slowly but surely watch some people playing games, I did that for a bit. More a reflex than active choice. Im not going to be too hard on myself though, it was a big turn yesterday. And in the end I didnt install and play anything (inconvenience for the win). Going to do some prep work for Sydney... slowly but surely introduce other things to do. Its by no means going to get easier overnight but its simply a waiting game. Getting there, rough start, but lets keep going ! Cheers
  13. Day #15 Okay, today I had a doctors appointment and he gave me an all clear. Now the real test begins, I've got not outstanding obligations except preparing for Sydney. That means I must come up with my own activities. So now I have to fill up my time with things that I previously did with games. I can feel the edge, trying to tempt me to fall over. But I just keep reminding myself I know where it leads. I've done the circle again, and again, and again. Will see how it goes Thanks all
  14. Alrighty day #14 Finished the last day on the job yesterday and very happy I am temporarily free! Nows the time to start making all the preparations for Sydney! So many things to do now, and thats great for keeping myself away from games. Once I do arrive in Sydney, i'll have no facility to play games and will be engrossed in the next chapter of my life. So just need to hold out until then, I know I can do it. I still feel urges once and a while but Im keeping them in check. Thanks for all of the support thus far :)) Cheers
  15. Day #13 Thought I would wait in the morning for this post because doing this while tired was getting difficult consistently I had a good day, was my second final day of work. I do really see now that boredom or lack of things to do is the killer. Its imperative to fill your day up with things to do otherwise you will be very likely to relapse. And, you just put up as many barriers as you can in to help you overcome the urge to go back. My urge to play world of warcraft creeped back on me, you see that whole other virtual world where you can easily it with real life and plead yourself to go back. But it always ends the same. Few weeks playing I then go "what the fuck did I just do?" You have nothing to show for it. Zilch. And the opportunity cost continuously builds. I can lose anymore precious time and thats why this journal is so important. Thanks guys
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