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  1. Day 89, 26 Books for the year. I've been closely reviewing my relationship with my company and I'm seriously considering pivoting into graphic novels. I've struggled throughout the years, on getting the mechanics of the board games I've made, to what I find acceptable. It's also possible I've somehow taken some negative aspect of how I work on my stuff, similarly to how I played games. It's been a hard question: What do I really value? I've founded my company on this world I've made and refined over the years. Why not just convert to a medium where the focus is the story? Mak
  2. I'd recommend what @TheNewMe2.0 suggested. Meditation is very powerful. Try and find substitutions for facebook and discord. It may be difficult, especially with covid, but there's always a path forward if you're willing to find it.
  3. @WhoCares As you've said it yourself, it's not that games are the issue for you, but rather a game like Overwatch. Take a moment to dig into that a bit more. What is it about a game like Overwatch do you like? You';ve shown that you are quite skilled at the game, placing top 500. I myself have played OW and don't have the skill you had, but ask yourself, how is this skill in OW translating in the real world? How was playing this specific game directly impacting me? I would consider looking at other master games, such as chess or perhaps a sport. It appears that you're able to quit
  4. Day 79, 21 books for the year. Back at the gym. Been reading up on how to run a Kickstarter. Odd question: How can you tell what you're doing is what really fires you up / sticks? I've been running my business since 2016 within the tabletop games field. I'm not the greatest designer, but what I do enjoy is creating stories and worldbuilding. As I've been on this path of quitting video games, I've been asking myself a very hard question: Is tabletop design the last bastion of what video games was to me? I'm unsure if this is ultimately true, but I do obsess over getting my current g
  5. Day 61, Hey all - still managing to stay away from games. It's odd really. I didn't actually intend on quitting for a prolonged period, but I do like being outside the loop. A group of my friends have been playing WoW, but I've been able to understand doing that wouldn't provide any value to me. I'm at 18 books for the year. I like being able to read and when I do find the time to socialize, it helps me facilitate conversation (sometimes). Though all this reading i've been really asking myself what I want to do next. I really don't want to work another job just for the sake of havi
  6. Hey Jason, Thanks for your words. I've been doing a little better with the emptiness, but today has been a bit intense. I have this feeling of hopelessness. I feel there's still apart of me on a wrong path or that something isn't in place. I have a lot of free time so it's easy to get stuck in deep thought. My current relationship as been rocky. My gf games and takes life slowly, where as i'm looking to make moves and really better myself. Is there a thing with being in an environment that diverges from what you want? I'm not blaming her, it's just I try and push her to be a little
  7. Day 44, I'm 14 books in for the year. A mixture of fiction and writing. I've joined a writing group, thus far we meet every other Monday. I've signed up for a game design master class (specifically tabletop games) in regards to moving my business forward. There's a lot of things i've been doing to help myself improve myself, but yet, I can't help but feel empty. Not quite sure why that is? Maybe my brain reconfiguring itself? One thing I can say is that it feels better to finish books rather than games, even though when I did game, I'd only play one game. Keep on
  8. Day 26, I've read 9 books since the new year. I average about 100 pages a day. Feels great to be focused again in this old art. Started writing again. Focused more on being active. Overall self investment. Though my initial anxieties are thoughts concerning finding work, what that work is, and what I intend to do with my current girlfriend. These are two big questions I don't quite have the answer to, but I do know that what I feel current when around my gf isn't very positive, something I've been taking account of and intend to make a decision in May when our lease is up.
  9. Hey Cam - I appreciate it. I'm actually doing rather well. Haven't gamed in 18 days. Reading a ton. Feels pretty good. Hope you're well.
  10. Another update here, Lost my job on Wednesday, performance related. Dealing with the fallout mentally.
  11. Correct - Board games. Video games are what I'm looking to stop. I approach board games drastically differently. The situations I'm referencing are in relation to my current job and my relationship with my girlfriend. As I've not played a video game in about a week-in-a-half, it's been a little easier to deal with. Right at this moment. I'm considering my position as a table-top designer. I feel as if i'm not cut out for this work, as it's been about five years and I've only been able to produce one product while having four other games that ended up unmade. I'm unsure how to get th
  12. I can say as of now, I'm certainly doing better. Hm - as for Wisdom. I can say this. I often retreat into games when I find a situation in my life without answer(s). I'm a tabletop game designer and the current project I was/am working on has been causing me a fair bit of stress. I don't have any answers to how to solve these problems I've been having with it, but I feel I'm ready to do something about it, whatever it is. Also, I had some life things that also caused stress, further adding to the retreat. Basically, if you end up playing games similar to this way, your best bet is
  13. Hey all, It's been a while. Just wanted to check in and say that I feel crazy right now. This past year I've spend 820 hours in the game destiny 2. I just deleted my account off steam. I feel extremely anxious, but I know what I've done is for the best. That's all for now. Just wanted to get this off my chest. Hope you're all doing well. Welcome to 2021.
  14. Consider your options here. It's going to be difficult, really difficult to stop playing while in a relationship with a gamer. However, it's perfectly understandable that you would want to maintain your relationship regardless. What you're going to have to look at here is, what do you want? What do you really want out of life. Take some time and ask yourself why it is you think you game. Well all have our own reasons. At the end of the day, we've all decided it's better that we don't game, otherwise why come to this community. I know this may not be the best advise, but while gaming, t
  15. I've been paying close attention to my current situation. Do I like games? Sure, sometimes. Do I need to play them? No, not really. My current reasoning for gaming is to escape from my current situation: I'll likely be out of a job by the end of the year due to downsizing within the company. I've been failing to run my business well. I feel as if I'm in no position to date, meaning I'm not really as independent now (living at home, but I pay rent). I'm really trying to do better in regards to why I come here. I really don't want to come here and complain. Complaining isn't productive. I