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  1. Day 33 (yesterday) Got a lot of work done, exercised and pomodoro in the morning. Hung out with my friends late at night. Went to sleep pretty late Day 34 Woke up pretty late because of yesterday. I should have kept on track my headspace/exercise first but I was hungry. This threw off my groove and I only got around 3-4 hours of work done today. But I still did some productive studying. So I'm going to focus on keeping my morning routine on point tomorrow
  2. Day 32 Got headspace and exercise in the morning, minimized distractions. I got 30 min more in than yesterday in studying. I'll keep at it. I realize I waste a lot of time (1-2 hr) when I come home in the late afternoon. Need to get into pomodoro ASAP when I get home to save more time. Also hungry at that time so maybe I should eat a snack while everything is cooking. Onto the next day!
  3. Day 31 Just a tiny bit more productive than yesterday, still some distractions in the morning but I only wasted around 20 min. Just trying to forgo anything before doing headspace and exercise. I'm trying to get more productive in the afternoon, I seem to be losing most of my time there. I need to get in the habit of pomodoro right after I get home (Dinner time) On with the next day tomorrow, let's see if I can get more pomodoros tomorrow
  4. Day 30 Still got exercise + headspace done. Rest of the day was unproductive because I had to be there for my gf - she was going through some issues. But that can't really be helped. Onto the next day!
  5. Day 29 Okay, got headspace/exercise done. The trick is not looking/browsing internet and phone. Got a fair amount of work done, Let's see if I can keep the momentum up tomorrow morning.
  6. Yeah, I also realized how much habit plays into our routine. Day 28. I've made a bad habit of checking the internet/reddit/emails with my phone since I've banned reddit on my PC. This stalls my headspace and then stalls/cancels my exercise because I get too hungry. So tomorrow I'm going to just not even pick up my phone until: 1. Done headspace 2. Done exercise I got only 2 hr worth of pomodoro done today. I need to up it back to 6-7 hours when there was a fire under my butt.
  7. Day 27 Quickly checking in. Got a lot of chores down but not a lot of studying, has a complication in a morning so I wasn't able to exercise. But I still got headspace in. Looking forward to a more productive day tomorrow!
  8. Thanks! I'll keep it up! Day 26 Still couldn't do headspace right away but still got to it. Did a lot of work so I'm proud of it. Hopefully I'm going to be able to do Headspace tomorrow right away tomorrow.
  9. Day 25 Ugh, I couldn't do headspace in the morning and I screwed up my morning. I just get too distracted. My plan is to go straight to headspace without even thinking of anything. That seems to be the only way to get my day going. Other than that, got some work done but not as much since I wasn't as focused. Let's see how tomorrow goes!
  10. Day 24 I PASSED MY SECOND EXAM! YESSSS. Major thanks to Cam everyone else here supporting me all the way. I know now what kind of schedule and discipline I need. It's just a matter of actually keeping it all when you don't have some kind of tremendous pressure that is actually keeping you accountable. My plan tomorrow is to do headspace in the morning and maybe exercise if I can (still recovering from my sleep deprivation + class is super early). My plan is to also continue my momentum of studying with pomodoro and to STOP browsing the internet before actually starting my day. How I feel right now: https://youtu.be/DjffIi2Pl7M?t=77 I feel like when you play video games/excessively surf the internet/etc you stop caring about the death/degeneration of yourself (what you're missing out on), and to climb out of the metaphorical well, you need that primal sense of fear/anxiety to lift you out. Anxiety is not a negative thing, you just need the right amount to get you going. For me, it seems like I might be on the low end. Maybe it'll take a while until my physiology starts going back to normal after playing video games for pretty much my whole life?
  11. Momentum happens one day at a time. You've got this. Great quote. I will keep that in mind. I have been busy with work but I need to keep steady in my journal entries! Will update at the end of today
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    Thanks for the tip!
  13. Day 21 Ugh I got almost nothing done today..just a few hours of studying, still recovering from sleep deprivation but I surfed the internet too much. I used cold turkey to block it so hopefully that will help. I want to regain the momentum I had when I was studying for my exams. I need to keep it up!
  14. Day 20 This was pretty much my recovery day from studying/taking the exams yesterday. Didn't do too much work since it's after the exams but I plan on studying the material in advance tomorrow. I just cleaned my apartment since I've neglected to do that daily. Dozed off during Headspace since I was so tired. Hopefully I can recover tomorrow.
  15. Day 19 I think I might have passed! I did pretty well on one section but the other results will come out next week so stay tuned. I'm just going to keep doing what I've been doing. Thanks for everyone's support so far. I will let you know as soon as I get the results!
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