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  1. Thanks man I really needed to hear that today. I was so close to installing some single player games like skyrim. But to be honest single player games bore the crap out of me anyways. It's the competition of online games I always enjoyed. Your completely right we only remember the good times. I've definitely had some rough days wasted gaming. One game turns into ten. Like o said my problem is when I'm gaming everything else comes second and just seems so damn boring. But when I'm not gaming I enjoy the little things in life 100% more. My struggle right now is to find something to do when it's
  2. Hey guys, I just joined this website. So like most of you I played games since I was 14. Pretty much just mmorpg games. I've literally played them all. I would spend countless hours playing. Any and all free time I had went to gaming. I use to be so addicted I would come home at lunch from school to play for 15 mins and then go back. I'm 26 now and knew I needed a change. I decided to game in moderation to take control of my addiction. I would play for just 2 hours a day max. This shortly turned into 3 hours, then 4 ect.... The problem was even when I wasn't gaming I was thinking about it. I w