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  1. Remigjus added a post in a topic Remigijus Journal   

    No can do sir   I would mindless  browse the crap out of those evenings     @Hitaru is one of my role models when it comes to blocking websites  
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  2. Remigjus added a post in a topic Craig's Journal   

    This is gonna be the one!!! Welcome back Craig
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  3. Remigjus added a post in a topic [NSFW] Marquess' journal (Cute emo girls inside!)   

    Yo, glad to have you back @Marquess!! It's been ages man, feels so good seing  some old faces pop up  in the forum again  .  I'm  genuinely happy that things are  going pretty well for you About the  gaming part,  you've made the perfect choice by coming back here , we're here to patch you up   
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  4. Remigjus added a post in a topic Nowaydown1's Journal   

    Well, I guess the hardest part was saying goodbye to my gamer friends from all arround the world. I remember it was a really heartbreaking moment for me. It took me like 30mins to hit enter just to send a farewell message. They were people that I'd sometimes spend like 6 hours a day playing games with. If only I knew that by quitting games, I'd automaticaly spend less time with them lol
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  5. Remigjus added a post in a topic Remigijus Journal   

    "Productivity mode" is my #1 priority.    Daaamn  Hitaru, I like the sound of that   
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  6. Remigjus added a post in a topic My Sugar Detox   

    @ @WorkInProgress I guess I'm in the same boat as you are   Like about a year ago I was like living on sugar. I would eat a bunch of sweets throughout the day, and I would barely eat any normal food. Every single time, after school I'd go to the shop to buy a pack of chips or any other type of sweet. I was skinny as hell and I had very little appetite. My diet was shit. But that's how it was back  in the gaming days.
    I managed to reduce the  amount of sweets I consume by not going to the shop after school and asked my parents not to buy 'em so often. My diet is somewhat better right now, I've gained a bit of weight ( like a few kilos lol ). Although sometimes I still have these  days when it gets out of hand, but it's better than it was before.  
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  7. Remigjus added a post in a topic Remigijus Journal   

    I'm adding more  websites to my mindless browsing list. Since I've noticed a weird thing, when I'm using the PC, I start to browse subconsciously all these websites to find any potential stimulation for my brain. It's  like all of the sudden I turn on Skype just to see if someone wrote me   or keep checking this forum for any new stuff, even tho I don't need that at the very moment.
      Rem's naughty list: 
    Youtube - If there's any video that I need to watch or anything like that, I'll just download it. ( No more than 1 video per two days)FacebookLiveleakDiscord - I'll go a bit soft on this one. I'll allow myself  strictly to use discord only once a week (Friday). Because I have a ton of pen pals there ( internet friends) that I'd love to keep in touch with.Vimeo Wikipedia Twitter Gamequitters ( I'll write stuff through my phone/tablet)Any movie websitesInstagram
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  8. Remigjus added a post in a topic [27 Jul - 27 Sep] 90 Days of Me   

    Congrats on being game free for a whole month!!! Thats some huge progress!! You should be proud of yourself  
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  9. Remigjus added a post in a topic ChewyChickenBones journal   

    Congratulations on day 9!! I think freezing up when talking to  others is a completely normal thing. It happens to all of us, so you shouldn't  think about it to much. No one's perfect. To be honest, people probably don't care that much wether you freeze up while talking or do some other weird thing. They might think about it in the momment, but at the end of the day they'll probably have more important things to think about  
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  10. Remigjus added a post in a topic Nowaydown1's Journal   

    Wow! Your day 1 was so smooth compared to my start. I remember, the cravings were so strong that I nearly relapsed at my first  day without games. Those were the days...   Keep up the good work!
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  11. Remigjus added a post in a topic Nowaydown1's Journal   

    Good job on setting up the foundation to quit video games!! It will help you a lot in the long run! Also, if I was you, I would  try to build a new schedule as fast as possible. Since it makes  being organised like 80% percent easier  
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  12. Remigjus added a post in a topic Hey Everybody   

    Welcome aboard @nowaydown1!! I hope you'll enjoy stay  
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  13. Remigjus added a post in a topic Remigijus Journal   

    OMG      Where has this been all my life... This is the answer  to everything     You're the man Hitaru haha  
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  14. Remigjus added a post in a topic Remigijus Journal   

    Don't worry Cam, I'll be honkin' the horn when I see you    
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  15. Remigjus added a post in a topic Remigijus Journal   

    Failed my mock driving test today!! FUCK , fuckity fuck FUCK!!! I got super confused when I had to go through this traffic circle (not sure how you call it) that I forgot to let  this kid pass the street.  Well, I guess I should blame my lack of focus and paying attention to the stupid ass road signs. On the other hand I'm quite proud of myself, I did a pretty good job while driving ( besides those stupid mistakes) it wasn't so hard/confusing as I thought it would be. I was calm most of the time. But god damn, I feel pissed cuz probably I woulda passed this mock test. Now the next time I'm gonna retake it, is gonna be the  next week. I'll have to pay fucking 25$ this time. Gosh if I fail again... I wouldn't be so angry at myself if this was a real test, but it's a f*cking mock test, and I can't take a real one, untill I pass the mock one... CMON REM YOU CAN DO IT! JUST GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER 
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