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  1. I just returned from a week in Branson MI it didn't take any video games with me it was amazing I went out and saw some shows and had a great time
  2. I have come to realize that I need to delete y account on war robots so today I delated my account hopefully this helps me.
  3. thank you for sharing I hope that you can find a lot of helpful information here.
  4. i hope everyone has a great day! happy charismas eve's eve! another great day I played board games with people that I would usually game with although I did play some video games with a friend. we played age of empires or around 4 hours.
  5. what would you say is your biggest take away about gamin addiction? so far mine has been that setting goals writing them down and sticking to them can be very helpful.
  6. today was a great day! I went to counseling. it was very helpful I also am working setting goals work.
  7. not sure I have been wondering about this myself
  8. Today was a great day I got to hang out with cousins all day and decorate cookies usually we play video games, but we busted out a board game instead!
  9. I Completely understand. I hope you have fun with your friends!
  10. so, I am a big board gamer, but I have found I could compare my board gaming with how I video game i.e. I think about it a lot and I will work/ play them a lot. right now, I use the board Gamses as thing to do besides video gaming would you say that there is a difference between board gaming and video gaming? Should I try to stop doing board games so much.
  11. Happy Thursday everyone! today I got a new board game so I will be playing that. I also got a great idea for a board game that I will be working on. I found that I really enjoy working on board games. so, I use this as an alternative to video gaming.
  12. @Luny I Wish you luck on your journey I find it scary to add up all the time that I have played
  13. this may not be ok but I like your profile picture