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  1. January 10, 2018 Third Day School started today and it make It harder to not think about gaming. The fact that I’m studying in something I’m not interested isn’t helping either. It's probably why I think so much about playing game or wasting my time during classes. The worst is when classes are over, I keep thinking about how nice it would be to play games to relax at home. It's been only 3 days so I do think its normal to have these thoughts. You don’t break years of unhealthy habits in only 3 days! So far, the craving is easy to handle. I thought it would be harder. Because of that, sometimes I think about how maybe I’m not addicted or maybe I could only reduce time instead of stopping. I guess its part of the gaming trap ? I won’t come back thought! Pretty normal day School in the morning, saw a movie in the evening. I really need to balance my school works with the hobbies. Not an easy thing to do since gaming was my only thing before. Time spent browsing for fun: 30 min Time spent watching anime/series: 1 hour 3rd day over.
  2. 9 January 2018 Second Day Today was harder than yesterday since I had more free time. School start tomorrow so I don’t really have something to do and I’m currently unemployed. I knew that I had to find new way to pass time and I did a list before starting my detox. Today I did some research for books recommendation and made a list of 10 books I want to read. I’m going to start with 1984. I did spend a bit more time that I expected but I’m happy with the list. I also started learning the piano which is way harder than I expected, I’m going to practice a bit with my sister before spending on a real teacher but it was fun. My short-term goals for this week are: 1. Finishing Easy Way to Stop Smoking to start reading my book list. I don’t smoke but the book was recommended and parallels are easy to do with the gaming addiction. Pretty good read. 2. Keep practicing the piano and see if I like it. 3. I want to start learning a new language but I’m going to check how much free time I have when school start. Probably Japanese. 4. Not procrastinating and doing my homework/studying for the exams. I think its important to at least finish my first session with ok grades before giving up. Plus, there is only 1 month left, just need more discipline. 5. Building a good balance of school works and hobbies. Time spent browsing for fun: 1 hour Time spent watching anime/series: 1 hour 2nd day over!
  3. 8 January 2018 First official day Today was my first official day of no-gaming. I plan to do the 90 days detox first then see if I’m pursuing it after that. The reason I decided to finally quit gaming was simple. Game aren't fun for me anymore. I mostly played them by habit since they were a big part of my life since I was a kid. Recently I got more frustrated with them so I assumed it was the right moment to start this adventure. It was a pleasant surprise to see that my friends were supportive to this, I totally expected them to say its a dumb idea since they are for the most part all gamers too. I don't think they believe its going to help but at least they are okay with this. Also, we regularly meet for board game, drinking and movie night so it's not like I say my farewell to them. I need to plan a strategy to help me in this adventure. So far, I uninstalled all my games but decided to keep Steam. I use it only for chatting with my friends. Same for Discord. If I feel I can't hold back because of them I will obviously uninstall them. I also installed a tool to track how many times I spend browsing certain page like Reddit, YouTube and gaming pages. I then realised that I also spend way too much time browsing mindlessly the Internet. Thus, I decided to set a daily limit of 1 hour excluding obviously the time I need to spend for homework and studying. I'm starting with 1 hour first and plan to reduce it to 30 minutes in the future. There is another activity that I felt was important to limit myself with. If I’m not playing or browsing the Internet I’m generally watching anime or series on Netflix. I feel it's a lesser problem than gaming but I don't want to stop only to spend my time on Anime or Netflix instead. My limit is the same as for browsing the Internet so 1 hour a day. 2 hours a day for doing non-constructive activity is a lot but I plan to reduce the time when I feel like I’m ready for it. Of course, I’m allowing myself to do these activities only after I’m done with my homework and studying. Furthermore, I plan to do these time-waster activities only when taking break from school work. That is the end of my first entry in my journal, I decided to write it in English to get better in writing skills and get a better vocabulary. It also might be helpful if I decide to study in translation which is something I'm interested in. Mostly from French to English.
  4. Hello, my name is François and I’m from Québec, Canada. I am 24 years old, speak french and a pretty decent english. I found this website from the subreddit Stop Gaming and decided to finally commit. I’m currently studying in computer science but will probably change for something closer to humanities. My reason to quit game are quite simple, they aren’t fun for me anymore and yet, I still play them by habit and not knowing what else to do. During the winter break I got tired of this and decided to finally put a stop to this. My main goal is to find something I enjoy and make a career out of it. I feel that gaming made me not interested in anything except games. I quit my program in Educational Counselling and Career Counselling at Uni because it didn’t interest me but I can never be sure it’s the 100% truth since except gaming nothing really interested me. Academically I have nothing to show since my CEGEP Diploma 3 years ago (unique to where I live, you basically need the diploma to go to an University) and it feel really bad. Especially because the reason is that I spent all my free-time playing games instead of studying, doing homework or doing anything productive. I plan to go back in University in Fall and for that I decided to stop gaming. I am also currently seeing a career counselor to help me figure out what I like to do and what I’m interested in. I feel like my mindset has changed to a healthier one since I took my decision and I’m excited to see what life has for me without games.
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