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  1. Hi Mohammad ! I think that what’s important to do when we want to cut an addiction is to understand WHY we’re addicted to that thing in the first place.To help you do that I recommend you to watch Cam’s vids that are on his Gamequitters YouTube channel, that might be a great start !
  2. I have to take my life more seriously.
  3. That's awesome dude ! And I understand your struggle with bordedom and motivation, I'm dealing with the same.
  4. Boredom + laziness + thinking that "gaming is ok"
  5. I can't pass the first week, I always relapse around day 4/5.I feel shitty, I don't like that at all.
  6. Welcome Symonyzed ! Do you have any hobbies that you could do instead of gaming ?
  7. For me, quitting video games, porn or ANYTHING is not a challenge, it's a LIFESTYLE ! Let's say I do the 90 day "detox", then what ? I've already spent 90+ days without gaming during my NoFap streak, but then came back to it.The thing is: if I don't understand WHY video games are bad for me, I'll keep coming back to gaming sooner or later.In fact, that's what happened with my porn addiciton: the reason I kept relapsing is because there was still something within me that said that "PMO is ok" so when an urge came in, the relapse was guaranteed.I had to hit rock bottom and see how DESTRUCTIVE to my life porn was to FINALLY realize that NoFap is my highest path and that there's nothing for me in PMO except misery and pain ! So now that I'm fully COMMITED to NoFap I just don't give a shit about the urges anymore and I just let them pass no matter how strong they are 'cause I KNOW where PMO is going to take me if I relapse.It's not about a specific technique to overcome urges or porn blockers or understanding how the brain works or whatever, fuck that, it's about COMMITEMENT TO A PATH and UNDERSTANDING WHY THAT PATH IS YOUR HIGHEST PATH ! Video games NEVER ruined my life like PMO did and I honestly don't consider them as dangerous/bad/harmful, that's what keeps me "relapsing".But when I play I think about Gamequitters/that a life without gaming is possible and then I feel guilty and stop.I just don't get it dude, what's the deal with video games ? There's a REASON why Gamequitters exist ! There's a REASON why you guys don't play video games ! See, I'm into personal developement/spirituality and I noticed that almost all the folks that have quitted gaming are also into that while almost all the folks that indulge in gaming are just average Joe's who live an OVERALL unhealthy life ! And at the same time you've got successful people like Robin Williams (RIP) who played video games or Simon Sinek who said that video games "in moderation" is ok.I'm just confused.Bottom line is that for me life has a meaning and unless I understand WHAT video games are and WHY they're "bad", I won't stop playing ! And I'm the Blazing MAN homie, so of course I'm a dude.
  8. 'Sup guys ! I'm not a big gamer (only playing on emulators from time to time) but still, I feel guilty about gaming so I don't want to do that anymore.I use to play A LOT of video games during my childhood and then less during my teenage years 'cause I cared more about MUSIC (which is my Life Purpose).My attraction to games comes from nostalgia, boredom, fear of emptiness, sadness/depression, need for accomplishement, need for adventure/excitement and need for having a blast ! I always bullshit myself into thinking that video games are just another art form just like comics, movies, music or whatever or that they can be a spiritual experience since they're very immersive.But why would I feel so bad/guilty about myself while playing if that was the case ? Not only that, I've been on NoFap (no porn and no masturbation) for 8 months and then relapsed last April (and therefore felt shitty) and that's where I started to get attracted to video games again (I used them as an escape).I say "again" 'cause I've already commited to abstain from them around the same time when I started my NoFap Journey.So in summary, I did NoFap + No video games ('cause I wanted my overall Life to be better) relapsed on NoFap, felt shitty and used games as an escape.The reason I don't play much is only because I feel guilty when I play and therefore stop as some point.Then I don't play for like 3 days to one week and relapse again.And I don't play online games like MMORPGS, only solo games on emulators.