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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened

My Journey with quitting video games so far


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Hello to all,

this is my first journal after 19 days of not gaming. In the first moments of quitting video games I immediately felt anxious and stressed. After a couple of days it got better and at some point I didn't feel any cravings anymore. 

Before I continue I first want to say thank you to @MuMuMelon, @Le North Dreamerand @Pochatok for a quick reply on my first message in the forum and giving me some advice on my thoughts.

(as a backstory I played 8-10 hours a day)

When I stopped I immediately deleted all of my accounts and sold my hole equipment on eBay (one of the best decisions in my life so far). Now, I only got a MacBook for some office tasks if I need it.

At first I didn't know what to do with my time but soon I started to fill my day with some little activities. Most of the time I am reading some books. Im currently going for a run every 2nd day. Im really happy to see that I spend way more time with my family then before I stopped with gaming. As for some resting activities I like to chill on my bed and listen to some podcasts. 

I am really glad that I stopped with gaming. It just feels like I´m really starting live now. Im also very happy about the support you can get through the community in this forum!

Thank you so much for reading!



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Hey @Pochatok,

It’s going really good now thx for asking.

I’m on day 55 without playing video games and the results are amazing so far!

i noticed that I have become way more social on my workplace. My appearance got better and I started to aim for goals in my life.

through my journey I also got a lot of cravings to play video games. But then I just reminded me of the reason I stopped playing: no progress in life.

Back in the day I always woke up with the feeling that nothing changed. I was still the guy trapped in a underpayed position, the guy that couldn’t talk to people, the one that could aim for nothing but games.

But since I stopped it feels like i restarted my life. Yesterday I got my promotion for a higher section at my company. I’m so incredibly happy now :)

I hope it’s going good for you as well 



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Oh myyyy, this is so freakin inspirational! Congrats on your success, seems like it was really worth it 🙂

I was actually thinking of playing right now (I am really tired from work) but now I'm sure I'll paint instead. 

Keep it up, I hope you will continue to be able to shape your life positively,


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