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  1. Day 10 I haven't gamed in 10 days. I'm happy to report that my mind has settled some and I'm finding it easier to keep my mind busy. I informed my brother today that he'd be receiving my XBox series S now that I'm done with it. Pretty soon I'll try to find a buyer for my Nintendo Switch as well. More then happy to have them out of here. Going back to work tomorrow after a two month break. Looking forward to it. Take care gang!
  2. Day 6 Still off the vids. I was helping my buddy do some work on a store he's opening but I tweaked my back a little bit. Taking it easy for the rest of the night to make sure it doesn't get any worse. It was nice to get out and see people, even if I was working. I've been playing around with my synthesizers more these days and I'm starting to get into them. My brain is still quite foggy but I know in a few more days that will clear up. Take care all!
  3. Thanks @WhoCaresand @Nico Indigo I really appreciate the support. Well, its DAY 4 and I'm not going to pretend that I'm not bored out of my mind, because I am. No big deal. I'm going to make some chicken soup in the afternoon, do some yoga, meditate and then either read something or play around with one of my synthesizers. I will keep myself busy even if I don't want to. Hope everybody is doing good!
  4. Well here I am again with my tail between my legs. Two days ago I quit gaming after falling back in the deep end. I let my loneliness convince me that gaming with my online friends would be a good idea. Basically, I went hardcore for about a month and a half. I mean 8 - 12 hours a day. Right back to where I was when I quit originally. Ironically, while I decided to game again to socialize with friends I found myself mostly gaming alone. I'm not ashamed of myself this time. I recognize how being so isolated made falling back into gaming so easy. Also, the only person around to keep me accountable is me. I'm not going to be so easy on myself this time. It's so obvious how gaming holds me back. Just two days into quitting and I've been so much more productive. Consider me back. This is day 2 of no gaming.
  5. Day 4 (Sunday) Went to visit my Dad. We went for a hike with a friend of his. It was nice relaxing hike and the weather was sunny and cool. After that I went to my brothers place to change my car tires for winter. After I finished with the tires I chatted with my brother and his wife for a couple of hours. The weather turned crappy as I headed home. It got wet and cold. I spent the rest of the evening watching the Cowboy Bebop series on Netflix before crashing. Day 5 (Today) Watched a few Udemy class videos, did some yoga and meditated in the morning. Had a simple breakfast of muesli and tea. Rolled my winter tires into the basement of my building to put them in my storage space. Organized my car after that. Later, some repair guys came by to finish fixing the radiator. Not sure how good a job they did though. I've had the thermostat cranked all the way up and I haven't felt anything out of the radiator. Fortunately my unit is still pretty warm at the moment. Just finished an hour of a zoom breathwork class. Probably going to do some reading and watch a movie before I head to bed. Have a great night everybody!
  6. Day 3 I have the day free today so I started off with an hour of yoga, an hour of meditation and 30 minutes of breathwork. After that I had a quick shower and now I'm having a protein smoothie while I type this up. Not feeling the shame that I was experiencing over the last few months so that's a good thing. Certainly pointing me in the right direction. Last week, I would have started my day off with xbox. Glad to be back on a healthy schedule.
  7. Day 2 Bored but didn't play any video games. Plumber came over to look at the baseboard heater in my apartment. He's coming back on Monday with the part to fix it. Nice to know I'll have heat when things get cold. Organized my bookshelf, meditated, and that's about it. I really didn't get up to much of anything today.
  8. Thanks! I never thought that I'd start gaming again. It really felt like I was done with it for good. It was bizarre how easily I convinced myself to pick up the consoles. Such a ridiculous waste of time and money. I feel better already honestly. It just didn't feel right when I was playing. Like I was playing for the sake of playing. Most of the time the games weren't even interesting to me anymore. I don't know. The excitement just wasn't there. Still, for the last few months I was compelled to play them at any moment I had some free time. Very glad this site exists.
  9. It has been quite a while since I've last visited this site. Things have not gone well the last four months. My wife and I split up about four months ago. I moved out on my own not long after. It only took about a week before I became extremely bored and looked to video games to fill that void. At first I bought a Switch but I felt so guilty about it that I returned it the next day. I felt pretty confident in myself in that moment. However, two weeks later I went out and purchased one again. Not long after I bought a new Xbox as well. I didn't have a lot of time to play them as I was working a ton. I could at least hide my shame from myself because I was too busy to deal with it. However, as soon as I had some free time I was right back to gaming all day long and frankly, I wasn't even enjoying it that much. I packed up the consoles yesterday, deleted all my games and am back to no gaming. I'm not very proud of myself at the moment. I went for so long without playing that I was sure I was free of it, but as soon as I became sad, bored and alone I cracked. I guess the good news is that I wasn't really enjoying the experience like I used to. Something about it has changed. I don't feel the need or connection the same way as I used to. Thank god for that! Well, I'm back to day 1. I'll be around. Take care all.
  10. Thanks for posting this. Really needed to hear that right now.
  11. Hey @Roan, glad you found your way here. I can tell you it's a lot easier to get a game plan together when you aren't focused on playing video games. It sounds like you your girl means a lot to you. Don't let you addiction to video games compromise your relationship with the woman you love. Take it from somebody who lost his first true love to video games. That is a regret that will be with me for life. Not trying to scare you or anything. Just don't want you to make the same mistake I did. May the path ahead be clear for you. Mike
  12. 3000 - 4000 hours is more than a third of the year! I'm just going to go ahead and say, yeah, you might want to consider quitting. I can tell you from experience that you will regret the time that you spend playing video games. It is time you will not get back. I'm not trying to push you into anything but just imagine a future where you continually do that for 5, 10, 15 years. In three years alone you have given one year of your life to video games. Just consider what you might get back if you did quit. All the best. Mike
  13. Thanks @Martinof, that helped. I'll figure out something fun my brother and I can do over Skype or something. I look forward to being able to spend some time with him IRL when this lockdown is done.
  14. Hello all! It's been a minute since I've been on. Most days I just don't feel like I have much to add to the conversation. Today I have something to say though. My brother and I live about an hour apart. He knows my situation as I have explained it to him in detail. Recently though he tried to convince me to get some online board games that we could play together online. I'm a little ashamed to say that I had to seriously think about it before I ended up saying no. Part of me really wants to play games with my bro again but I just can't. It took me a day or two of pondering whether I'd be capable of playing video games even in this capacity. In the end I realized that it would just be the doorway to playing video games once again. I miss hanging with my brother is that capacity but I just can't anymore. I'm not willing to throw away all this progress just to get hooked again by some online board games. I learned that I still have a serious weakness to video games. Yes, I decided to pass on playing but it took me two days to finalize that decision. Part of me was seriously considering it. It certainly doesn't help that I can't really visit anybody while in lockdown. Still, I'm staying strong. Hope everybody is staying strong with me.
  15. All the best @FenderUser, you can do this. Just remember why you are here and I know you can make this work!