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60,000 hours of my life, wasted.


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My name is Morgan. I am so accustomed to stating my online alias that I often forget my real one exists sometimes. I did the math today, averaging 14-hours of gaming a day since the age of 15, I have spent over 60,000 hours gaming. This is not including all-nighters that I frequently pulled just to level up or complete a quest. 60,000 hours of my life.

I am currently in university and am still trying to juggle gaming full-time and school full-time. Today I realized how much of a priority gaming is in my life, and how many opportunities I have given up just to sit at my computer. I would go full days without eating, weeks without showering, and months without leaving my apartment. This leads to an endless cycle of weight gain, depression, guilt, and thoughts of suicide.

I decided in September to change my life, and that’s when I started uni. I’m finding it difficult to change my ways and am hoping I can find some support, and also help others doing the same.

It changes today, time to go delete all my accounts and uninstall/block everything.

Thanks for reading,


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