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  1. Hello everyone. I joined this forum to quit gaming and wrote in my journal for around 14 days. I must admit, Gamequitters Helped me a lot. Thank you all. And now here I am, in 2020, haven't played for at least 10 months. I stopped watching gaming trailers/streams etc all together. Now I'm going to the gym and doing powerlifting every other day. I used to run every day too until I was too busy but I'm going to start again. My sleep is also back in normal. I sleep full 8 hours from 9:30 pm to 5:30 am. I finally feel healthy. Now let's look back at 1 year ago: Now my 2019 Playstation Wrap-up is here. Yeah. 332 hours in the first 60 days of 2019. That's 5.5 hours each day. Considering I was studying for intense exams this is just..... terrible!!!! But I got through it. With the help of my parents and writing in my personal diary and reviewing it every month. I think mental clarity was a very important reason that helped me quit. And the lack of it the main reason why I was playing in the first place. In the end, I thank all the people from game quitters. And I wish you the best in your way, especially in quitting Goddamn video games...
  2. The power of habits Atomic habits 7 habits of highly effective people Bryan Tracy books(it's about self-improvement, though) The compound effect by Darren Hardy Best ways to track your habits: Use an app like "Loop Habit tracker" For Android and be sure to use a reminder and enable the sticky notification feature. "Goal Tracker" is also a good app for Android. You might want to check out other apps on your own. Use a notebook. It's going to take more time.
  3. OK don't think bad about yourself. I just wanted 2 things to happen with this action: 1. Thinking bad about video games which makes them less enjoyable and removes the "Reward" part of the habit or at least makes it more subtle. 2.Taking this matter seriously. Most people who are addicted to something don't quit just because they don't take it seriously. They don't want to come out of their comfort zone or take any action. That's why sometimes you have to talk to yourself and make your EGO feel the pain.
  4. Hi, that was a real introduction. It's gonna help us help you (I know I suck at writing.) First of all, try to decide if you're going to quit cold turkey or step by step and slowly. Congratulations, you already have a goal(Going to that school of yours). So you want to focus on that goal and ways to achieve it. Start tracking your time; Finding out how you spend those 24 hours will help you a lot. What do you usually do when you're not playing video games? If you want to quit cold turkey=> You have to find a way to make it impossible to play. Don't use your willpower. So many people nowadays talk about willpower and stuff but IMO only two things play a rule in our life: Environment and motivation. So start thinking about how you can deprive yourself of your gaming platforms. Rent them or present them to someone else. Just don't give them to your parents: Parents are kind, they can't control us or help us quit bad habits because they fear they might hurt us. I don't know how you're going to do that and you'll have to find that on your own. But the best way to quit and start studying for your goal is 1. Making gaming a lot harder or even impossible. 2. Imagining video games are the worst and the most disgusting, gross, awful things on earth. Try to think very low on video games and even gamers. Whenever you start playing tell yourself: "You're pathetic. You're a loser. You can't achieve anything in your life. You look awful when you play video games." Or have your parents say those words to you. (But as I said, they're kind!!!!) Trust me, this will work. 3. Hiding your consule(s) or your platforms whenever you stop playing. 4. Start making new friends and meeting people who have the same goal as you do. Break up with your gamer friends or anyone who is wasting your time 5. Make video games boring. Whenever you start playing, multitask. For instance: Listen to audio books or put your textbooks in front of you. Stick some notes to your monitor or tv about your courses or even curse yourself and write it on those notes and stick them... And in the end, hire someone to help you quit. Even if it's someone you know. Like, give someone money to just slap you in the face when you start playing. Talk to a counselor. That's all I had to say....
  5. Hi Richard. I'm glad to meet you. What platform do you usually play your games? Where do you play video games at your house? Are most of your friends gamers? What do you usually do when you don't play video games? What do you want to achieve 1 year from now? What do you want to achieve 5 years from now? What about 10 years from now? Who do you want to be in your life? How do your parents usually describe you? And why the hell are you still living with your parents when you're 25? (Sorry just kidding....) What are your hobbies other than playing video games? And how healthy do you think you are? How regularly do you exercise? What type of exercise? When do you wake up in the morning? How much do you sleep during the day? Answer these question and I will help you.
  6. Hello everyone. the reason why I haven't been updating this post was that I was busy and my Internet was blocked... So in the last two months, I completely changed my lifestyle... I started jogging every day. Sleeping 3 hours a day. Studying 10-14 hours a day. And not playing video games or watching ANY movies or youtube. Here's what I've learned. When you want to quit a bad habit the best way to do so is to make it impossible to do it. That's what I did, I used block site on chrome to block Youtube, Instagram and Twitter and also all movie-related websites. I blocked Blocksite using a completely random password. And then I blocked Gmail on my laptop to avoid recovering that password. I also had to block Gmail, Instagram, and Youtube on my Android smartphone. I used an app called "App block" to do that. This app had a utility called Strict Mode in which you block the settings on your phone so that you can't uninstall App block. You see I COULDN'T watch Youtube. I COULDN'T watch movies anymore. I couldn't waste my time. For video games, I did an interesting job. Whenever I was finished playing I promised myself to delete that video game. And we don't have a really strong internet so I had to go out and have someone install that video game on my PS4 again. That made playing video games so hard that I had to quit. For exercising, I was putting on some weight so I HAD to lose weight to be healthy, So I made exercising a little more fun by Listening to energetic music every time I wanted to exercise. Also, I jogged for only 30 minutes every day. I lost 13 pounds in only 1 month. HAHA. Bottom line, you want to quit a bad habit, make it harder. You want to start a good habit: make it easier and more fun. For more information read this book: Atomic Habits. Once I got past that initial craving, now I think I CAN play video games in moderation. I want to try it again. Maybe by playing 1 hour every day. With one difference, I will unplug the PS4 every time I finish playing and put it in the closet. In that way, it is harder to play and less likely to become addictive. Good Luck everyone. Tell me what you think and how you've been doing recently. Bye.
  7. Day #20 Day #19 I'm going to use my own temple. Did I play any console games today? No Did I play any mobile games today? No How much have I used social media(Twitter/Instagram/Youtube) 2H 23M Youtube 54M Instagram How many movies/Tv episodes have I watched? How much time? I watched 12 angry men. Did I exercise? Nope. How many hours have I studied? 4 hours. Did I watch any video game streams? Trailers? Videos? Yes. for about 2 minutes.
  8. Day #19 I'm going to use my own temple. Did I play any console games today? No Did I play any mobile games today? No How much have I used social media(Twitter/Instagram/Youtube) 44 minutes on Instagram. How many movies/Tv episodes have I watched? How much time? I tried to watch Aladin animated movie but I didn't finish it. About an hour. Did I exercise? Nope. How many hours have I studied? 4 hours. Did I watch any video game streams? Trailers? Videos? No. Fortunately.
  9. Day #18 I separated my studying place from my bedroom. I lock myself into that room from the morning till the night. I'm gonna work hard. My motto is, work hard or you die. There is no average. If you go for average, you'll have Nothing.
  10. Day #17 I successfully replaced my gaming habit with tv shows and movies. Now I'm not playing games at all. But I'm just watching stuff all the time. ? This has to stop. I don't care if I replace it with studying or exercising or anything else. I just have to stop wasting my time on movies.
  11. Day #16 good day. Can't type so much because I'm sleepy. See you tomorrow.
  12. Day #15 I am not feeling any urges to play videogames but I watch a lot of movies and tv series which is taking up all of my time. I need to start quitting that too. In fact, that's even a stronger bad habit than video games. Any of you guys having the same problem?
  13. Day #14 Hi, I'm back from the trip. I don't count these two days because I played a little bit of soccer video game with my family and it was fun. I wasn't trying to do it or craving for it. I didn't actually enjoy the playing part but the talking and being with my uncle and cousin part.
  14. Day #13 Gratitude journal I'm grateful for: My curiosity. I just found out that this is the key to academic success. Being able to buy books that can change my life. All the time and opportunities I have right now. One amazing thing that happened/I did today I decided to do something new but I'm not sharing it with you guys before it's done. Workout/run No, sorry. But It's going to start next week. Meditation I should learn how to do this! Visualization I can be a very successful and strong doctor if I work hard right now. Daily affirmation I'm getting stronger every day. Getting to bed before 12 pm Nope. I'm writing this at 12:09 Weekly Goal(s) Studying and reviewing biology. (did it but not enough) Brushing my teeth twice a day. (done by now) Using dental floss once a day. (done by now) Taking a shower every day. (done) Monthly Goal Making studying a habit. Brushing my teeth twice a day. Not running away from practice exams. Studying 8 hours for 30 days in a row. 3 Month Goal Finishing all the books for the big test. Not being moody. What went well today: I decided to go on a trip to my hometown with my family. I was a little depressed for finishing "Friends" show in the last couple of days. But now I'm back to normal. What I could have done to make my day better: I could have used less social media. What I will do differently tomorrow: I will take tomorrow's practice exam. No matter what.
  15. Hi, start telling us how you feel and share your progress, even if you relapsed, start again. Don't be afraid, quitting something especially when you're addicted to it and you use it to run away from real life can be very hard. But it is possible. Good luck.
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