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  1. Deku, I am also in school, currently studying general science (biochem, physics, etc) and my goal is also med school. I've read the first few entries of your journal and will continue to read them for motivation. Thank you for your contributions, and keep up the great work.
  2. Hey Jordi, I am also new to this forum and haven't stopped crying. I know I need this change, you need this change. We can do this. Looking forward to reading your journals. -Morgan
  3. Hello, My name is Morgan. I am so accustomed to stating my online alias that I often forget my real one exists sometimes. I did the math today, averaging 14-hours of gaming a day since the age of 15, I have spent over 60,000 hours gaming. This is not including all-nighters that I frequently pulled just to level up or complete a quest. 60,000 hours of my life. I am currently in university and am still trying to juggle gaming full-time and school full-time. Today I realized how much of a priority gaming is in my life, and how many opportunities I have given up just to sit at my computer. I would go full days without eating, weeks without showering, and months without leaving my apartment. This leads to an endless cycle of weight gain, depression, guilt, and thoughts of suicide. I decided in September to change my life, and that’s when I started uni. I’m finding it difficult to change my ways and am hoping I can find some support, and also help others doing the same. It changes today, time to go delete all my accounts and uninstall/block everything. Thanks for reading, Morgan