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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened


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  1. Welcome Doug! Glad to hear you're sticking to your detox! Keep up the good work ?
  2. I've watched a lot of videos (also the ones on his website), but trouble is that when I breathe so deeply, my throat just dehydrates and I start to cough or have to swallow. Must be the dry air since I'm heating the place with a (fire) stove. ? While typing "going out is also not an option since I get lightheaded and it's -20 degrees celsius and I can't lie down" I realised theres a little bench outside that I could sit on. I'm going to try that tomorrow haha.
  3. Hey, Real good to hear about today! That's how life will be like, I imagine, when we leave these games behind. Pat on the back for you ? Keep it up.
  4. You're right, it's all in how we think. Glad that you found it useful. Go get into that med school, champ!
  5. Hey, Killua145. Glad to hear you're quiting gaming and sharing your progress. I wish you the best of luck. Know that we're here for you whenever you run into trouble. I don't want to be negative, but 10 hours seems an awful long time to grind out studying, even with breaks, assuming you're coming from minimal/no studying. Do you think this is something that you can realistically keep doing for extended periods of times (weeks, months)? If not, I'd suggest starting with setting the bar a little bit lower (and then maybe progressively increasing your study time over time?). It's my experience that setting goals that are too ambitious/unreal is pretty much setting yourself up for failure. Again, I'm really just trying to help, no offense meant whatsoever. Maybe you're a guy that can actually manage to study this much, then it's all right. Lastly I'd like to recommend Marty Lobdell's study less, study smart video, which focuses on attention span and teaches you how to take the get the most out of your study session by incorporating smart short breaks. Should you not have time to watch this lengthy video, Thomas frank has made a summary video on it. Hopefully that's a little useful to you. Good luck with your studies man! You can become whoever you want to become!
  6. Thank you guys! Good to hear that you're able to restrain yourself, Gaming Zombie. Keep going!
  7. Hey Lee, Welcome! I'm no expert, but there's plenty of things in life where you can be competitive in. If that is something you're passionate about, might be something to eventually find a substitute for in real life, like sports. Anyway, welcome to the forum!
  8. Goodluck, tgoodner! Just keep working at it and I'm sure you'll get there! By the way I liked that you did Wim Hof's breathing technique! I've been planning to incorporate this into my routine (and his cold showers, too) myself, but have only done it a few times. It really seems to work amazing and I've done cold showers for half a year before and remember enjoying the amount of energy it gave me and how it work me up, a lot.
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    Now there's a post with humor ? Good job so far, man! Keep it up - almost at a full week!
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