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Zeke Journel Round 2

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I wrote that I had a little relapse here so check it out 


So what caused the relasped the more and more I thought about it came down to frustration basicly  everything moves to quickly and you just cant keep up with it, alot of stems from my pevious of jourel which is letting go and growing up into the person I need to be, the other stems from lack events within my area to do makes it extreamly diffcult while the final straw I have with myself missing on two events where I was building relationships with people but seems to happen like this for me a lot, I will feel good and then something comes up and forgot about it and the one event I do look forward to each month since they meet once a month, it young adult gathering between 20-30 years and singles group I go to for 30+. So I m kind of annoyed at myself for not reminding myself and checking events like I should.  

So what my soultion to the situation not much but I know what was working before and that was the no media detox I do which is basicly I m allowed just emails and nothing more, this allows me to focus on other projects but I have been looking at cam 60 ideas again and have been trying geocashing but kind hard knowing what I m looking for unless that half the fun not knowing, the other this one depends if it near me a martial arts class mostly for self defense for myself aikido I think is the name of it,

Thrid thing I wanted to write is since the current pc though I use it for my movie projects and everything has bad memories with gaming on this was another reason before I wanted to build a new pc or get new one bad because that way I would have no connection to gaming though unfourntly it was for vr purposes to. Like I have said before I like 360 videos and vr and the experince they can bring and have ideas how to make them more immersive with my own videos but that slipperly slope for me. 

To sum up I think it mostly due to my frustration not finding other stuff to do around my area and I have looked 3 different counties to which I know it shock, have looked up meetup still no luck there and eventbrite nothing much going on to get involved in.  

The next thing is learn some life skills and what means to live in the real world again. 

The Goals

1.Monday :Human Japanese (software to help me learn japense right trying to get the hirgana down)

2.Tuseday: Movie projects (anything I m working on at the time)

3.Wed. Reviews and scripts written or edited

4.Thursday : Out of the house grammergirl (improve grammer skills)

5.Friday (youtube release date and relax day

6.sat. realax day

7.sunday resheard day

That basicly the whole goal durning the week and I took out news and found that be more beinfiual without it than having it,  but I will say this I have the first new youtube video up and plan to release one video every friday from now on, plus I m gonna try to put my focus on engament in social media though this will be limited to weekendeds only so I do not get distracted with  my goals. I can officaly say I dont crave cartoons like I use to but I m still watch anime as being the only form of art right now, but who knows I might take anime fast in the future but for now it very improtant since I am writing reviews on anime and manga and graphic novels I have which are not easy but not impossible.

I have consided getting me cheap laptop to write on but sometimes wonder which one more of the investment the writing laptop or the desktop to my movie projects.

I m still trying to come up with a soultion when I m home alone how not to be but these are some the goals and I will keep this fourm open so I can write in it everyday like i did befor so thanks for reading











10.commuties I m apart of

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Day 1

I feel good today and I think it now time rechange my original routine a little bit, but some you may wonder why it always the same, that because it all connected to one another so here my new routine to help illustrate my point 

1.Mondays: Scripts/review editing

2.Tuesday: Grammer girl 

3.Wed. Human Japanese

4.Thursday: Movie Project

5.Friday: release date for videos 

6.sat. rest day

7.Research day

So why new routine well it keeps me away from the pc at the beginning of the week and slowly return to the end of the week, another reason writing is another skill set I have not grammar but I can write two hours straight if I really get into it which connects to the grammar girl which help improve grammar skills which moves into human Japanese lang. I m trying to learn then applying all that on Thursday so I hope you see why to connect like that. 

The second thing is I have been asking myself where do I want to be in 5 years or even year from now, so do I want to keep doing the same thing or do something different? Yes, I have the youtube channel going and it a start but what else can I do to push life foward. A couple of things I have thought of is looking at business and how they work and stuff that nature the other is reading books about travel. the danger, and the fun it can be. I 've had a lot of compliments that say I act like businessman even though I have no idea to run a business which I find very interesting.

So what would look like well I have been looking at maid cafes and cosplay setups and seeing about making a business around that with my own ideas and it one by dreams that directly relates to my faith. 

Another is if I want to travel or do other things I got think of what I need to now to prepare myself for the future. So it just some ideas I working on more long-term than short-term.

Next, I'm gonna try to join in martial arts class near my house this for two reasons number 1 is self-defense so I have so self-dense training, the second is an excellent way to meet new people.  Plus I know some of the owners because I use to go their bible study so that a triple win for me.

This one option I m considering since I m running out ideas and tomorrow night found a coffee shop I go to is having a poetry night so at that something to attend to. 

You know what amazes me is when I close gaming every door opens but if it I continue It closes in miserable shape not say I did just saying that interesting pattern in my life right now. 

Plus I bought 2 new manga kind rare to find so now I have the first 5 volumes of that manga and the reason for is I will be doing reviews on them as well.

That about have a wonderful day,












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Day 2

Today been a wild one because finally, I found events to attend to, one I’m at is poetry night then their geocaching event on Thursday I’m gonna try to attend and finally maybe join martial art studio near me. 

First, let me tell you I spent most of my day outside the house and I did the grammar girl today and did Chick-fil-A cow appreciation day dress like a cow and other things. Plus yesterday I found the first, second, and 5 volume of manga I have rare find so I took it and have volumes 3&4. Plan do a review on the series but rather have the complete collection rather part and these are the manga book not kindle version. I like owning physical items rather than digital right now. 

The reason for martial arts will be to meet new people, learn self-defense, and exercise so this n addition to the gym. 

So things are turning around and I hope it continues. 

That and I m watching faith-based stuff again as well reading a book called skin map, a physical book. 

That I share what’s happened today. 

Have a wonderful day 












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Day 3

I've noticed something today that has not happened before, I find myself going exploring outside the house a lot more than used to. Maybe something in me changed or I m changing my circumstances whatever is I m becoming more happy about it. Went two libraries and still learning of routes and stuff around me. 

Though I would like to have something that I could counter-attack when I go into complain mode when you complain about this and that it would be a nice way to use that energy elsewhere. 

I worked on getting my human Japanese down and what I do is write the hiragana down then there a list of hiragana based on the lesson I m learning and right I m learning the t- series in Japanese have the others down pretty much the s confuses me time to time but getting better.

I have decided to join a martial arts studio mostly taekwondo this Monday nights so I will be doing this addition to the gym.

That about it today this new routine really put a new perspective on things.












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