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  1. Silverlining

    Daily Journal - Samon

    Welcome! Apparently you already feel the effect of dopamine on your daily life, even if you may or may not know about it. Gaming tricks your brain into releasing dopamine, which drives you into more gaming, thinking that you would feel "rewarded" afterwards. But the real rewards come from real life, like the examples that you listed: good grades, fulfilling jobs with high salaries, health, etc.. You made a smart decision to join this forum.πŸ˜„ Good luck!
  2. Silverlining

    Every day is a new day

    Day #23: 11/12/2018 Monday Exercise: 30 min Online course: 50 min Learning together: 25 min Reading: 30 min I guess there is no longer need to post my statistics every day. I'll update whenever I have something to say.πŸ˜„
  3. Silverlining

    Notes and thoughts

    Welcome! You are doing great! Keep up with the good work!
  4. Silverlining

    Every day is a new day

    Day #22: I am writing my diary/daily summary in the morning for the day before from time to time, mainly because turning off my PC is no longer the last thing I do before going to bed. Now that I'm on my 4th week, I want more challenges. I did HIIT instead of cardio yesterday, which is a start. I also expect to improve my learning skills, with the knowledge I learned from Learning How to Learn, which, again, I strongly recommend. And I want to be more efficient at work by optimizing some processes. Nobody at work really cares about this -- one reason why I don't like my job. No reward for efficiency. But I think I will benefit from this. I can use the extra time to study more on the industry. The idea is, by spending the same amount time on things that I normally do, I want to do better. Study for exam: 50 min Exercise: 40 min Online course: 75 min Learning together: 50 min Piano: 30 min
  5. Silverlining

    Every day is a new day

    Day #21: Study for exam: 75 min Exercise: 40 min Online Course: 70 min Reading: 45 min Here is my 3-wk summary. The 3rd week is a setback. I was down for a few days (wed - fri). For the coming week, I will hit the gym every day, no excuse accepted.
  6. Silverlining

    Journey to my white coat

    πŸ˜„I learned a lot by reading the posts by you and other game quitters here. You are doing great! Keep it up!
  7. Silverlining

    JustTom's Journal 2: Summer Edition

    I have a favorite fitness channel on YouTube. The YouTuber is full of positive energy and sometimes I just turn to her channel to listen to her for a few minutes and stand up to do a few moves following her. I guess when I sit down (or lie down, to be worse), it's difficult for me to get out of my comfort zone. But once I stand up and exercise a little bit, it would become easier. Also I find that a decent breakfast with a cup of hot tea/coffee is very helpful to start off in the morning. I would suggest keeping some ready-to-eat or easy-to-cook breakfast at home, or finding a nice breakfast spot in your neighborhood or in school.
  8. Silverlining

    Every day is a new day

    πŸ™‚I agree with you. Of course my biggest problem is not the day light saving time or missing my friends too much or just too tired. It's my lack of self-control, the main reason why I was addicted to games in the first place. I found so many excuses to deny that I failed to push myself consistently, mostly because I couldn't accept that I failed. The good news is that for the past few days, I have no desire for games whatsoever. πŸ˜„ Perhaps I am not that into games after all. Gaming is just a way that I used to escape from the real world. Thank you. You are absolutely right.
  9. Silverlining

    Every day is a new day

    Day #20: Video chat with my parents. Talked for about 1 hr. My father and I did not talk about last week. We pretended that nothing happened.πŸ™‚ Forced myself to the gym. I feel that I am finally back on track (hopefully). Study for exam: 50 min Exercise: 35 min
  10. Silverlining

    Every day is a new day

    Day #19: I think I found the reason why I didn't want to go to gym. It's the ending of day light saving time. I'm used to run around 9 pm. But now 9 pm is like 10 pm and I would feel too tired to run. This one hour of change really has some effect on my bio clock. I need to run around 8 pm now. Online Course: 25 min Learning together: 25 min
  11. Silverlining

    Joseph's Journal: From Gamer to Entrepreneur

    That's cool! Actually I work in the financial services industry. I'm not a financial analyst but rather a data analyst so I am not allowed to give financial advice πŸ˜† But I am interested in any topics related to finance.
  12. Silverlining

    Journey to my white coat

    That's true. People can get addicted to TV anyway.
  13. Silverlining

    Journey to my white coat

    I guess exams have a reward system: you study hard, you get a high score, you feel rewarded. And you probably are a reward-seeking person. But life doesn't have all these reward systems built every where. Most of the time you don't see an objective set by other people. I have the same problem here: when I don't see the progress that I am making, I feel less motivated. Even depressed. Although I know it's normal that I can't get anywhere within a few days, and by working a little every day consistently I will be able to achieve something; emotionally I just feel like I will be stuck here forever. Wait -- I think you said something similar in my post when I started my journal hereπŸ˜† I guess you know all the theories. These are temporary emotions, and they will pass. Good luck! And don't make watching anime a habit -- people can be addicted to anime, too.
  14. Silverlining

    Every day is a new day

    Day #18: Tired after work. Felt restless. Didn't want to study or anything. Had no desire for gaming either. πŸ™‚ Chatted online with my friend and my cousin. My besty lives in a different time zone now, and my family, including my favorite cousin, live very far away from me. I guess I miss them and this feeling is disguised as anxiety. Then talked with my husband on random topics for a loooong time and then went directly to sleep. Online Course: 55 min
  15. Silverlining

    Every day is a new day

    Day #17: Did an assignment for the online course today! Online Course: 75 min Exercise: 45 min Learning together: 50 min Drawing and Coloring: 50 min