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Keep going! You are free from games for so long now, and I am sure you will keep feeling better with the days. Probably you feel disconnected because gaming give so much input in so low amount of time. Like you can meet 100 friends at once etc. RL is a lot slower and sometimes not so impressiv. Especially when you gamed a lot and you are not so connected to RL. But thats just a lie, because the RL is the thing that matters, and as soon as your body adapts to different way of getting happy moments(less dopamin in less situations, but overall more happiness) you will feel a lot better. 

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It was good to read all your progress! Fellow woman here, and also wasted a lot of years with games- also dealt with mental issues multiplied by games. Don't hesitate to PM me if you ever need some support, otherwise keep up the great work! And remember, free time is dangerous for relapse, maybe check the hobbies list and "fake it until you make it" with any one hobby you might like?

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