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  1. Day 9 Update: Its already been 9 days without gaming! I had some challenges and urges and reoccuring thought patterns coming up mostly when I felt stressed, or anxious. With the current coronar situation it is really tempting to take the old and easy pathways and go for a quick fix but My willpower and my self care practice is increasing which helps me stay on track. I decided to continue the daily journaling in my notebook which I did daily to cut down on screen time in general. But keen to also keep some updates up here. Lots of love to everyone that is on the journey during this time of change and uncertainty
  2. Hey there I am on the journey as well for 2 days. Appreciate your sharing and openess. What came up for me when reading your posts is that it might be beneficial to integrate a form of self regulation practices in other words something that calms you. Can be deep breathing , lying on the floor and stretching or meditation. It's hard to make a decision when your overwhelmed already. All the best
  3. Welcome back! Thanks for sharing I am two days behind you😉 Appreciate your post and wanted to ask you more about what are the things you love doing ? Also if you have questions around movement and exercise I can support since that's what I do best. Reminder for myself and that came out of your post is to make the change for myself and not for someone else. All the best
  4. I am grateful that I started the detox it's day 2 now and except some urges in form of fear of missing out I have been well. I have committed to a daily breathwork practice ( dopamine breathing) and cold showers to support my mental and physical recovery. I feel motivated to change and to take responsibility. That's it for day 2
  5. Hey Man, I started just now also from germany and I wanted to congratulate on the first step. to old is just an idea and not a real thing. I believe you did a great first step by being honest about the situation. If you want to go through the detox together lets connect. cheers Martin also everyone else who wants to move through changes together is welcome to connect.
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