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  1. Relapse Day 1, Damn another Relapse, good news is it didnt go longer than a day, which is ideal, it was my day off, so it didnt impact much and I am now aware of the trigger, I had a late Friday drinking with friends and being social and the next day I was totally hung over, didnt hit the gym, it was a stay at home day and I ended up faping and playing lots of video games. I am determined to pull myself back into challange right away as it was bringing so many benifits into my life.
  2. Hey Nannerz, Really enjoy reading your journal entries, any tips on managing cravings on day offs when you have a lot of unscheduled time?
  3. Day 11 Another day of no gaming, seems to be getting easier at this point and time, combined with the no fap I am noticing more energy and time in my life, things I am quite happy about!
  4. Hey Everyone, so still day 10 but I thought I would elaborate a bit more. Adopted the belief that I am a non-gamer then trying to align my thoughts to that of what I believed someone who didn't play video games would have about video games and about how they spend their time has really helped me to over come any cravings. I thought it is important to mention I am also trying to change a few other habits, which includes exercsing every day and no fap as the big ones. I definelty have seen a link to fapping and gaming addiction in the past, often when one habit slips they all come tumbling down, but so far this hasnt been the case for gaming. I decided I will start to journal everyday in order to identify all the changes that happening and how I feel about them. Firstly its been a while since I felt so conciously in control of my direction in life which is truly an incredible feelings, I have had ups and down emotionally, and things are far from perfect but knowing that I am overcoming an obstacle that seemed impossible, brings me one step closer to realizing all my other goals, as I think about the number of years, I spent only trying to change one habit, I have now been able to look at other areas of my life and make progress towards them because the mountain is no longer in the way. And guess what.. every thing else feels like a much smaller mountain that I can take one day at a time, because I have time, energy and confidence to focus on it! If anyone has any experience with no fap and the results I'd love to hear it!
  5. Day 10 Never made it this far, guess somethings working 😛
  6. Hey Jordan, if you have the determine and courage to stick with it for the 100th time I know you will figure it out. I must have tried 1000's of times but remained determined and commited to quiting, and deep down I knew that's what I wanted, even though at many times I was convinced otherwise. What ive learned is each day is a learning opportunity, try different things, I can't tell you how much money ive lost buying and selling consoles, what seems to be working for me is working, I am spending alot of my time out of the house and at work, and slowly trying to build newer and healthier habits and ways to spend my time. Commiting to being social has also been a big part of it, I don't have many friends at this time, but reaching out and connecting with old friends has been part of the process along with dedicating blocks of time to becoming the person I want to be! Good luck to you my friend, remember when you feel challenged, that every time overcome an obstacle, you move closer to your goal, and every time you fail, you have an opportunity to grow and succeed the next time by identifying why, there is no losing in this game of life, only growing if you choose it. Congrats on Day 4, its also one of my longest streaks at Day 7! I've already started to notice how my life has begun to change, like you these days are flooded with all these repressed ideas I have, so many creative juices finally having the time to flow, over time we will have the ability to refine them and focus on the ones that are the most important to us, as quitting gaming is also a journey of finding yourself. Good Luck Jordan!
  7. @DaBest Hey Brother, it's and idea I stole from "Allan Carr's Easy Way to Stop Smoking" where he goes into depth about the whole psychological of being a smoker vs a non-smoker. How non-smokers by the nature of their identity don't struggle with smoking the same way smokers do, ex carving, quitting, simply because they don't view themselves as smokers thus why turn to smoking as a solution for certain emotional triggers. I find myself reminding myself, I am not a gamer, thus I have to find alternate solutions to cravings and emotions, searching for a different meaning. Day 7 I haven't really had much time to write in my journal this week, but I have really noticed a change in my social life, and the things I focus my attention too. I have also experienced many different emotional up and downs, feelings of bordem, loneliness, feeling stagnant, and while traditionally I would identify these feelings with the pains of not gaming, I think a more honest introspection, would realize they were always there and gaming, was just a band-aid, an easy solution to not having to truly change the things ins in my life, but way to simply cope. So I am grateful for them, and the lessons I am learning about myself. I am continuing to view myself as a non-gamer and committed to completing this 90-day detox for the first time, using the 90 days to reflect on whether or not gaming is something I will continue to live without or be a slave to. I think the answer is simple, but I owe it myself to continue the process of reflection without making rash decisions, as I have in many different areas of my life. Even though its only been a week, I have been able to look deeper at the direction of my life, with more future sight, and in turn it has guided me to start thinking long term at my goals, which was my main reason for quitting gaming. It seemed to absorb the present and leave no room for the past or future. I will continue to post when I have the time, good luck to all of you on this journey. More updates to come.
  8. Day 1 Does anyone else find theirselves relapsing constantly, with only a few weeks of detox max? Seems like I have more day ones that actual detox days. I don't have much more to say other than the fact that I'm starting to feel old, and realizing that I can't create the big things I want in life or choose i direction when all selective time is directed towards gaming. So rather than trying to stop gaming, and associate myself with the process, I am just gonna imagine and pretend I'm a non-gamer, I never did, I don't have have cravings because I don't game, and I don't miss gaming because I have nothing to miss.. When I think about gaming or it pops into my consciousness, I tell myself, life is the ultimate game, and the resolution is better. Writing in the game quitter journal was counter intuitive because when I right in it, I am acknowledging the power gaming has in my life, but if this actually works I would hope it helps some other folks on here. Non-Gamer Sheldon spend the day at work, and finally made time to clean up his home, he doesnt game so at 8 he dim the lights and hops on his laptop to write in his jounral, practice Spanish and study real estate. (I know I am talking about myself in third person, but thinking about what Non-Gaming Sheldon would do, separates the gaming from my identity and allows me to imagine other ways to spend my time from a perspective I wouldnt normally consider!
  9. Day 1 Hey Everyone, starting again at day one! I relapsed and it was hard to admit to myself, because I ended buying a new laptop and to justify the spending I had to come up with some kind of excuse. Which was that i wasn't relapsing and could use the laptop to for other reasons. I am realizing how hard I am making it on myself by not commuting to a decision and all the traveling I did in the last little while really threw off my routine. I recently started a new job which is very demanding, and purchased a car, so I no longer have any excuses to get where I need to get to participate in activities that interest me, and my work schedule gives me an opportunity to spend my time accomplish the goals I have set out for myself. I also realize that this time, a commitment of not gaming to call all types of gaming is super important, as it is easy to justify and make excuse, games like the apps on the phone and brower games seem to be gateway games. The journey continues.
  10. Day 17 So I played video games the last two days, so I am not counting them, but I also want to keep my progress because this 90 day journey is a process for me, and I think its more motivating to continue on the path and see measurable progress, what I can do is when I finish I will keep going for another 17 days such as 107 Day Detox! 2 More Days till the steam account is deleted... never thought this day would come, and I have had a lot of people try to talk me out of it, but it seems like a thing to celebrate. Finally I will be going back to work! I am very excited about that and looking forward to all the beautiful changes in my life!
  11. @ElectroNugget Thanks man! It will be permanently deleted on the 31st of May at 12:00am , its funny now that I know its gonna be deleted I found myself playing a game or two, as a good bye, and that turned into a much longer hour than I thought, but I am really happy it did as it reminded me that I am doing the right thing here! I know that once the account is deleted, the addiction will evaporate as I have over 5,000hrs in a singular game.. pretty much the problem. To see it all disappear is more time than I ever want to put into something again. I will celebrate with champagne that night!
  12. Congrats on Day 50 man really inspiring!
  13. @taichi I have been diagnosed with ADD and I found a really successful method for keeping myself in a good flow and sustaining my focus. Here's post I shared with the reddit community a few days earlier! Remember you maybe diagnosed with ASD, ADD, and NPD but you are all this and more!
  14. Greetings Everyone! After about 3 months failing to last even 2 weeks, and countless years of trying to quit, I have finally began to make some progress and noticed that I have made some significant changes to my life which has enabled me to move towards my goal of the 90 day detox. I wanted to know if anyone has any tips or advice for a successful detox, what changed in your habits/behaviors? What is different in your mindset? What changes did you make in your life? I'll go first... 1. Accessibility - I made playing games very difficult and a lot of work. I sold my gaming consoles (PS4, Gaming Laptop) and bough a older 2 in 1 CPU for my school which couldn't run higher quality games. On top of this I deleted my steam account (which takes 30 days) and during the 30 days sent it to a friend so I couldn't cancel the process. If I relapsed on another console, I would self-sabotage myself in the game, for example if I was playing a ranked game, I would abandon the game so that I could play. Making gaming as hard as possible, but them in a different location, if your not ready to sell them, give them to a friend, if you are lapsing they are to easy to access and you have to make it harder! 2. Identify why your playing.. I was playing for rank and the feelings that I felt when I won, or achieved a victory in the game. I was playing for the dopamine rush, when you identify what your playing you can disillusion yourself. A process I use (Thanks Tony Robbins) is: The Process for Pain Pleasure Associations Write down an action you have been putting off. Answer why haven't you taken action? In the past what pain have I liked to taking action? What pleasures have I had by indulging in this negative pattern? What will it cost you if you don't change now. What pleasure will I receive by taking action right now? Being able to answer these questions honestly really helped me! 3. Develop a routine and plan your day - Having a routine in the morning and stability provided me with much needed structure, and time to plan the things I would be doing with my day so I never felt I have "free" time. My routine changed from waking up after 10am, to waking up 5am, exercising and studying Spanish. Don't have any idea, what a morning routine should look like? Google it! And build a routine around your goals, for me exercise is so important for me to function at my best! 4. Created a Todolist - to record all my ideas and inspiring thoughts, I am super ADD and this changed my life and was a great counter to mm what should I do, well maybe I can game... Wait remember I am trying to learn spanish, or remember I am looking for a job, or wait remember I am reading this book, and ticking the box becomes just as rewarding as gaming except I see great changes in my life! 5. Find a mentor - Starting reading all of Tony Robbins material and studying practical psychology for understandings of my mind and how to change behaviors. I realized that I needed teachers, I don't know whats its like to live a life without gaming so I need to learn, and watch people who do it! 6. Waking up Earlier (@ 5am) Meant I was tired at 9pm and wasn't tempted to spend my free time from 9pm - 1am which I normally spend doing nothing productive. What changed for you?
  15. Hey Man, Really enjoyed reading through your posts! Major congrats on your current progress! The self-control you demonstrated to put those behaviors on hold are commendable, you should be so proud! Have you found a morning routine that works? I have been waking up at 5am, using a variation of Robin Sharmas 20/20/20 Rule. 20 Exercicse, 20mins planing and 20 learning helps me start the day in a great space, and by 9-10 im more than ready for bed, which keeps my day productive. I have also been using a ToDolist called ToDoist which has increase my productivity in heaps! I totally recommend and you can try the basic for free! Does your gf live abroad as well? I noticed you travelled to Munich to see her, I know for my my gf has been a major inspiration to change this area of my life, knowing that I am not fulling my potential or being present in the relationship was really important to me! Congrats again! Thanks for sharing and inspiring me! Keep your awesome are coming!
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