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  1. AssellusPrimus

    Primus's Daily Journal

    Day 18 Today was a busy day, I spend the morning doing some reorganizing, then went to treat myself to a massage and spent some time at a coffee making preparations for my upcoming travels. No gaming today! Woot. There´s more but I am watching a movie :P, but didn't want to leave the journal incomplete again.
  2. AssellusPrimus

    The 90-day Detox Journal (and beyond)

    @JaniP Hey happy to be following your journal and see you doing so well! I also relapsed, but relapsing while journaling your experiences provides so much need clarity and reflection into the why of the behavior. Your guy habits are really motivating as well, something that so important to healthy growth, keep it up!
  3. AssellusPrimus

    Pls help

    @Confuse Man Hey Brother thanks for sharing your predicament. I can also strongly support the 90-day detox. It sounds to me that you are describing an addiction, in that you would recognize a behavior is harmful to you, want to stop, but are having trouble resisting the instant gratification that gaming provides, long enough to participate fully in other aspects of your life.You are obviously motivated to quit, because you are asking to quit, but it sounds likes you have decided whether to quit play for ever or try for moderation, another good reason to try the detox, and for additional support purchase Cam´s book called Respawn which really helped me identify some of the psychology and come up with a plan to replace my addictive behaviors. There is a great community of people hear to help, take advantage of it! Cheers -S
  4. AssellusPrimus

    Primus's Daily Journal

    Day 17 @Arch Hey Arch, I actually traveled through Ecuador in December and really enjoyed it! I would totally reccomend for a trip to South America, such a friendly country with a beautiful and giving culture and community! Itś actually be rated the #1 retirement country in the world! I saw lots of older westerners living their during my 3 week travels. To report to my journal, Day 17 is not an honest caption of the number of days without gaming, more like measurement of time from which I started to really monitor and evaluate my behaviour. I have noticed that gaming is trying to seep into my life using fitness, creeping into my phone, through card games like Hearth Stone, or onto with computer with a 2hr Sim creation, before an install, and most of all, though not video games, Netflix. Heard and interesting approach to Re-creation when reading Scrambled Minds (an incredible book exploring Attention Deficit Disorder or ADD) by Dr. Gabor Máte, recreation or ¨re-creation¨ should be a process in which you are nourishing your mind and resting your body, it should be a process of growth. This has made me think more carfully about how I am spending my recreational time, and whether the activities I participate in actually contribute to my development, Netflix is a good example. Just some thoughts to share with you, if anyone is interested in ADD and would love to share approaches to life management, the floor is yours. -S
  5. AssellusPrimus

    Primus's Daily Journal

    Day 14 So I made my way up to Niagara Falls to visit my family for the weekend. We are finally getting some beautiful weather. I have managed to avoid my main sources of addiction but have found myself gaming on the phone and on my laptop for a few hours a day and I dont want to make a habit of it. I will be leaving in 20 days for Ecuador so I dont see it being to much of a problem. I just finished my last exam so I am done for the summer and looking forward to enjoying the beautiful weather :) S
  6. AssellusPrimus

    Primus's Daily Journal

    Day 12 Had a few minor relapses where I download a new game but I am finding I don´t play more than 30 minutes because 1) I can´t run the software well on my laptop, this was done intentionally as a safeguard mechanism and 2) I am simply, not as motivated to play the same way I used too. Yesterday was 420, so I went out with my best friend and we celebrated over a nice dinner, we ordered a few appetizers and shared food discussed thoughts, I noticed the uniqueness and benefits of sharing food, and I don´t mean just allow friends to try something on your plate, but ordering a meal to be shared, between two people. It was very calming and special, I realized I need to get out a bit more and work on my social skills. Sheldon
  7. AssellusPrimus

    Primus's Daily Journal

    @Natelovesboardgames Really appreciate the recommendations, I will look into them, I am currently having a lot of fun playing pandemic with friends but I have to look into the expansion pack.
  8. AssellusPrimus

    Primus's Daily Journal

    @Natasha I have a younger brother, so we usually play a game or too a day. I agree, playing with real people is much more beneficial than playing online, I find if its just me and my brother its not as competitive and their is no need to spend huge amounts of money on cards because the decks are relatively balanced and we can always switch.
  9. AssellusPrimus

    Primus's Daily Journal

    Day 10 Had a very productive day, woke up with love in my heart and a renewed determination. Spent a lot of time being productive but also reflecting on the nature of productivity verse being content and acceptance of yourself in the moment. I recently joined an app called Habitica, its kinda like a game, but you set goals, and tasks and when you complete them your hero improves, its a cool concept and I helps me manage my task list. I have my last exam tomorrow and I am so excited to be finished school! Thank the lord, looking forward to heading up to Niagara Falls for the weekend. @Natelovesboardgames Hey Nate, great idea, I was starting to realize MTG was a play to win. I think I am gonna invest in a D&D board game, unfortunately there are not to many public D&D meet ups in my city, so maybe I can find a more private one.
  10. AssellusPrimus

    Primus's Daily Journal

    Day 9 Great day, spent some time at the library studying, been playing a card game online, but I don't believe it is contributing to my development or meeting my competitive needs in good way so I will look at replacing that behavior with a better one, but I am not sure at this moment what that habit is.
  11. AssellusPrimus

    Primus's Daily Journal

    Day 8 Haven't blogged in a while but all is well, focusing on wrapping up the last of the exams, occasionally playing a game of online the magic gathering a card game. I am realizing that I miss the competetive nature of the gaming community so I am going to look into joining some form of competetive sports or activity to help sharpen my mind and find new activities. -S
  12. AssellusPrimus

    Primus's Daily Journal

    Day 4 Its amazing that is only day 4, it feels like weeks. I feel good, and I am really enjoying the extraordinary amount of additional time I have in my life to work on things that are important to me. A big part of my life now is learning to manage all this extra time to not only be productivity but also to cultivate spirituality and relationships.I got out yesterday, had a long overdue haircut and got in touch with some old friends. Been listening to a lot of podcasts which have been so enjoyable and continuing to journal my goals.
  13. AssellusPrimus

    Ech0's journal

    Hey @Ech0, I think starting the journal was the right move, its gonna take some time for your dopamine receptors, what makes you feel motivated and excited, like about playing games to become stable and start responding to other stimuli, gaming provides a hard and fast dose which is why you probably feel like a drone right now, because your recptors are used the high levels that gaming provides. One thing that has been working for me is changing the way I think about things and working to make them fun in my mind. For example, like you gaming was an escape for me, mainly responsibliites, I could game and the dopemine made feel good regardless if my life was going to shit, not healthy. Now I try to reframe and change my perspective on activities to create excitment, I ask myself why do I want this, I imagine myself feeling excellent when its done, I imagine that it has greater purpose, for example I have to develop a program and write a proposal for it, I have been imagining that this was not for school but real and is going to impact millions of people, this helps create, dopamine for me and makes it less burdensome. Hope this helps, im looking forward to following your journal and hearing more about your novel! Good Luck! -S
  14. AssellusPrimus

    Primus's Daily Journal

    @Ech0 Hey appreciate the advice, I agree, gaming has always took up all my free time so this next little while will give me an opportunity to explore other things and find out what hobbies and activities I enjoy. Thanks for the support :)
  15. AssellusPrimus

    Primus's Daily Journal

    Day 3 I feel accomplished today but exhausted, I woke up at 6am today and made my way to the gym. Attended classes and completed various errands that I was planned to do this morning. Around 6pm, I felt overly exhausted and laid down for a few hours, I am starting to feel a bit of a void that used to be video games and feel it important to now find an activity that I enjoy and have fun doing as I am having an urge for meaningful entertainment. Looking forward to having a tea tonight, and catching up on my sleep! Sheldon